Act like a man…Blu Jewel style

So, My Love and I have a great sex life…TMI, I’m sure, but it’s not something I’m ashamed of.  I’m pretty open to most things and we experience each other in mutually beneficial ways.  What’s amusing about our sex life is that he’s often said, I’m like a dude sometimes sexually.  Here’s some of my actions that he considers ‘dude like’…

I’m not one who has to orgasm every time I have sex; sometimes I just want to do it for the sake of doing it.

I can be mad and still want to have sex; one is emotional and one is physical..caveat is that it depends on what I’m mad about

I can have sex daily and more than once

Masturbation is necessary and sometimes done for no other reason than “I can”

Sex doesn’t have to be all pink and lacy; sometimes I like it rough, raw, and carnal

Getting head is necessary; not every time, but it has to happen as required

Quickies can be as effective as duration sex

Sometimes getting a nut off is all you need

Post-coital snuggling etc, isn’t always required; just let a chic sleep 😉

A woman having safe and consensual sex doesn’t necessarily make her a ‘slut’, ‘hoe’, ‘playette’…especially when she does it and NO ONE knows her business

Yea, I said it!


Fast ass teen invokes a murder…)*^%$)*$^) kids these days…

For those unfamiliar with the story, read here Father shoots teen boy

As a parent, I know there were things that my daughter may or may not do. Granted we can never truly swear for what our kids will do, I always hoped it would be the right thing. I taught her it’s best to be honest and face the consequences than to lie and make a bad situation worse. Again, we can’t never know what our kids will do when caught, but as a parent, we can only hope that our reaction to the situation is one that won’t compound the baseline issue.

In the case of this, in my opinion, fast-ass-lying-ass-lil-heffa, she shouldn’t have lied to her father when he busted her in bed with a boy she invited over. Now, I can’t say whether or not she knew her daddy had a gun in the house, but when she saw him reach for one, she should have confessed to knowing the kid. I think the father went to extremes in handling the situation and while he hasn’t been indicted yet according to the story, it’s likely he will be. Personally, I think his hot-in-the-pants daughter should be charged with involuntary manslaughter for lying and causing the boys death.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days? I’m not going say I was the model teen, but I’ll be damned if 1) I was going to bring a boy to the house with my folks home and 2) I damn sure wouldn’t have lied when caught given the evidence is right there. This is a very sad story and an egregious act of gross negligence on the part of both the father and daughter.

The family of the boy thought he was still on Spring Break and he was taught not to go into a girls room unless his presence was known. I guess he learned the hard way on that. SMDH! Once again, as a mother, I’d hope that my child would have sense enough to not pull a stunt like the one he did that got him killed.

This story saddens me and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

Yea, I said it!

Stand by your man…? (Conclusion)

Flash back to my time in VA…One of the girls in my squad was sporting an engagement ring that could’ve sunk a modern-day Titanic who seemed very much into her future husband. Well, that was until she met Specialist Jackson. They immediately hit it off; against training standards, and a sexual relationship quickly ensued. In spite of my warnings and those of the company commander, she continued. Well, one day I was checking the dorms to make sure they were clean and everyone was out when I heard the shower running. A quick peek to see who it was and why revealed said young lady with hickeys and other sexually created marks on her body. I advised that she hurry and her response was hysterical tears. She confided that her fiance would be arriving that evening and she didn’t know what she was going to do. It was supposed to be a surprise, but someone in the office messed up and told her. The mix up afforded her time to come up with a way to get out of having sex with him, but it certainly needed to be good enough to justify the marks on her body. I didn’t feel bad for her because she knew better and had been warned, but hard ears makes a soft behind; or in her case; cost her a ring and marriage.

Back to me…If I had a dollar for every married man or man with a girlfriend, I’d have a decent chunk of change sitting tax-free in an offshore account. Yes, infidelity was that serious!

Some were more discreet in their flirting or ways of finding out where my moral compass pointed; however, most were pretty overt and made countless attempts to have me be their side piece. Hell, my ex-husbands father used to make passes at me back in the day before his son and I got together. Makes my skin crawl rethinking it! Let me clarify something as not to be misunderstood because it takes two to tango and trust me when I tell you that there were many married women engaged in various acts of infidelity. I wasn’t surprised per se, but it was funny how they handled their business with a little more finesse and discretion.

I heard men plotting on the new girls that came in on how they’d be their weekend girlfriend or their Annual Training wife. They made offerings of helping them with their training or whatever else they could to sway her into their favour and once they had her, she became shop fodder amongst the men and another notch on their proverbial bedpost. When I was approached, I made it known I’d be no one’s tabloid discussion and there’s nothing they had that I needed to compromise my character for. Oh, trust your girl was “stuck up”, “she must think her p*ssy is lined with gold”, or some other snarky remark. I proudly wore whatever moniker they gave me instead of being anyone’s cum dumpster.

Rank had its privileges because the lower ranking girls thought themselves special for hooking up with the higher ranking enlisted or officers. As I said, it was not limited to men as I saw an E-6 hook up with an E-4 for no other reason than him being cute and having a nice body. Officers and high enlisted alike made promises of special treatment to those who took up with them and their boys were sometimes given preferential assignments for being alibis and such. Olivia Pope would have been proud of how they handled their indiscretions and cover ups…lol…I digress, but they did take esprit de corps to a whole new place!

Being one to never want to be in the lime light and shied away from anything that even remotely stunk of drama, I hated that I knew what I did and found myself being questioned here and there about the (alleged) actions of others even if it was just for curiosity’s sake. It’s sad to recall how many no sooner kissed their kids, spouses, and significant others goodbye and then began kissing their military spouse hello.

Military marriages suffer high rates of divorce primary due to a cheating spouse, which I’ve personally witnessed. I saw a good friend no sooner leave for a 30-day deployment and his wife’s boyfriend keep the bed warm in his absence. Neighbours knew and said nothing; they were probably likewise guilty. It was a gut feeling on his part that caught her in the act. He told her he was leaving for training, packed his stuff and left. He parked around the corner and double backed on foot to the house where he saw an unfamiliar car parked in his driveway. He let himself in through the side door and found his wife and lover on the couch in the act. Talk about coitus interuptus!! Although she was a civilian, she ended up losing the most to include custody of their daughter.

Conversely, there are many spouses who condone infidelity by citing long or extended deployments, recurring training schedules, or some other reason because they’ve grown accustomed to the lifestyle provided by their military spouse. General Sinclair’s wife alluded to such in her statement. Sorry son, I’m not going to make such excuses and there is no amount of lifestyle that will make me think otherwise. I’m not standing by my man and I’m not going to be made light of or become a part of media sensationalism as a result of his actions.

Again, I understand military life, but there is no excuse for the behaviour these and many other have exhibited. A military career is hard-earned and fought hard for and shouldn’t be reduced to something demeaning and seedy to end it. I want to feel bad for either General in some way and maybe if I hadn’t been in the service, I may have a little compassion, but since I’ve been there, I can’t and won’t. I’ve seen how many high-ranking men use and abuse their authority. I’ve seen them manipulate, coerce, cajole, threaten, etc., to get what they want. Sadly, I’ve seen women counter by giving of themselves with hidden agendas; however, any way you slice it, both parties are wrong. In this instance, these men displayed blatant disregard for their marriages, careers, reputations, and whatever else it has cost them. I feel for the spouses; slightly, but I mostly feel for the kids who will have to live and relive this scandal. With today’s technology, there is no undoing what’s published. Personally, I might be inclined to want to change my last name to reduce any known or future associations, but it may never truly remove the human stain. Actions speak louder than words and theirs are the beacons that we will see for all perpetuity.

Stand by your man? Depends on what I’m standing by him for!

That is all!

I voted…

I’m an action oriented gal and I strive not to talk about it, but be about it, so on my way into work, I stopped to vote. I confirmed that I would be able to vote straight ticket or split ticket if that was my choice. Save for the Board of Education choices, I stepped into the booth informed and decisive. I know the issues, I’ve weeded through the lies, name calling,  and rhetoric and when I made my selections, I felt confident in exercising the right that my fore mothers/fathers fought and died for.

I made my choice based on what I feel was in the best interest of me, my daughter, and my future grandchildren. I did not base my vote on colour; nor would I have based it on gender had a female been in the running. I’ve been on varied sides of the race and gender lines as well as the class lines and again took all of those experiences into consideration before and when I walked into the booth.

I believe in change. I believe in community and taking care of each other. I believe that we are living in a modern society where woman can and should be able to speak for themselves and the choices affecting their bodies. In spite of my offending a lesbian blogger, I do believe in equality for ALL sexes to have legal rights to marry/unify and have their loved ones and children, if a part of the union/marriage be accounted for. Although I have serious questions about the verbiage and content of the Constitution, I do believe people are equal in spite of their skin colour or gender. I believe ones choice of religion/religious practices should have no bearing in politics and should be not be used as a political ploy to corrupt, demean, or manipulate people. At the end of the day, we’re all human and regardless of gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, or religion; our blood all bleeds red so it’s half past time to look at what we have in common and not what’s topical or superficial.

Our future is up to us. The past 12 years have shown us so much both positively and negatively and the next 4 will be a life-altering change however this election turns out.

In closing, I want to repeat my opening statement; I voted! I didn’t talk about what I want now or in the near future; I demonstrated it…I let my voice/vote count.

That is all!

Movie quote…

I love movies and I’m particularly fond of Indie and Low Budget movies because they tend to have captivating characters and story lines that capture ad maintain my attention; mostly without all the predictable plots and outcomes.

A couple of nights ago, I watched, After Sex and was pleasantly intruiged and surprised by the varied relationships it chronicled.  When you have some time, I suggest you find it and watch it; I found it on Netflix.

The following is a quote from the movie that touched me and gave me major room for pause.

Leslie: Love is not negotiable.

Christopher: Oh, baby, everything is negotiable!
Leslie: Love is not negotiable. No, not love. Love is a guessing game. And that’s the beauty of it, there’s no guarantees. It’s like diving into a pool of water without knowing if it’s shallow or deep. Sure, right, if it’s shallow you end up hurt and paralyzed from the neck down. But if it’s deep… it’s a leap of faith. It’s like throwing yourself out there without any guarantees. And that’s what life’s about!

Christopher: Sure.

Leslie: Okay, you know those carnival games? And you know how some of them are really hard to win and some of them are super easy and everyone wins? Well, that’s the difference between love and sex. Sex is the game where everyone wins a little prize, and no one goes home a loser. And love is the game that’s really hard to win. But if you do, and you get to take home that life size stuffed rhinoceros, it feels a whole lot better than taking home a shitty little plastic key chain.

That is all!

Sensibility Lost V

Andrea had never been considered needy; as an only child, she’d learned at an early age to be self-sufficient and independent.  Sadly the latter was often mistaken for being aloof, but with both parents maintaining demanding careers, she’d mastered both self-sufficiency and independence as character builders and succeeded in life based on those strengths.  She lacked for nothing in her upbringing and was extremely close to her parents in spite of their demanding careers and her extended family, which helped fill the void of being an only child.  Andrea’s calm and peaceful demeanor was the stark contrast to the impression of her aloofness and she found herself rather sought after by the young men who were often turned off by the popular girls and became the confidante in which her female peers found solace.  Andrea was the ‘it’ girl in her own right, but paid little attention to what others said of it and instead made her way in life with hard work and a commitment to anything she put her mind to; including ‘the past their expiration date’ with a couple of past boyfriends.  One was a college sweetheart with whom she thought would end in marriage, but instead it was his infidelity of which she forgave after some time and tried to reestablish the relationship only to find he was still carrying on with the woman.  The second, and fortunately less scandalous; left her feeling confused and empty, so after two years she ended it and accepted a new position within her company where she spent her time traveling around the country and on occasion internationally.  While Andrea missed intimate companionship, she refused to jump into another relationship until she was absolutely sure of herself and what the ‘he’ in the equation was truly bringing to the table.  Save for the on again; off again fling she had with the pilot of the charter plane her company used for some of her travel; Andrea remained single.  The protests from her mother and girlfriends fell on deaf ears and even her best friend and confidante Royce couldn’t convince her that there really were still some good straight men out there; and he would know since he was the most heterosexual gay man she’d ever known.  Royce used his ‘gaydar’ to weed out real straight men from seemingly straight men that were actually in the closet or on the down low, which saved her from accepting the occasional date.  Single life wasn’t what Andrea wanted as a permanent state of being, but given her current options and new position, it suited her just fine.  She had the freedom to go and come as she pleased, she no longer missed what she no longer had; a man and sex, so with Royce checking on her house when she wasn’t there; she had little to worry about.  That was until Andrea’s travel to Miami that brought Tariq into her life. 

Andrea was attending the Black Business Expo and in spite of having to deflect some advances or sit through a couple of boring presentations, Andrea was having a blast.  Her cousin in Boca Raton drove down to see her, giving her someone to hang out with when she wasn’t on the clock and they were enjoying a dinner at La Cote when Tariq walked in.  Sahara stopped mid-sentence and stared shamelessly as he was being led to a table within their direct view.  Andrea kicked Sahara under the table reminding her of her rather charmed upbringing and that her behaviour lacked decorum.  The kicking, giggles, and protests went unnoticed until Sahara knocked over her drink drawing immediate stares from other patrons; including Tariq.  To make matters worse, Sahara leaned to retrieve her clutch that fell with the glass and tipped completely out of her chair; that prompted a speedy response from Tariq.  Sahara made quite the production of being lifted from the floor, dusted off, and being tended to by both Tariq and the restaurant staff.  Sahara was fine and with all the attention she received, didn’t seem to mind her dress being soiled in the fall.  It was collateral damage in garnering Tariq’s attention bringing him surreptitiously to their table. 

After introductions, Sahara invited Tariq to sit with them since he was dining alone and it was the least she could do for his rescuing her and then promptly left the table with a wink to go to the ladies room.  An awkward silence fell between them until they were saved by the waiter bringing Tariq’s drink to the table of which Andrea insisted be put on her tab since he had rescued her rather clumsy cousin.  The perfunctory decline led to insistence on Andrea’s part to which Tariq finally conceded and they began actual conversation.  They exchanged their reasons for being in Miami, their respective professions, and before things got personal, Sahara returned and the trio spent the remaining time eating and engaged in easy banter.  An hour later after moving from the dining room to the cabana outside, Sahara bid adieu to her cousin and Tariq and headed back to Boca leaving Andrea to find a polite way out of the attraction she was feeling toward Tariq.  She was in town for business and anything personal was reserved for her family not a rendezvous.

When the check came, Tariq insisted on paying for his share of it, but again Andrea declined and she beat him to the waiter with her credit card.  In the time it took for the charge to process, Tariq insisted on buying her breakfast before he left for the airport.  Andrea wanted to decline and tried, but Tariq’s smile was magnetic and the intensity in his eyes spun her response to an affirmative.  He was staying at the Gansevoort, which was barely a few miles away, while she was at Fontainebleau where they’d dined.  They agreed to meet in the Gansevoort lobby and eat at the hotel or elsewhere if that was Andrea’s choice.  Andrea gave Tariq her business card and bid him a good night and was in an elevator before he had a chance to give her his card.  Andrea may not have had a lot of relationships, but she knew the game and she was raised well and by her standards, a man was to contact her.

Sahara called upon her arrival home and demanded to know the details of the evening after her departure.  They giggled like schoolgirls as Andrea relayed the limited details since nothing more than conversation took place and spoke of the plans for breakfast.  Sahara hoped the details would’ve been juicier, but she knew her cousin well enough to know that she wasn’t inclined to be casual with her body and even though she teased her about it, she certainly respected her discriminating ways.  They ended the call and Andrea put her nightgown on and prepared herself to review the material for the next day before going to bed.  About twenty-five minutes later her in-room phone rang and even though the hour was late, she assumed it was a colleague calling.  She answered to a warm and deep voice on the other end confirming he’d reached Andrea Phillips.  She acknowledged his inquiry and almost dropped the phone when Tariq stated it was him.  She hadn’t expected him to call tonight if at all and found herself taken aback and suddenly speechless.  Tariq apologized for the late call, but insisted that he just had to speak with her again.  Work ended up taking a back seat and the call lasted until well after midnight before Andrea realized the time insisting they end it in order for her to be rested enough for breakfast. 

Andrea’s internal clock woke her at 5:30 am and in spite of her later than expected bedtime, she felt surprisingly refreshed.  She washed up and went to the hotel gym to do her daily run and lucked out by finding a masseuse free at the early hour, and reserved her for a 7:00 am in-room massage.  Morning ritual and impromptu massage complete, Andrea called a cab to take her to the Gansevoot to meet Tariq.  They’d agreed to a later breakfast since Tariq’s flight was closer to noon and he’d be leaving from the hotel to the airport affording little time for lunch.

Tariq was seated in the lobby when the cab pulled up and he walked to greet her once he saw her step out.  He tipped the bellman waiting at the cab stand and took Andrea’s arm in his and walked to the elevator taking them to the 18th floor where they’d be eating breakfast.  Tariq had reserved a cabana and took the liberty of ordering a fruit tray with coffee and sweet breads to start their breakfast.  Andrea was impressed with hotel, the view, and most of all Tariq’s initiative; sending her brain into immediate overdrive with mental notes.  They talked a little more business since Tariq noticed Andrea’s satchel and informed him she was going from breakfast to an informal business meeting at a potential client’s house. 

After the first course was eaten, Andrea found herself full and really not in need of more food when Tariq ordered a hot breakfast, but ordered eggs anyway in order to balance the table.  The conversation became immediately personal and to her surprise, found Tariq refreshingly what she’d been missing.  He was confident without being conceited; completely engaging and easy-going; much like the night before, self-sufficient; like herself, and damn if that disarming smile didn’t make her want to lose her scruples and act like an errant teenager.  The way he made eye contact made her stir in ways she shouldn’t with a stranger, but there was something kindred about Tariq that penetrated her usual guard and allowed her to relax more so than usual.  It was an unnerving feeling and Andrea felt the pull to back away.  She remembered Michael and how she’d felt that similar draw, what she tolerated as a result and then how it ended.  She didn’t want to hold Tariq to Michael’s standard, but the fear was ignited and her restlessness began to show.  Sensing unease, Tariq excused himself to the men’s room and Andrea seized the opportunity to call Royce who’d actually been expecting her call since Sahara had already called him to spill the beans.  In two minutes flat, Royce talked Andrea off the ledge and she greeted with Tariq with a genuine smile when he returned and apologized for her sudden change in demeanor.  The apology led to an unexpected revelation on her part about past relationships and the pact she’d made to not get involved for anything less than the right reasons.  Andrea’s revelation led to Tariq’s view on relationships and the recent messy demise of his own, which given the details, should have made him rather bitter, but instead he seemed sadly relieved and ready to close that chapter of his life to move forward without resentment.  This was another note Andrea quickly added to her mental list.  They talked off topic before realizing how the time had flown by and a cabana girl came to clear the table and advise Tariq that his car would be arriving soon to take him to the airport.  Andrea instinctively looked at her watch and stood to make her exit.  Tariq settled the check and escorted Andrea back to the lobby where his bags were already waiting for him; the car was scheduled to arrive in fifteen minutes.  Tariq insisted Andrea use the service car to take her to and from her meeting instead of taking a cab since it was already booked for the entire day; a habit of Tariq’s if he didn’t use a rental given how travel plans often changed without warning.  Andrea accepted and they sealed their meeting and time shared with a hug and Tariq’s word to keep in touch. 

©Blu Jewel 2012

Sensibility Lost IV

Okay boys and girls, here’s another installment of this self-driven novella…

Without preamble, Tariq eased gently into Andrea, who was momentarily shocked by the way Tariq felt. No amount of recollection or fantasy could compare to the intense reality of the feeling. Andrea adjusted herself to receive him entirely and eased into his flow. Tariq steadied himself; thankful for the bathroom upgrade Andrea made since his last visit. He took advantage of the embossed tiles that provided safe traction and eyed the bench at the other end of the enclosure. This was going to be an exquisite weekend.

Andrea gyrated and cooed as Tariq slid and out of her as her breasts swung shamelessly with each stroke. She managed to reach up and turn on the built-in waterproof mp3 player, which was a last minute add-on to the upgrade; one she was extremely thankful for. She loved her music and having this installation served as a perfect complement to creating a spa like atmosphere; it would now serve to compliment there spontaneous love making.

“Damn Andie,” Tariq crooned as he cupped her chocolate moon, pulling her closer to him. “Mm! You feel so good baby,” he went on, easing long, controlled strokes in and out of her heat.

He was enjoying her tightness as the increased friction enhanced the already good feeling.

“Turn around,” he commanded without warning and pulled out. “I want to look at you. I want to see those beautiful expressions, taste your sweet mouth, and make you stare at me instead of closing your eyes.”

At his request, Andrea was now facing Tariq who now had her pinned against the wall devouring her with kisses rich and passionate. She opened her eyes to meet Tariq’s intense stare and found herself lost in a sea of turbulent emotions; each wave sending her deeper into the squall of ecstasy. Tariq trailed from Andrea’s lips drizzling kisses around her neck and down to her swollen breasts as he continued his migration south and centered himself upon her equator. She looked down at him, smiling with pleasure as he inhaled her fragrance, kissed her petals and tasted her nectar. She shuddered and pushed forward; succumbing the sudden pulse that raced through her loins. Tariq steadied her leg onto the bench allowing him greater access to her seed. A hearty inhale consumed the taut, yet tender flesh that weakened her resolve; sending gale force winds of pleasure to shake Andrea’s core. The intensity of Tariq’s consumption almost breached Andrea’s stability, but she quickly adjusted and continued to yield.

“I…Can’t…I…Ahh…Tari…” Andrea struggled to speak; the oral assault impeding her ability to speak. “I’m. OH.MY.Gggg,” Andrea grabbed Tariq’s head. “I’m comm. I’m c.C.Comm,” the words gave way to moaning.

Tariq continued without impunity until he’d rendered Andrea a gasping and weakened semblance of the woman who’d first stepped into the shower.

“You good babe?” Tariq asked as he pulled Andrea from the tiles to the bench, “I can do it again if it wasn’t enough,” he winked and kissed her nose. Andrea swatted at him. “What’s that about?” Tariq sat beside Andrea; caressing her side of her face.

Andrea inhaled and sighed loudly, “you don’t play nice,” she gently pushed him, “damn man!”

Tariq laughed, “just wanted to give you what I’ve spent the entire ride here thinking about,” Tariq licked his lips tasting the residue of Andrea’s nectar. “You tasted…”

“Better than the food I’ve probably ruined,” Andrea interrupted. She stood up and quickly sat back down. “Wait, what about you?” She asked, pointing.

“Oh, Andie,” Tariq replied, “Don’t worry about that baby. We’ve got the rest of the night and weekend. How about we shower for real, eat, and let the night go at its own pace?” Tariq pulled Andrea to her feet and walked her toward the shower head and began lathering her, which was reciprocated with careful attention not to linger in any one place.

Once showered and dressed, Tariq and Andrea made their way downstairs to the kitchen. Andrea poured wine and they toasted themselves before Andrea busied herself with the food. Fortunately it wasn’t ruined, but was certainly stone cold. After making the necessary adjustments, reheating, and other preparations, dinner was ready and plated. They moved from the kitchen to the dining nook where candle were lit, background music turned on, and grace was said. Dinner was eaten quickly and ferociously with seconds had and still room for dessert. Andrea removed the pineapple upside down cake from the oven, cut big pieces, and topped them with homemade whipped cream and returned to the table.

“Mmm! You went all out,” Tariq complimented, forking a big chunk in his mouth. “Dinner was excellent and now this? Girl, you’re gonna have me weighted up before I leave here,” he went on between now smaller bites.

Andrea blushed and smiled. “Just doing what I love. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Andrea replied, now eating her slice of cake. “I just went grocery shopping, so write whatever you want me to cook on the white board and I’ll make it,” Andrea reached for Tariq’s hand.

Tariq took and raised it to his mouth kissing her knuckles. “You know you don’t have to do all that Andie,” he informed, “I’m not here to make you my personal chef ya know?!” He went on.

“I know, but I don’t mind and it sure beats cooking for one or cooking and giving plates of food away,” Andrea grimaced. “The crew comes over, but they don’t really care what’s on the menu, so it’s not personalized. At least with you making suggestions, I can cook specific meals. Deal?”

“Deal!” Tariq turned their hand holding into a handshake. “But, you know I have to take you out at least once before I head back,” Tariq insisted.

“Whatever you like love,” Andrea paused, “speaking of you heading back, have you decided how long you’re staying this time?”

A sudden dread hit Andrea. She always knew their time together had an expiration date, but she hoped this time would at least be longer than the last visit. After initially giving a long distance relationship a try, Andrea realized it was too much for her. Between their geography impeding regular quality time, they each travelled for work, which was a blessing in some ways as they’d meet each other on the road, but after a while it took a toll emotionally. Lonely nights, events spent with their go-to platonic friends instead of each other, or simply the questions from friends about their status became too much to deal with, so they broke things off. They remained friends and in touch, which gave each other some comfort, but after Tariq’s last visit; though work-related, they realized how much they truly missed each other and mutually decided they’d find ways to make it work.

© Blu Jewel 2012