Lyrically Speaking…

I affinity for music and lyrics surpasses most things.  My iPod (yes, I still own one) if currently in need of new songs, but specifically ones with some passionate and intense lyrics.  

Music has always been an amazing way to communicate and has done so for me when I couldn’t find words of my own to convey my emotions.  I have a collection of playlists called; Lyrically Speaking – When Words Fail, Music Explains that have and continue to serve the many moods and facets of both my moods and personality in various moments and stages of my life.  

When listening to music, I don’t always listen my a particular genre, but instead by the melody and lyrical composition of the song, which is why I have almost every genre of music on my iPod.  My husband has revoked my “Black Card” on a few occasions after being subjected to my playlists while driving.  Personally, I don’t think music has a race or ethnicity; it simply is an emotion that ‘just is’.  Music requires no label other than the one that produces it.  

I was listening to music on Spotify and chose Sabrina Claudio as I came across some songs by her that I hadn’t already heard.  Like the previous ones, I was completely enamoured by both the soothing and seductive cadence of her voice and the lyrical content of her songs.  I found myself completely entranced by the musical composition of the songs and swayed while digesting both my lunch and the lyrics.  One line seized my mind as I listened to a rather short song called, Natural, and the line “Nobody really knows my name because all you call me is beautiful.” I was done!  That simple line spoke volumes to the enormity of how someone could make another feel.  Being curious, i wondered what prompted the writing of the song, so I looked it up and according to Sabrina,  “I normally don’t write from personal experience. It’s just stories from people in my life; just conversations that I’ve had.

This one was a conversation I had with someone who had been in a relationship for a very long time. It was at the point where it was really about to end; and they met somebody else who they spent a small amount of time with. That small amount of time kinda overpowered the whole longterm relationship that they were in.

It’s like the honeymoon stage times 10; and it’s all just within a week of knowing the person.”

I could relate!  I instantly recalled the numerous occasions I’ve written stories or poems based on something someone shared and it made it wonder why I’ve never tired my hand at song writing.  Oh wait!  I can’t’ read music, so I guess that would truly inhibit my ability to do that.  (insert giggles!)  No worries though, as I still continue to write and of late, I come up with soundtracks for imaginary screenplays or stories I write in my head while listening; correction, bonding with songs I listen to.  

Years ago, I did in fact write a short story based one of Kem’s song, “I Can’t Stop Loving You“, where I inserted lines from the song to convey the lead characters emotions.  That was a fun time. 🙂

I highly recommend the listening of Miss Sabrina Claudio.  She’s a wonderful singer/songwriter who I’ve yet to hear on the radio, but given that I very rarely do, I honestly wouldn’t even expect to.  They’d rather play songs with very little weight than songs that are actually worth listening to.  So, if you have Spotify or go onto YouTube, take a listen to this young lady and I’d hazard a guess that you’ll also like her songs and music.

Let the music play on…




The Jewel Shines Again…

Soooooooooooooooo!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged and I’ve had my reasons; many of which I’ll share at various times.  I want to give a special shout to the barefoot contessa for her emails and such during my absence.  

While I may not have time to go into a lot right now, I do want to give hints to what’s trending in my mind and the topics I’ll soon blog about.  They’re not in order, but here goes…

The Super Bowl Coke Commercial


Activism and Community Awareness



The 40 Day Journal Journey


Stay tunes my little gems because this is going to be a bumpy ride…





For the love of Webster’s…

There are many reasons why I’m rarely on Facebook, but one of the many reasons is people’s lack of spelling.  You’ve got folk posting all day like they’re getting paid for it, but can’t spell to save worth a dime.

After watching Scandal last night, I did my nightly quick look because I like to see what people are saying about episode, I saw stalker spelt (English way) “stocker”.  I saw Scandal spelt, “Scandel”.  Those are the two that immediately come to mind, but trust me, misspelling runs rampant on Facebook, like a case of crabs in a dirty frat house! I mean really?!  Whenever  I see misspelled words, I cringe and then want to hide the post so I don’t have to look at it again and have my eyes bleed. 

I can forgive typos or even a minor grammatical error as they can and do happen, but when I see simple words or realize the word was written in the context of how the offending person pronounces it, I’m less forgiving.  At minimum, we’ve all got high school educations; most of which took place before the “No Child Left Behind” debacle was enacted.  Now, for those of us who have secondary or greater educations, I’m sorry, I’m even the less forgiving; correction, I’m not forgiving at all.  How the heck can one spend thousands or tens of thousands for their degrees and fall so short in their writing of the simplest things?

I understand and even respect vernacular and colloquialisms; I’m known to drop some Jamaican patois in a post, but for the love of Webster’s can people learn to spell words correctly and subsequently, even use them correctly?  Sheesh! *smdh*

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.  In fact, I know LadyLee will be nodding her head like a bobble head doll as she’s reading this.  Don will do some cosigning too. 

I know that Facebook is a casual interaction, but with so many people using it for many different reasons, folk should be mindful of the message they’re sending.  Technology while a good thing, is making many people dumber as they lose their ability to speak and write correctly.  I can’t begin to tell you how I cringe when I read emails that are oftentimes written in text-speak.  Really?  If I wanted that kind of interaction, I’d have text and not emailed.  I’ve spoken with high school teachers and college professors who’ve likewise complained about the younger generation’s inability to write and effectively communicate. 

I’m glad that I’m from a place where speaking well was not optional.  I’m glad I had parents who refused to allow me to overdo casual speech.  I’m happy that I chose the major I did where I was able to fully appreciate and use the English language well.  I’m proud of myself for knowing time and place in how I speak.  And mostly happy that I’m not of the generations just behind me because at least I know that I’m not just a pretty face.  I can actually string words together and form solid and meaningful sentences both oral and written.

I recall when I was in my twenties after having Lil Lady and a Headhunter told me that with my degree I’d never have a career because a Lang/Litt major would amount to much.  Boy was he ever wrong!  With my degree, I’ve been able to boost my career advantage and command salaries and positions where others couldn’t.  I’m deferred to for my technical writing and documentation production abilities, which has afforded me the opportunity to shine to upper and senior management.  So, thanks Mr. Head Hunter, I turned out just fine!

Off topic, I’m not 100%, but am feeling a little better.  I’d rather not be taking the Rx, but unless Bayou Creole is going to send me some roots medicine or I can get my hands on some good old ‘bush’ medicine, I have to do what I have to be well. 

Have a great weekend my lovelies!


Live the life you love; love the life you live!


A friend remembered…

On this day in 2009, those who knew Nikki Tene Harris suffered a massive blow as we learned of her passing from an undisclosed illness. Nikki’s passing devastated an entire blog community that was at a loss for the words we’d so frequently posted on a daily basis. Nikki’s passing was a catastrophic event tantamount to those that cause the interruption to the regularly schedule programming.

In response to my brother-friend over at The Brown Blogger, who posted his memories, I’m posting what initially started as my comment to his post.

Hugs my brother-friend. I, too, share your loss. Nikki and I became fast friends once we connected through blogging. We began talking offline via email affirming the connection we’d established through our respective blogs was indeed real and viable. Nikki and I would exchange daily emails, which later grew into instant message conversations where we’d exchange information on just about everything. I’d tease her about her insatiable appetite for football and how rigorously prepared for her fantasy football drafts while she’d tease me about my written ability to convey thoughts through poem and prose yet shy away from any attention or focus being put on me. She handled that much better than me anyway…lol! Nikki was very much a rock star. 🙂

Our friendship graduated to the proverbial ‘next level’ where we exchanged phone numbers and began calling each other. The kinship was beautiful, genuine, and kindred in many ways. Nikki and I shared some very personal and painful stories with each and through those shared moments saw each other to the top of the life experience mountain. I was humbled by Nikki’s tenacity, strength, and talent and she encouraged me to be the same; to tap into that inner beauty of strength she said I possessed. I respected Nikki. I was amused by her and in many ways looked up to her.

I looked forward to our meeting in person when she was supposed to go to New York. We were like children waiting on Christmas Eve for the big event. When it didn’t happen, I was saddened. I pressed Nikki to tell me why she didn’t make it and why she’d been so evasive as to when she thought we’d meet up. She gave what I accepted as valid reasons for her not going to New York until she slipped up one day when I said her voice didn’t sound right. She’d been telling me it was from this and that, but the excuses ran thin and she finally confided.

I knew when Nikki was getting ill and like, you was asked not to repeat it. I knew the emotional conflicts that existed between our respective mutual friend. Nikki didn’t judge him for it, nor did she treat me differently as a result of it. It was what it was she explained and that was that.

I hated withholding information not just from him, but everyone; however, I had to respect Nikki’s decision and I didn’t press for any more information that she was willing to give. I would check in via phone, email, or text to get or give some encouragement or inspiration. Looking back, it’s funny how she could turn the attention away from herself without you even knowing it was now on you. Nikki was an artful dodger indeed.

As the illness worsened, I remained in fervent prayer for Nikki. She knew, I, too, was dealing with my own health issues and asked me to focus on my health as it was equally traumatic. Sadly, I’m still here and she’s not. My illness wasn’t misdiagnosed and my heart hurt in so many ways when I learned Nikki passed. I refused to accept it. I refused to believe that Nikki was taken from us. As much as I’d have like to, I couldn’t attend the services, but I sent a card to the family. I also wrote poem of sorts to her using the titles to Maxwell songs in order to convey my feelings. I’m fortunate that my old blog is still online and I found the link to what I posted Lyrically Speaking: My Dedication to Anika “Nikki” Harris. While it was widely received, I still felt it wasn’t enough. I felt Nikki deserved so much more.

Last night was a full moon and as it shined so brightly through my bedroom window, I got out of bed to stare at it and remember Nikki as she always loved the moon. I felt that for just a little while we were talking; sharing a moment as we’d done so many times before. It was no coincidence that the full moon happened on the eve and anniversary of Nikki’s passing. God makes no mistakes! I remembered Nikki this past Sunday as my boyfriend was preparing for his Fantasy Football Draft.

Nikki may no longer be with us here on earth; in the flesh, but she remains with each of us. Nikki remains that strong, vibrant, feisty spirit that we came to know and love. I don’t shout her out every anniversary, but I do think of her. Remembering her this year is of major significance to me because I’m closing out my 44th year and it’s a time of reflection, closure, and preparation. Nikki and I always talked about how I celebrate my birthday as the New Year and not so much traditionally on January 1st. She’s with me right now; I know she is. She’s the angel that showed up in the clouds as I came into work today; just as much as she was the moon that put me to bed last night.

I loved Nikki  Harris like a sister and I miss her and while I may not know why God does the things he does, I will accept He had a reason and I thank Him for having blessed my life with her.

That is all!