What’s the rush?

Of late, I’ve been encountering more and more women who have expressed that impatience is one of their character flaws, which led me to ask the question, “what’s the rush?”

Sadly and unfortunately, we live in a society and climate where fast is the presumed best.  We’ve become spoiled with all things instant access and/or readily available and we’ve lost our tolerance and ability to wait.  This lack of patience has caused a plethora of health problems, caused the demise of relationships, caused financial ruin; to name just a few things adversely impacting us.  Again, I ask…what’s the rush?  Why can’t we wait for the light to turn fully before pulling off?  Why can’t we ignore that text instead of risking an accident to respond?  Why can’t a we not have something we can’t necessarily afford at the moment?  These aren’t simply rhetorical questions, I truly would like answers.

We have allowed ourselves to fall slave to incessant and even unrealistic deadlines; insane activity schedules for/with our children; being driven to having the next best thing before the expiration date has expired on the thing we couldn’t wait to have not too long ago.  What gratification has been borne of these things versus the simple act of waiting?

I’ve watched a marriage fall apart because he moved at a slower pace than her.  I’ve watched children get fat or develop unhealthy eating habits because they’re fed fast and/or processed instead of balanced home cooked meals.  I’ve seen debts increase because someone had to have that new pair of Jordan’s instead of paying their rent or other necessity.  I’ve seen kids flunk out of school because they expected it to be easy/easier and didn’t have the necessary skills to wait and learn or ask for help.

We’re a society obsessed on everything being in a hurry without the wherewithall to just wait.  Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God”, I think many need to understand that and the importance of simply being instead of always doing.

The life we save could very well be our own if only we take a moment to be still and appreciate that not everything needs to be “right now”.  On an occasion where I was in a rush to get out the house and was angered by being delayed by the slowness of someone else, I was later fortunate for their slowness because it prevented me from being a part of an accident that took place at the exact time I was supposed to be on the road.  My Godmother was spared from being a 9/11 victim because she overslept that morning.  God has a way of whispering for us to slow down; to live; to breathe and allow His presence to manifest in and around us; many of us would be well-served to listen and BE STILL!

To those of you who are guilty of being impatient, I challenge you to consider what you have to lose or gain by that action; hopefully, you’ll see that you’re doing yourself little good by being impatient and will then learn to embrace what you can control and let go of what you can’t.


Yea, I said it!