Sensibility Lost V

Andrea had never been considered needy; as an only child, she’d learned at an early age to be self-sufficient and independent.  Sadly the latter was often mistaken for being aloof, but with both parents maintaining demanding careers, she’d mastered both self-sufficiency and independence as character builders and succeeded in life based on those strengths.  She lacked for nothing in her upbringing and was extremely close to her parents in spite of their demanding careers and her extended family, which helped fill the void of being an only child.  Andrea’s calm and peaceful demeanor was the stark contrast to the impression of her aloofness and she found herself rather sought after by the young men who were often turned off by the popular girls and became the confidante in which her female peers found solace.  Andrea was the ‘it’ girl in her own right, but paid little attention to what others said of it and instead made her way in life with hard work and a commitment to anything she put her mind to; including ‘the past their expiration date’ with a couple of past boyfriends.  One was a college sweetheart with whom she thought would end in marriage, but instead it was his infidelity of which she forgave after some time and tried to reestablish the relationship only to find he was still carrying on with the woman.  The second, and fortunately less scandalous; left her feeling confused and empty, so after two years she ended it and accepted a new position within her company where she spent her time traveling around the country and on occasion internationally.  While Andrea missed intimate companionship, she refused to jump into another relationship until she was absolutely sure of herself and what the ‘he’ in the equation was truly bringing to the table.  Save for the on again; off again fling she had with the pilot of the charter plane her company used for some of her travel; Andrea remained single.  The protests from her mother and girlfriends fell on deaf ears and even her best friend and confidante Royce couldn’t convince her that there really were still some good straight men out there; and he would know since he was the most heterosexual gay man she’d ever known.  Royce used his ‘gaydar’ to weed out real straight men from seemingly straight men that were actually in the closet or on the down low, which saved her from accepting the occasional date.  Single life wasn’t what Andrea wanted as a permanent state of being, but given her current options and new position, it suited her just fine.  She had the freedom to go and come as she pleased, she no longer missed what she no longer had; a man and sex, so with Royce checking on her house when she wasn’t there; she had little to worry about.  That was until Andrea’s travel to Miami that brought Tariq into her life. 

Andrea was attending the Black Business Expo and in spite of having to deflect some advances or sit through a couple of boring presentations, Andrea was having a blast.  Her cousin in Boca Raton drove down to see her, giving her someone to hang out with when she wasn’t on the clock and they were enjoying a dinner at La Cote when Tariq walked in.  Sahara stopped mid-sentence and stared shamelessly as he was being led to a table within their direct view.  Andrea kicked Sahara under the table reminding her of her rather charmed upbringing and that her behaviour lacked decorum.  The kicking, giggles, and protests went unnoticed until Sahara knocked over her drink drawing immediate stares from other patrons; including Tariq.  To make matters worse, Sahara leaned to retrieve her clutch that fell with the glass and tipped completely out of her chair; that prompted a speedy response from Tariq.  Sahara made quite the production of being lifted from the floor, dusted off, and being tended to by both Tariq and the restaurant staff.  Sahara was fine and with all the attention she received, didn’t seem to mind her dress being soiled in the fall.  It was collateral damage in garnering Tariq’s attention bringing him surreptitiously to their table. 

After introductions, Sahara invited Tariq to sit with them since he was dining alone and it was the least she could do for his rescuing her and then promptly left the table with a wink to go to the ladies room.  An awkward silence fell between them until they were saved by the waiter bringing Tariq’s drink to the table of which Andrea insisted be put on her tab since he had rescued her rather clumsy cousin.  The perfunctory decline led to insistence on Andrea’s part to which Tariq finally conceded and they began actual conversation.  They exchanged their reasons for being in Miami, their respective professions, and before things got personal, Sahara returned and the trio spent the remaining time eating and engaged in easy banter.  An hour later after moving from the dining room to the cabana outside, Sahara bid adieu to her cousin and Tariq and headed back to Boca leaving Andrea to find a polite way out of the attraction she was feeling toward Tariq.  She was in town for business and anything personal was reserved for her family not a rendezvous.

When the check came, Tariq insisted on paying for his share of it, but again Andrea declined and she beat him to the waiter with her credit card.  In the time it took for the charge to process, Tariq insisted on buying her breakfast before he left for the airport.  Andrea wanted to decline and tried, but Tariq’s smile was magnetic and the intensity in his eyes spun her response to an affirmative.  He was staying at the Gansevoort, which was barely a few miles away, while she was at Fontainebleau where they’d dined.  They agreed to meet in the Gansevoort lobby and eat at the hotel or elsewhere if that was Andrea’s choice.  Andrea gave Tariq her business card and bid him a good night and was in an elevator before he had a chance to give her his card.  Andrea may not have had a lot of relationships, but she knew the game and she was raised well and by her standards, a man was to contact her.

Sahara called upon her arrival home and demanded to know the details of the evening after her departure.  They giggled like schoolgirls as Andrea relayed the limited details since nothing more than conversation took place and spoke of the plans for breakfast.  Sahara hoped the details would’ve been juicier, but she knew her cousin well enough to know that she wasn’t inclined to be casual with her body and even though she teased her about it, she certainly respected her discriminating ways.  They ended the call and Andrea put her nightgown on and prepared herself to review the material for the next day before going to bed.  About twenty-five minutes later her in-room phone rang and even though the hour was late, she assumed it was a colleague calling.  She answered to a warm and deep voice on the other end confirming he’d reached Andrea Phillips.  She acknowledged his inquiry and almost dropped the phone when Tariq stated it was him.  She hadn’t expected him to call tonight if at all and found herself taken aback and suddenly speechless.  Tariq apologized for the late call, but insisted that he just had to speak with her again.  Work ended up taking a back seat and the call lasted until well after midnight before Andrea realized the time insisting they end it in order for her to be rested enough for breakfast. 

Andrea’s internal clock woke her at 5:30 am and in spite of her later than expected bedtime, she felt surprisingly refreshed.  She washed up and went to the hotel gym to do her daily run and lucked out by finding a masseuse free at the early hour, and reserved her for a 7:00 am in-room massage.  Morning ritual and impromptu massage complete, Andrea called a cab to take her to the Gansevoot to meet Tariq.  They’d agreed to a later breakfast since Tariq’s flight was closer to noon and he’d be leaving from the hotel to the airport affording little time for lunch.

Tariq was seated in the lobby when the cab pulled up and he walked to greet her once he saw her step out.  He tipped the bellman waiting at the cab stand and took Andrea’s arm in his and walked to the elevator taking them to the 18th floor where they’d be eating breakfast.  Tariq had reserved a cabana and took the liberty of ordering a fruit tray with coffee and sweet breads to start their breakfast.  Andrea was impressed with hotel, the view, and most of all Tariq’s initiative; sending her brain into immediate overdrive with mental notes.  They talked a little more business since Tariq noticed Andrea’s satchel and informed him she was going from breakfast to an informal business meeting at a potential client’s house. 

After the first course was eaten, Andrea found herself full and really not in need of more food when Tariq ordered a hot breakfast, but ordered eggs anyway in order to balance the table.  The conversation became immediately personal and to her surprise, found Tariq refreshingly what she’d been missing.  He was confident without being conceited; completely engaging and easy-going; much like the night before, self-sufficient; like herself, and damn if that disarming smile didn’t make her want to lose her scruples and act like an errant teenager.  The way he made eye contact made her stir in ways she shouldn’t with a stranger, but there was something kindred about Tariq that penetrated her usual guard and allowed her to relax more so than usual.  It was an unnerving feeling and Andrea felt the pull to back away.  She remembered Michael and how she’d felt that similar draw, what she tolerated as a result and then how it ended.  She didn’t want to hold Tariq to Michael’s standard, but the fear was ignited and her restlessness began to show.  Sensing unease, Tariq excused himself to the men’s room and Andrea seized the opportunity to call Royce who’d actually been expecting her call since Sahara had already called him to spill the beans.  In two minutes flat, Royce talked Andrea off the ledge and she greeted with Tariq with a genuine smile when he returned and apologized for her sudden change in demeanor.  The apology led to an unexpected revelation on her part about past relationships and the pact she’d made to not get involved for anything less than the right reasons.  Andrea’s revelation led to Tariq’s view on relationships and the recent messy demise of his own, which given the details, should have made him rather bitter, but instead he seemed sadly relieved and ready to close that chapter of his life to move forward without resentment.  This was another note Andrea quickly added to her mental list.  They talked off topic before realizing how the time had flown by and a cabana girl came to clear the table and advise Tariq that his car would be arriving soon to take him to the airport.  Andrea instinctively looked at her watch and stood to make her exit.  Tariq settled the check and escorted Andrea back to the lobby where his bags were already waiting for him; the car was scheduled to arrive in fifteen minutes.  Tariq insisted Andrea use the service car to take her to and from her meeting instead of taking a cab since it was already booked for the entire day; a habit of Tariq’s if he didn’t use a rental given how travel plans often changed without warning.  Andrea accepted and they sealed their meeting and time shared with a hug and Tariq’s word to keep in touch. 

©Blu Jewel 2012

Ties That Bind Part 2 – A short story

Sorry for keeping you on the edge of your seat; heres Part 2 – The Finale…

The continued silence is intermittently punctured by sighs and moaning as we continue the labored teenage-like foreplay. She adjusts under me and I feel the heat escape from between her thighs. My erection nears its boiling point and I grind back into her praying I don’t lose it.

“I want to taste you.” Daynah whispered. “Please!” She pleads
Without confirmation, Daynah pushed me backward; removing my shorts in almost one fluid motion; staring at the swollen part of me like she was a snake charmer. Without looking at me, she lowered her head and sucked me into her mouth while exhaling a sigh of relief. Her mouth; feverishly hot felt explicably good as she relieves my yearning while I caress her face as she satiates herself almost forgetting my attachment, but I didn’t care. The feeling was too good; too intense.

“Baaaby.” I cooed. “Mmmm! You’re…Gonna…Make…Me….” And I never got to finish. The tempest rose in me and rushed out like the perfect storm filling her mouth with the molten part of me. She swallowed hard and slowly she eased off me; looking at me with pleading eyes.

I pushed her back down on the couch and pulled her pants off. Her heat escaped like a busted steam pipe as I breathed in her scent; a combination of her delicate lotion and natural fragrance — It was intoxicating. The best high a man could ask for. I can’t say I was rough, but I’m sure I wasn’t gentle either as I forced her thighs apart and thrust my face between them. A massive cry of relief and panic pierced the air as she gave in to her own need. I licked and sucked her into easy submission as she fought and squirmed under my control. I looked up at her, but her eyes were closed, mouth open; lips moving, but saying nothing I could understand. She squeezed her nipples at the entry of my finger and another moan of unintelligible words came out. Her body began to shudder and shake telling on itself as I continued my oral attack.

“Nnnn…Nnnoooo”. She pushed at my head. Heavy pants. “I’m. I’m g…ggonn…Ahhh…I’m co…comm…” Her voice trembled and that’s where she trailed off.

Daynah’s head went back, her back arched, and every ounce of resistance gave way. Her body shuddered and she cringed away as I ran my hands over her damp body. Thinking she had a moment of reprieve, Daynah relaxed into the couch, but her comfort was short lived as I rose up and submerged myself into her; sending her back into the abyss of delirium. I filled her with slow, precise and methodical thrusts as she conformed in every way to me. And then I switched it up; moving fast and then slow and then fast again sending her body into erratic spasms. Eventually, she fell into pattern and we rhythmically paced as we eased into the home stretch. I clutched her harder; tighter; drawing her legs entirely around my waist as she held them steady riding my stroke.

“Now! I’m coming now.” The words sounding direct and commanding.

I felt it too and steadied myself as I thrust deeper; her wetness coating me like a sheath.

“Day…Daynaaaah!” I grunted as the force of everything in me erupting into her.

Daynah closed her eyes and tears seeped down her cheeks as she whimpered. I kissed the tears away; cradling her close to me.
“You okay?” I ask even though I knew she was. Daynah nodded yes.
I repositioned us so her back was to my front and kissed the back of her neck before falling asleep; the warmth of her body being the only blanket I needed.
©BluJewel 2011

Ties That Bind Part 1 – A short story

As I promised to ChilledLeo, I’m posting a short story. While I don’t write poems as much as I used to, I still enjoy writing stories in varying lengths. Here’s the most recent one; well, it was written last year, but it’s still recent given I haven’t completed one since. 😉 Enjoy!

The connection between Daynah and me has always been strong; as if we were twins separated at birth. Neither time nor distance or spats large or small could or would break the bond we shared. We’re like a boomerang and while we’ve tossed each other away time and time again, we always come back.

I’d had one of the most frustrating months imaginable. Between working, my kids, their mothers and trying to maintain some semblance of a life; I’d hit the wall. Tired, angry, and frustrated; just to name a few, I got a text message from Daynah. It was simple and struck a nerve like I’d hit my funny bone.

“{{Hugs}}…Thought you could use one :-)”, was all she said.

I stared at the message like it was a winning lottery ticket. She had no idea how much what she’d said brought some much needed sunshine to my otherwise gloomy disposition. I spun the phone around on the table; stopping it every other spin to look at the words and a rush of warmth and yearning crept into my being. I missed the smile I could always see right through to know whether it was real or her trying to hide something. I missed the comforting presence that came whenever she was in my company. I missed the all-knowing way we interacted with each other and the game of cat and mouse we sometimes played; testing the boundaries of our past and current lives. Overall, I just missed her; anything and everything about her. She was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and right now then I felt illuminated.

After several minutes of pondering, contemplating, and thinking, I replied.

“Thanks!” I smile to myself. “Of I can.” I continue; though what I really wanted to say was “You’re always on time”, but I didn’t want her to ask questions or worry about me. She’d had enough on her mind of late and her taking on my typical nonsense was something she didn’t needed; though I knew she’d do it more than willing and with great ease to boot.

“Outstanding!” She replied and I prayed she’d leave it at that.
I went on about my business and then headed to the shower to wash the days stress off me and relax for the rest of the evening as 6:00am was going to come all too soon. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard the familiar chirp indicating a message so I picked up the phone to see another one from her.

“If you feel like talking, I’m not doing anything…”.

I just stared; gob smacked at the phone. How well she knew me. She knows I rarely volunteer what’s going on, but she could always pry it out of me with little or no effort at all, which was another one of the many wonderful attributes she possessed. She never forced me to be vocal and would always wait until I was ready to speak. Sometimes I could be like waiting for cold molasses to pour, but her patience often outweighed said pour and I’d just start talking. It seemed like today she was melting my thaw. I dried off; returning the towel to the bathroom and dressed in shorts and a football jersey. I text back about fifteen minutes later after downing a cold beer and ordering some take out.

“Just one of those days…Weeks. You know how my life goes.” I confess.

“Aww! Sounds like you need more than a hug; more like a mental health break. When’s your next day off?” I could hear her voice in my head sounding full of comfort and worry.

“Not for a few more days…I wish it were tomorrow tho.”

“If it were tomorrow, I’d come over since I’ve taken a few days to myself.”

“Yea? What you gonna do with all that time?” I ask trying to take the focus off myself.

“Not sure. Just use a few days to myself…Think…Relax…Just be. I’m overworked in all areas.”

I sigh deeply as I realize how once again our lives mirror. “And you still have time to worry about me and send hugs?” I inquire; still trying to keep the focus off myself.

A stretch goes by before Daynah answers again and I hear the doorbell signaling the arrival of my food. After paying, I set the food on the table and begin eating; though the food isn’t really hitting the spot; I eat it knowing it’s been too long since my last meal. I down another beer and plop down in the couch clicking on the TV in one fell swoop. I mindlessly channel surf and wonder what’s taking Daynah so long to message back. Nothing really catches my attention and I fall into a daze staring at the screen wishing myself elsewhere doing something far more fun.

I startle to the phone chirping and I grab it off the coffee table.

“Sorry. Had to do something. Feeling any better?”
“Yea.” I lie. “Took a shower, drank a couple beers, and tried to eat something.” The truth.

“Not that I believe you, but ok. So what you doing now?”

I adjust myself on the couch and let out a deep breath. “Trying to find something on TV to watch. No luck.”

Silence again. What the heck is she doing? I think to myself; suddenly realizing I could use some company. With my life and schedule, keeping consistent company is hard and that’s in part what has led me to my current mood; not forgetting all the other drama.
I go upstairs to the bathroom and hear the sound of knocking at the door on my way down. I look at the clock; 9:20 and I wonder who could possibly be out there. I look out the peep hole and see nothing. I contemplate not opening the door as a message to whomever is on the other side that they shouldn’t show up uninvited and unannounced at this hour, but I open it anyway.

“Hi!” She smiles and I stand; blocking the doorway looking like a deer in headlights.

I shake my head slightly as if I’m dusting away cobwebs and step backward into the hallway.

“Surprised?” Daynah asks. “Of course you are!” She giggles. “That was a dumb question.” She comes in, kicks her shoes off and places then beside the door. Meanwhile I’m still standing there saying nothing.

When I finally wake from my reverie, I smile and look at her like she’s the dawning of a new day.

“Uhm? Yea. Plenty surprised.” I say, and realize we’re still standing in the hallway. I motion for her to go ahead of me and follow behind.

In the living room she turns to me and smiles again while outstretching her arms for a hug. I pull her close and am instantly relaxed and relieved. The comfort of her embrace rids me off the residual tension and I’m reluctant to break the bond. Feeling my need, she hugs me longer and grazes a kiss on the side of my neck. Instantly the flames of fury are ignited and I feel it engulf my entire body. I force myself away as I feel my manhood rise and swell within my shorts and hopefully it’s before she feels it against her. She looks at me and smiles a coy, soft smile. A familiar knowing consumes us and before either says another word, we’re locked in each other arms again; our lips sealing any left space between us.

Time stopped, the earth tilted on its axis and nothing else existed. I break the seal only long enough to look deep into her eyes, confirm what she’s not saying and I ease her carefully onto the couch. Our lips meet again and the conversation rambles on wordlessly. The craft of her touch sparks a surge of electricity within and I’m lost in the myriad of feelings she’s elicited. Soft sighs and moans are the only sounds filling the air. Daynah pulls her head from me and stares into my eyes. She opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out and she strokes my face. The cool warmth of the touch forces my eyes closed and I drink in every stroke as my face yields its form to her fingertips. I feel her breath easing across my throat and then the tenderness of her kisses renders me further helpless.

“Don’t stop”. I hear myself say a fraction above a whisper.
My eyes still closed, I feel my jersey coming off and then the combined sensation of her hands on my skin and her tongue on my nipple sends me into the cosmos; causing an out of body experience like something you’d read about in books. I suddenly feel the weight of me raised above her give way and I’m once again kissing her like I’m receiving oxygen. Somehow she’s managed herself out of her shirt and I’m staring down at her beautiful full breasts; nipples taut crying out for affection. I take one in my mouth and the other with my hand; forcing out a deep breath from the core of her as she weakens under my mouth and touch. My erection; now pulsing harder within my shorts makes her stir as she begins a slow upward grind into me. Beads of sweat burst onto my forehead and down my spine where her hands are rubbing up and down before centering on my erection. I jump slightly at her touch and for a moment pause to relish in the sensation. Damn!

Part 2 tomorrow…

And the sunset on paradise…uhm?

As one who writes, I enjoy creating stories what take the reader out of their current lives and propel them into the unknown charters, which are solely at my discretion and control.  I feel like a puppeteer pulling strings and devising the scenarios that are mostly unpredictable; or if in fact they do have that so-called happy ending, it’s not without issue and is accomplished by something less than predictable fantasy.

I tend not to read romance stories as it’s a genre I find less than interesting.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good love story like most people do, but those that drip honey from mythical cups borne of Gods and Goddesses.  The whole love at first sight, immediately stir my loins, and “take me now” gushing like a Southern Belle sets my stomach in a voracious desire to hurl vomit all over the book and promptly dispose of it thereof.  I do believe in love at first sight and I do believe that Love’s Divine can take one off course, but damn it, I’m just not buying the I just got dumped, ended relationship or recently divorced-need-a-fling-to-get-over-him/her-and-fall-in-love romance.  Can it happen?  I’m sure it can and does, but the reality rests squarely unbalanced to the reality of it all.  

I recently read a couple stories from a book I received for my past birthday, which are all ooey-gooey romance stories of women who went off to the Caribbean and met Mr. Right, fell in love, and presumably lived happily ever after.  My stomach wretched at the predictability of them all and how things always seems to just fall into place as if the cosmos aligned during a spin of the earths axis done solely for him or her.  “C’mon son” *said in my brothers voice* :-?.  Like I said, I believe, but from personal experience it doesn’t always go as smoothly as Mr. or Ms. Author would have you believe.  No, I’m not cynical or jaded; instead a realistic who knows the whirlwind romance doesn’t always live to tell the true tale.  Are we to really believe that in one or two weeks, we’re going to meet our Mr. or Mrs. Right, fall in love, have the best sex eeevah *in my Becky voice* ;-), go through a few cursory ups and downs only to come out at the finish line gold medalists?  I doubt that highly.  Just because paradise has provided the backdrop for what we’ve been led to believe is the love of our lives, doesn’t make it so.  Paradise lets you envision that life back home will be hibiscus flowers, tropical drinks, and beautiful sunsets; however, it doesn’t allow for life’s seasonal changes of really getting to know each other, living together, and altering for former life for your now current one.  Paradise provides the illusion that everything is going to fall in sync and that passion you shared thousands of miles away will continue.  Real life comes with real time; not “I can leave my watch in the room time”, which equals reality and that’s one hell of a check to cash.  

As I stated, I’ve done the love at first sight thing and I fought that beast like I was David to Goliath and while there were many factors for it to last; going to loves bank to cash that reality check and coming up way short was more than I expected or bargained for.  I had to face the fact that there was a life we each had outside of our “paradise”.  There were other things and other people that would be ruling or deciding factors on whether we had tropical rain or thunderstorms.  For all the pros, there were almost as many cons and the smell of hibiscus suddenly became the scent of dying flowers.  I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “yea, she’s just burned or bitter”; I assure you that’s not the case.  I look back and say, it was what it was for when it was and for how long it was and know that it was a part of my life’s experience and I’m good and okay with that.  We will always be sold Paradise and all its trappings and why not?  It makes us feel good to think and feel something that is so far out of the box.  I just say, sometimes the wrapping on the box is better than what’s inside.

That is all!