Blog Challenge: Day 19 — What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

religion politics

This is one of those topics that causes so much angst for a myriad of reasons and one I sometimes would rather eat beef; something I haven’t done in almost thirty years deal with the intestinal fallout, than talk about.  It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s just that it’s a never ending conversations that feel like I’m in a revolving door.

Politics is that Necessary Evil we have to live with because we have to have order in a chaotic society, but I find it’s the politics that cause the chaos.  Each party is like a prostitute peddling its wears and those who find their goods…read words, the most attractive wins… The proverbial, Lesser Evil.  Each one has their own agenda; even the most good-hearted, but it’s all a smoke screen because rarely are they actually able to accomplish what they hope too while rallying support.


I’m a registered Democrat, but find they’re in their own way doing damage just as the Republicans are.  Corruption, lies, sex, bigotry, bias in its many forms is an equal opportunity pollutant and we need to be honest about that because regardless of party affiliation, a politician is still; albiet typically a poor excuse for one.


Religion has become the bedfellow of politics because they’re has become little separation of the two even though the Constitution states something akin to the separation of Church and State.  We’ve got religious leaders, priests, reverends making dictations on morality, humanity, and integrity while they, too are doing things contrary to what they preach.  Catholic Priests seem to be taking center stage in the sexual abuse scandals, but trust and believe it’s happening with Christian Reverends too.  This is where I’ve come to draw a definitive line in the sand and not allow myself to make dictations on another’s life when a church leader; someone who claims to be committed to God and their religious teachings can’t and doesn’t live by them.

pope off to bangkok 8

This is one of the things that cracks me up…

God bless America

So many Americans want God to bless America yet don’t want “God” in schools, on currency, or anywhere save for church.  How does hat even make sense?   God is an omnipotent presence so I’m curious to know exactly this works.  What the sticker should say is that we want God in selective places.



Now, that’s a funny one too because people are, in my opinion, using that as license to humiliate, hurt, use, and control people.  Religious Freedom to me, is allowing people to practice their chosen faith without negative fallout or consequence.  I don’t feel it affords anyone the right to exaggerate their faith in an oppressive way, but they should be allowed to use it wisely…well, that, too is subject to interpretation.


I don’t think any one religion is better than another. I feel that each has the basic tenets in them, which is to be loving, kind, compassionate, and live life without malice. Sadly, we all know that this isn’t always the case and there are those who use their religion in an extremist way; however, that is the person and not the religion.

In closing, I say this…we’re all subject to something or someone who abuses that which they claim to be good for “the people” with politics and religion being the two paramount things where this occurs.  Somehow, we as people have to learn how to properly govern ourselves and our actions.  We have to learn to not simply be sheep led by who sounds the sweetest.  I think it’s extremely important for us to learn more about what’s being sold to us in life’s bill of goods in order for us to have sound and valid opinions on things that affect us.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say this…To those who insist on saying “God doesn’t like gays” obviously doesn’t know God because nowhere in any religion does it condemn love…Just a thought!


Yea, I said it!

I voted…

I’m an action oriented gal and I strive not to talk about it, but be about it, so on my way into work, I stopped to vote. I confirmed that I would be able to vote straight ticket or split ticket if that was my choice. Save for the Board of Education choices, I stepped into the booth informed and decisive. I know the issues, I’ve weeded through the lies, name calling,  and rhetoric and when I made my selections, I felt confident in exercising the right that my fore mothers/fathers fought and died for.

I made my choice based on what I feel was in the best interest of me, my daughter, and my future grandchildren. I did not base my vote on colour; nor would I have based it on gender had a female been in the running. I’ve been on varied sides of the race and gender lines as well as the class lines and again took all of those experiences into consideration before and when I walked into the booth.

I believe in change. I believe in community and taking care of each other. I believe that we are living in a modern society where woman can and should be able to speak for themselves and the choices affecting their bodies. In spite of my offending a lesbian blogger, I do believe in equality for ALL sexes to have legal rights to marry/unify and have their loved ones and children, if a part of the union/marriage be accounted for. Although I have serious questions about the verbiage and content of the Constitution, I do believe people are equal in spite of their skin colour or gender. I believe ones choice of religion/religious practices should have no bearing in politics and should be not be used as a political ploy to corrupt, demean, or manipulate people. At the end of the day, we’re all human and regardless of gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, or religion; our blood all bleeds red so it’s half past time to look at what we have in common and not what’s topical or superficial.

Our future is up to us. The past 12 years have shown us so much both positively and negatively and the next 4 will be a life-altering change however this election turns out.

In closing, I want to repeat my opening statement; I voted! I didn’t talk about what I want now or in the near future; I demonstrated it…I let my voice/vote count.

That is all!

Real and funny conversation with co-worker

The following is an Instant Message conversation I had with a co-worker post having overheard some of his lunch conversation regarding the comment Rush Limbaugh made.

ME: Hi! So, am I a slut?

CW: nice way to start off the morning…first of all, I think women need to take back the word so that it isn’t so negative. Male sluts are heroes. 2) a slut is a sexually promiscuous woman; sleeping around. From what I know of you, that is not you.

ME: No, I am certainly not that. In fact, I was teasing you as I overheard some of your conversation during lunch yesterday and that’s what prompted the message. Sadly, men fail to realize that sex is typically a hetrosexual act that they too participate in, so if they’re sleeping around with a woman who’s sleeping around, they’re equally promiscuous; sluts, and should be equally tagged as such. However, you and I know that there is no true equality and women will always be greater of the two evils. I am sexually liberated in thought and limited practice and feel that women should be and allowed to be free of such negative labeling, but again, this is a male dominated and driven society, which prides itself on demeaning anyone who does not live in conformance to what they deem is appropriate, even though they make themselves hypocrites in the process. If someone wants to deem me a slut, whore, or whatever for my liberal views on sex and the practice thereof, is fine because people will say what they want regardless of what they know for fact or conjecture. Sex within the confines of a relationship is no better or worse than sex outside of one; save for the labeling. But if one has had several relationships over the course of their lives, that tends to equate to sex with each partner, so could that not also deem one a slut or promiscuous? The whole thing should be something that has no merit to politicians. Contraception is necessary for both pregnancy protection and health maintenance. If they’re going to deem contraception immoral for lack of better word and an unnecessary coverage through insurance, then Cialis and it’s counterparts; should likewise not be covered. ED does not prevent a man from urinating; it prevents adequate sexual performance and sex is NOT a health condition. As you can tell, this discussion can go on for days and become rather convoluted.

CW: I was wondering what prompted the question. You were eavesdropping. I like that makes me wonder who else eavesdrops on our lunch conversations

ME: You were louder than you might have thought you were talking

CW: I think if they have a problem with it, they should just write in the insurance contract that they do cover contraception, but not for sluts. Of course, using the conservative definition of ‘an unmarried, sexually active woman.’

ME: riiiight! that’s gonna work

CW: c’mon. if you want to discriminate, then just spell out your discrimination

ME: so that’s tantamount to saying married woman can get contraceptives, but their engaged or in a relationship counterparts can’t.

CW: isn’t that what Georgetown is saying?

ME: semantics will always be used or at least considered, but it’s all bullsh*t

CW: actually, Georgetown, being Catholic, may not want to cover contraceptives at all

ME: well, men on boy sex doesn’t require contraceptives anyway

CW: pills are also much safer than hangers

ME: they are, but STDs can still occur. Sadly, many don’t realize that some are passed orally

CW: true. I agree with you on these principles, but I don’t think the Gubment should be telling insurance companies what they must and must not cover. If you don’t like the insurance, don’t buy it
ME: LOL @ gubment. And you’re right; they should not, but they line the pockets of some of the gubment folk, so they’ll tow the line with them. Not buying the insurance isn’t that easy because we all need coverage and tend to have to opt for the health plan the company we work for provides.

End of conversation. 

My co-worker and I often engage in social discuss where we bounce thoughts and ideas off each other and it’s interesting to have captured this one in writing.  So, what are YOUR thoughts?

That is all!

Sparkling Jewel Award – Pete Souza

Today’s award goes to Pete Souza, the creator of the following link Presidential Slideshow

It warmed me to see the passion, committment, and even the lighter side of a man who is sadly demeaned, ridiculed, and disparaged for mostly being a black man with a Muslim name. Barak Obama could have been given the birth name of ‘Garrett Middlethorpe’ and he still would face being seen as nothing more than a black man, but with a fancy white name. I hope after viewing the slideshow, you get to see the past a name and skin colour, and see a man committed to his family, his position as President, and to the country that unfortunately can’t see beyond colour and a name.

Seeing the photos of Barak and Michelle always make my heart bells ring and there are a few that almost brought me to tears.

Enjoy your Wednesday good people.

That is all!

My body; my choice

I was not going to address this topic, but with all the drama in the news and the constant nagging; I felt I needed to get some things off my chest.

Like most women and some supportive men, I take no pleasure or comfort with these politrickers telling what I can and can’t do with my body. I’m tired of their constant ranting and raving about what they feel is right or acceptable for me and other women alike.

At sixteen, my mother took me to Planned Parenthood; not because I was sexually active, but to get the education needed for whenever I became so. I was educated on the many and various forms of birth control, STDs, pregnancy, as well as my overall gynecological health. I felt that I was given the tools and resources needed for me to make an informed decision for myself. Contrary to what the politrickers are trying to say about Planned Parenthood, they did not promote abortion and to the best of my recollection, it was only brought up as part of my being informed as to my options regarding pregnancy. I vividly recall the nurse saying it wasn’t the option I should immediately go for if I found myself facing and unplanned or unwanted pregnancy because it came with a plethora of emotions with having to make such a decision. She also stated that it was something that had to be carefully decided logistically as there were still doctors and centers that performed services in places that were not in compliance with appropriate medical compliances and preyed on the fragility of women facing such a decision. Again, I found myself well informed, well educated, and very capable at making decisions regarding my sexual and gynecological well-being.
Time passed and I found myself needed birth control and I returned to Planned Parenthood in order to go over the choices that would best suit my needs and Planned Parenthood once again provided the appropriate tools and resources for me. They did not promote casual sex or promiscuity as these politrickers would have you believe and in fact, the few girls I knew that had abortions, did not have them at a Planned Parenthood facility; but instead at private clinics. So, these morons need to get their damn facts straight. That aside, Planned Parenthood served my needs for GYN health and my birth control, which was being used properly for both pregnancy and STD prevention in addition to alleviating the severe cramping that came with my period.

Fast forward to 1991 where my boyfriend at the time decided to PLAN a pregnancy. We consulted with our respective doctors to get the necessary health checks and proceeded forthwith. In April of 1992, I gave birth to our daughter and was content with the decision we made. Since we were not married and our relationship ultimately failed, I found myself facing whether or not I’d want more children. In truth, I never really saw myself as a mother/parent when I was younger; the reasons are a blog for another day, but I couldn’t convince myself that I needed to have another child; so I decided that getting my tubes tied was the best option for me. My daughter was about 3 at the time and I consulted with my then doctor about permanent birth control. To my astonishment, he frowned upon my decision citing, I was under 30, only had one child, and may change my mind in the future. WHAT?? I was 24 when I made a CONSCIOUS and educated decision to have child and here was three years later, a little older and wiser, making yet another conscious and educated decision not to have another child and I’m being told “no”. Needless to say I wasn’t happy and presented this to the doctor. “So, you mean to tell me, I can go out and have a baby with whomever I want with his permission or otherwise and the insurance company is okay taking on that financial burden of my pre/post natal care in addition to the healthcare of my baby, but they won’t allow permanent pregnancy prevention?” His reply; and without hesitation “yes”. Now, you tell me that’s not some straight boolshyt right there?! 😕

So, here I am paying for birth control which over time would be more costly than the same day procedure of getting my tubes tied, which to date is the dumbest thing I’d ever heard. Fast forward a year and a half later where I have a new health plan and a doctor who’ll actually listen to my wants and…wait for it…CONCURRED with my decision. Why? He said, “it’s your body and your choice”. Yay for my doctor! So, in the fall of 1996, I got my tubes tied and have not looked back since.

I fail to see how or why these moronic gaping wide a-holes think they know what’s best for me. I have issues with the commercials that promote male sexual function and I have further issue with the fact that many men can and have gotten their Cialis, Viagra, or whatever blue pill they need to get their d*cks hard and stay up, but getting birth control covered is a problem. Really? I take offense to the fact that more than 50% of politrickers have been linked to some damn sex scandal, but they’re the dictators of all things moral and wholesome. C’mon son, who the fack do you think you’re fooling? The good majority of us are educated enough to know the pros and cons of our sexual habits. Yes, there are those who pop kids out like little crotch trophies and go on to have television shows to tout their fertility in the name of religion. Networks took great pleasure in chronically and in some ways even exploiting families of multiple multiples in one family, but a woman wanting to prevent pregnancy is a problem? ?Hmpth!! Let me also add that heterosexual sex is a TWO party activity and BOTH parties are and should be responsible for the outcome of their act. Sex is as old as time and is and will always be an act of both pleasure and procreation; it’s how and what each party wants from it where the decisions should be made. Yes, sometimes birth control fails and again, the option of that outcome should rest solely on the parties involved; not some damn politricker. More focus should be on the predators in the church of whichever religion instead of using religion as a political soapbox for spouting their illogical rhetoric.

We already have a deficient system that is supposed to protect abused and neglected children; how about the focus being put of fixing that system. These politrickers need to take religion out of this and insert common sense practices and education instead. They need to stop trying to dictate moral and religious views as if people aren’t capable of making sound decisions of their own. The church is deficient in many ways because it’s operated by HUMANS who are in and of themselves flawed and in many ways religion is a subject to interpretation regardless of what the Holy books say. When crime, injustice, and human frailty are removed from religious doctrine, then the politricers can use religion and their footstool.

Side note, a-holes like Rush Limbaugh with his illogical and downright asinine commentary and recently the borderline tyrannical rants of Kirk Cameron about homosexuality need__________ (insert your own thoughts) because I still can’t believe they had to gall to think saying what they did would go unaddressed or would be acceptable.

Well, I’ve dropped my two-cents in the bucket…woosah!
That is all!