Act like a man…Blu Jewel style

So, My Love and I have a great sex life…TMI, I’m sure, but it’s not something I’m ashamed of.  I’m pretty open to most things and we experience each other in mutually beneficial ways.  What’s amusing about our sex life is that he’s often said, I’m like a dude sometimes sexually.  Here’s some of my actions that he considers ‘dude like’…

I’m not one who has to orgasm every time I have sex; sometimes I just want to do it for the sake of doing it.

I can be mad and still want to have sex; one is emotional and one is physical..caveat is that it depends on what I’m mad about

I can have sex daily and more than once

Masturbation is necessary and sometimes done for no other reason than “I can”

Sex doesn’t have to be all pink and lacy; sometimes I like it rough, raw, and carnal

Getting head is necessary; not every time, but it has to happen as required

Quickies can be as effective as duration sex

Sometimes getting a nut off is all you need

Post-coital snuggling etc, isn’t always required; just let a chic sleep 😉

A woman having safe and consensual sex doesn’t necessarily make her a ‘slut’, ‘hoe’, ‘playette’…especially when she does it and NO ONE knows her business

Yea, I said it!


Blog Challenge: Day 18 — Your views on gay marriage

marry on

I have no qualms with gay marriage.  Love is love and when people love each other and want to be married, then I believe they should be married.  I participated in a gay wedding in 2010 and damn if that wasn’t the best wedding I’d ever been to and they’re still together.

gay cake topper_1gay cake topper_2

The wedding wasn’t awesome because they’re gay; since many people have that stereotype in their heads that all gay men are flamboyant and all that comes with that.  It was awesome because prior to being married, they’d already been together for 10 years.  Hell, their marriage alone outlasted mine of barely 3 years.

Everyone is entitled; in my opinion, to be afforded the same rights and treatment of those in heterosexual relationships.  I’d be half past pissed if I were gay and had been in a committed relationship for X amount of years only to be told I couldn’t or wasn’t entitled to certain benefits because we’re gay.

I know what people say the Bible says, but Love doesn’t have a preference or type; it’s an equal opportunity emotion that should be allowed to run its course with whomever it chooses.  Politicians are biased, bigoted, and hypocritical with their opinions and views where the gay community is concerned.  Let love be and let those in love be able to marry and live their lives.


Yea, I said it!

For the love of soy sauce!…

Work has had me busier than a hooker when the military comes to town the past week; hence, why I’ve been MIA in my posts, but things have finally slowed down and I have some semblance of sanity and order back in my life. Phew!

All that aside, I was on the web checking out the news stories when this one caught my eye Former NFL player arrested for assault of ex-boyfriend. WHAT???? 😕 Naturally, I had to read the story even though I couldn’t tell you who the majority of NFL players are anyway, but the subject was curious as all hell.

So, I start reading and I as I get further into the story, I feel laughter erupting from the pit of my stomach and I hollered! Yes, I had a full on; full-out laugh out loud moment right there at my desk. I couldn’t help it. When you read the story, I’m sure you, too, will laugh your behinds off because this story is just that silly and humourous.

Take a read and by all means, share your uncensored and unadulterated comments for the entire class. This is definitely a run tell dat moment. 😉

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

I am me…

While recently blog surfing and spending a little time over at Yaz-Your entertainment pusha‘s spot, I came across this video by Willow Smith I Am Me
and it gave me room for pause in many ways…
1) how with her short hair cut she looks like a mini version of her father and had I not already known who she was, I’d have thought she was a boy
2) her level of confidence in herself and her appearance
3) that she’s rumoured to be a lesbian; yes, even at age 11
4) how powerful the lyrics are

I don’t know or care if she’s a lesbian or not or why she dresses the way she does, but what I can say is that I applaud her confidence, her self-assuredness and if she is a lesbian, then kudos for her to know and accept that about herself. I was always as self-assured as I am now and it took a long time for me to achieve the comfort levels I have with myself now and I take great pride and delight in feeling this way about myself now. In some ways, I envy that she’s had the level of support from her parents, those around, her and her own will/determination to express herself so fully and openly. She’s got something many adults lack.

Most notable to me are the lyrics. While I can’t say I’m a fan of her voice, the words themselves are mighty powerful…
I’m meee, I’m mee, and that’s all I can be
I’m meee, I’m eee, it’s my one ability
I’m free
And you can’t stop meee,
I’m free, and that’s all I can be

Days pass, I’m tryna find who I really am
I’ve been looking
People don’t like the way I dress
So it won’t matter, I’ve been looking
I’ve done my hair and it’s not just that easy
I’ve been looking
Your validation it’s not just that important to me

I’m meee, I’m mee, and that’s all I can be
I’m meee, I’m eee, it’s my one ability
I’m free
And you can’t stop meee,
I’m free, I’m meee, and that’s all I can be

Night falls and I find it here I am in peace
I’ve been looking
Making friends with spirits lost
And it sets me free, I’ve been looking
Express myself cause it’s my liberty
I’ve been looking
Your validation it’s not just that important to me

I’m meee, I’m mee, and that’s all I can be
I’m meee, I’m eee, it’s my one ability
I’m free
And you can’t stop meee,
I’m meee, I’m free, and that’s all I can be

I am me, I am me, I am me
I am free, I am free, I am free
I am me, I am me, I am me
I am free, I am free, X 2


Create yourself, redo yourself
Renew yourself
Be you, do what you do,
Hold your head up high, everything’s gonna alright
You’re you, I’m me, let’s livei n harmony
Coexist with each other, love each other
Be yourself
You have to be yourself, be real, be honest
Cause ain’t nobody got time for that
They really don’t, so listen to me
Listen to this song, because this is real facts
That will help you move along, yeah
That’s all I wanted to say, so I love you guys so much
Hope you like the song and you know, yolo, misfits, argh haha.

In a world where so many are living by the opinions and standards of others or are seeking validation in anyone except themselves, I think it’s rather refreshing to hear these words. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera comes to mind as another lyrically powerful song as opposed to the musical crap being played.

As I said, I don’t really care what Willow does with her life and my applaud for her stands and I’d like to extend it to those who have recently come out regarding their sexuality. Though I don’t care as their lives have no bearing on mine, I think it’s certainly noteworthy because it’s high time peole stop hiding who they are to please the masses. I understand it can be hard per industry standards and certain members of society, but at the end of the day, it’s important to be authentically yourself.

I am me with my good/bad, my rights/wrongs, highs/lows etc and I stand behind it all. I will not apologize or justify myself to anyone. If I’m not hurting others, why should anyone really care anyway? It’s 2012 and people need to invest more time in themselves than worry about what others are doing.

That is all!