Facebook continues to annoy me; people have too much free time on their hands and/or assume we all want to know everything they’re doing all day; everyday

Scandal has me geeked out and My Love teases me incessantly about it

In one week, a good friend and my brother told me that my capacity to love wholly and fully is one of my greatest attributes

I miss my best friend a lot and hope he comes to NJ soon

Just because I haven’t posted or even commented on other posts doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you all…I miss blogging and really need to get back on track

I’ve decided to estrange myself from  my father again and did it without a second thought; he deserved it

I’m in dire need of a vacation outside of the country

Lil Lady turns 21 next month and I have no idea what she wants to do 😕

How does one wake up and find they’ve strained their knee in their sleep?  I don’t know either, but did it…ouch! 😦

Sometimes I just want to run away

Of late, when someone does something stupid on the road, I pray for their traveling mercy instead of getting mad

I long for a day when all I do is read and write

I’m hosting the 3rd Annual Egg Hunt at the Queendom next Saturday and have over one hundred eggs to fill by then…who’s helping? 😉

My Love and I are planning a long weekend away; I can’t wait

I can’t wait for some consistent 55-60 degree weather so I can detail Big Buddy and get him all shiny for the season…yes, I detail my own ride

I enjoy the anticipation of a waiting for a letter to come in the mail – Lil Bro’s letter is due

I found this really cool website liveluvcreate and think you should check it out

I have no particular plans for the weekend, but whatever I do, I’m going to enjoy to the fullest

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

Freedom Friday…

Today I reserve the right to be as free as I want to be. 

I reserve the right to say what I want to say; shy of actually; moreso intentionally hurting someone’s feelings. 

I reserve the right to turn my music up a little louder in my office because the manager is off today and no one else will be in close proximity to hear what I’m listening to.

I reserve the right to continue this day without wearing eyeliner to somewhat conceal the fact that your girl is friggin tired and it took an act of Congress to get up this morning.

I reserve the right to text friends and tell them that they need to be up and moving…why?  Because I am…ahahaha!

I reserve the right to do only that which is absolutely necessary at work today.

I reserve the right to buy a bottle of wine and consider consuming the entire bottle once I get home from work…roughly 3:30.  That’s almost Happy Hour time anyway right?!

I reserve the right to order take out for dinner instead of cooking. 

I reserve the right to not give a fudge that Lance Armstrong doped and not listen to anyone or any commentary on the subject

I reserve the right to use my newly formed phrase “what in the fudge packing district” as freely as I want  (Reggie, I know you want to know what that means, so I’ll tell you…it means, what is the “ass fuggery*)

I reserve the right to plays Words With Friends with liberal abandon today

I reserve the right to treat myself to something just for ME this weekend

I reserve the right to reserve the right to reserve my rights 😉

In closing, I want to encourage each of you to have a Freedom Friday and do what the heck you want that’s going to make you feel good!  Let loose and be naughty my friends!  Woohoo!

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

Random musings…

I can’t help but look at some people and say to myself, “they look like they stink”

I look at overweight couples and wonder if they have a sex life

I’d rather hang around a sinner who owns his/her sins, than hang around church folk who act like they don’t

“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”…Why?  That’s settling

Stranger:  Is that your man? (after seeing his pic on my phone)

Me: Yes, why?

Stranger:  Oh, he must have big paper

Me: No, he has a big d*ck

Stranger: *crickets*

Me:  Have a great day! (walks away with a huge grin on my face)

Purpose of the story: Why to black men assume that because a black woman is with the “other” man, that it’s about money?

Memories don’t leave like people do, but sometimes I wish they would

Nothing worse than waking up from a sexy dream and 1) being alone and 2) not being able to get laid

As much as I enjoy reading, I have yet to give in to the hype of 50 Shades of Grey

It’s a little disheartening that the only person that does something for me “just because” is my best cousin and trust me, I love her dearly for that

Some of the most comforting moments I’ve experienced were when I was alone and God spoke to me

When my inner voice speaks, I listen to her because otherwise she becomes one nagging little beyah!

I recently read this from a book “don’t call it woman’s intuition; that’s from your vagina…call it a hunch and trust that”  I couldn’t help but oddly agree

When I see gay women who look like men, I sometimes wonder if they’re wearing a strap-on

I wish my free-spiritedness could take me away right now; flights are so expensive

If I had a dollar for every time my parents have told me they love me, I’d be broke

Sometimes when I listen to certain songs, I can recall exactly time, place, experience, person…it has, on occasion brought me to tears!

I’m now in the second quarter of my new year and I feel a definite positive shift toward something good and amazing

I’ve some to realize that if the sum of my experiences have made me stronger, I could be a real-live Superhero

When in doubt, reach out…sometimes it’s better to get a second opinion

I hate when someone I really don’t want to speak to or hear from comes to mind because then I’m left wondering why they come to mind in the first place

I recently found myself wanting to call *bullsh!t* on someone, but changed my mind because I realized at some point they’re lie will again expose itself…self-incrimation is far worse than anything I would’ve said

If what these mass-killers did is so heinous, why does the media insist of constantly showing their faces instead of the faces of those lost?  I’d rather their images be in my face/mind than that of a murderer

If you’re innocent until proven guilty, but the crime you’ve committed self-indicts you (mass murder), why do we need to waste time and money on a trial?

I saw a little girl; maybe 9-10 who had a (bad) weave in and I wondered 1) why the mother would even have a weave in the young girl, 2) what message she was sending to the girl, 3) why did the weave look so bad, 4) allow a child to grow into herself and stop to doing to so-call make the adults like easier

The levels of narcissism in our society today are 1) at an all time high, 2) aggravate the ish out of me and 3) is so very unnecessary

If we spent more time tending our own lives, we might actually be able to accomplish something



Live the life you love; love the life you live!



Random rantings and other miscellanous stuff

This speaks for itself

Someone please find Farnsworth Bentley and give him his G’s to Gents show back. The desire to pull the pants down of the next knucklehead I see with his pants under his butt is becoming stronger by the day 😕


NOT happy about this Racist bumper sticker as seen on some _)*%T)(*%$*%)’s car!

By refusing to be a victim, you claim your victory and take control. BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!

Sometimes I want to perform a random act of badness!

I’m still suspect of brothers in ATL and the DC-metro area. If you’re gay, just be that; stop frontin!

If being black is such a bad thing, why are more and more white people still emulating our speech, fashion, and music?

Even though I made the decision to not need contraceptives, I will fight for those who do want and need it.

I know it’s hard given the mentality of many in the community, but we, as strong, successful, and educated women need to get out there and start mentoring; so many of the young women I see out there are groomed to a life of doom.

To all the Rush Limbaugh’s out there…I DON’T LIKE SEX EITHER; I LOVE IT! And if that makes me a slut, then I’ll wear it like a badge of honour. *walking away to look for my Scarlett Letter* 😉

That is all!