Blog Challenge: Day 19 — What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

religion politics

This is one of those topics that causes so much angst for a myriad of reasons and one I sometimes would rather eat beef; something I haven’t done in almost thirty years deal with the intestinal fallout, than talk about.  It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s just that it’s a never ending conversations that feel like I’m in a revolving door.

Politics is that Necessary Evil we have to live with because we have to have order in a chaotic society, but I find it’s the politics that cause the chaos.  Each party is like a prostitute peddling its wears and those who find their goods…read words, the most attractive wins… The proverbial, Lesser Evil.  Each one has their own agenda; even the most good-hearted, but it’s all a smoke screen because rarely are they actually able to accomplish what they hope too while rallying support.


I’m a registered Democrat, but find they’re in their own way doing damage just as the Republicans are.  Corruption, lies, sex, bigotry, bias in its many forms is an equal opportunity pollutant and we need to be honest about that because regardless of party affiliation, a politician is still; albiet typically a poor excuse for one.


Religion has become the bedfellow of politics because they’re has become little separation of the two even though the Constitution states something akin to the separation of Church and State.  We’ve got religious leaders, priests, reverends making dictations on morality, humanity, and integrity while they, too are doing things contrary to what they preach.  Catholic Priests seem to be taking center stage in the sexual abuse scandals, but trust and believe it’s happening with Christian Reverends too.  This is where I’ve come to draw a definitive line in the sand and not allow myself to make dictations on another’s life when a church leader; someone who claims to be committed to God and their religious teachings can’t and doesn’t live by them.

pope off to bangkok 8

This is one of the things that cracks me up…

God bless America

So many Americans want God to bless America yet don’t want “God” in schools, on currency, or anywhere save for church.  How does hat even make sense?   God is an omnipotent presence so I’m curious to know exactly this works.  What the sticker should say is that we want God in selective places.



Now, that’s a funny one too because people are, in my opinion, using that as license to humiliate, hurt, use, and control people.  Religious Freedom to me, is allowing people to practice their chosen faith without negative fallout or consequence.  I don’t feel it affords anyone the right to exaggerate their faith in an oppressive way, but they should be allowed to use it wisely…well, that, too is subject to interpretation.


I don’t think any one religion is better than another. I feel that each has the basic tenets in them, which is to be loving, kind, compassionate, and live life without malice. Sadly, we all know that this isn’t always the case and there are those who use their religion in an extremist way; however, that is the person and not the religion.

In closing, I say this…we’re all subject to something or someone who abuses that which they claim to be good for “the people” with politics and religion being the two paramount things where this occurs.  Somehow, we as people have to learn how to properly govern ourselves and our actions.  We have to learn to not simply be sheep led by who sounds the sweetest.  I think it’s extremely important for us to learn more about what’s being sold to us in life’s bill of goods in order for us to have sound and valid opinions on things that affect us.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say this…To those who insist on saying “God doesn’t like gays” obviously doesn’t know God because nowhere in any religion does it condemn love…Just a thought!


Yea, I said it!

I voted…

I’m an action oriented gal and I strive not to talk about it, but be about it, so on my way into work, I stopped to vote. I confirmed that I would be able to vote straight ticket or split ticket if that was my choice. Save for the Board of Education choices, I stepped into the booth informed and decisive. I know the issues, I’ve weeded through the lies, name calling,  and rhetoric and when I made my selections, I felt confident in exercising the right that my fore mothers/fathers fought and died for.

I made my choice based on what I feel was in the best interest of me, my daughter, and my future grandchildren. I did not base my vote on colour; nor would I have based it on gender had a female been in the running. I’ve been on varied sides of the race and gender lines as well as the class lines and again took all of those experiences into consideration before and when I walked into the booth.

I believe in change. I believe in community and taking care of each other. I believe that we are living in a modern society where woman can and should be able to speak for themselves and the choices affecting their bodies. In spite of my offending a lesbian blogger, I do believe in equality for ALL sexes to have legal rights to marry/unify and have their loved ones and children, if a part of the union/marriage be accounted for. Although I have serious questions about the verbiage and content of the Constitution, I do believe people are equal in spite of their skin colour or gender. I believe ones choice of religion/religious practices should have no bearing in politics and should be not be used as a political ploy to corrupt, demean, or manipulate people. At the end of the day, we’re all human and regardless of gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, or religion; our blood all bleeds red so it’s half past time to look at what we have in common and not what’s topical or superficial.

Our future is up to us. The past 12 years have shown us so much both positively and negatively and the next 4 will be a life-altering change however this election turns out.

In closing, I want to repeat my opening statement; I voted! I didn’t talk about what I want now or in the near future; I demonstrated it…I let my voice/vote count.

That is all!

Eat More Chicken…

I’m not a fan of fast food; however, from my first exposure to Chik Fil A back in 1986, I’ve been a fan. I enjoyed the well cooked chicken, those big fluffy waffle fries, and the lemonade that I now mix with the unsweetened tea; creating my Arnold Palmer. I can’t say that I eat it often, but I will say, I’m still a fan.

Over the years, I wondered why Chik Fil A closed on Sundays when all other fast food chains did not, so I finally mustered the presence of mind to inquire. When I found out the reason, I was the more impressed and thought that other establishments should consider the same opportunity for their employees of whatever religion they practiced.

Fast forward to current day events, I still enjoy Chik Fil A in spite of the founders stand on Gay Marriage. I feel Dan Cathy has a right to his opinion and viewpoint and unless he’s banning gays from employment or frequenting his establishments, I don’t feel the need to boycott Chik Fil A. While I consider myself a Christian, I find myself rather liberal and have no issue with gay marriage. In fact, I not only attended one, but was a part of the ceremony. This couple has been together for 12 years now, have remained their vows and fidelity, and while they have their problems like anyone else, they’re completely committed to each other. I, however; my own marriage didn’t last more than 3 years and I know many other hetrosexual couples who lack the Biblical definition of marriage. Heck, most of us lack the Biblical concepts of life in general, so for us to now take a stand against Mr. Cathy is truly hypocritical. And even more hypocritical are those who up until they heard Mr. Cathy was opposed to gay marriage, were probably eating Chik Fil A. In truth, most of us aren’t aware of what many CEOs personal opinions are and we don’t take the time to care of inquire. Those very CEOs could be bigots, abusers, or any other thing that we could easily find fault with, so again, are we going to protest anything and everything we call ourselves taking offense to? I highly doubt it.

We have priests violating boys in church and under the religious guise. We have many black and white churches where the pastors are falling short of their roles – Pimps in the Pulpit, infidelity running rampant in the congregation, and a plethora of many other acts that go against Christian doctrine, but folk are worried about gay men and women being married…Really? Okay, I understand the word “marriage” might be a part of the argument, but even calling it a “civil union” still has the same implication in my book as it’s all a matter of semantics. Personally, I feel that gay men and women who buy homes, adopt and raise children together, take care of each other, and whatever else that comes with a relationship should be afforded the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals. Families come in many dynamics and ones sexual orientation shouldn’t be a preclusion to it.

To bottom line to me is this…Mr. Cathy like all of us is entitled to his opinion. He may not support the Biblical reference to marriage, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. He gives back to his community, takes care of his employees, and for the most part runs one of the BEST  fast food chains across the country; hell, in my opinion it is the best because between the customer service and quality food, I’ve yet to find fault with Chik Fil A.  

Whatever your stand on this issue is none of my business, but I thought I’d drop my two cents in the bucket.

That is all!