Bama of the week…

I came across this photo of Usher and all I could do was think

1) where did you get that ugly suit from?

2) why does it look so oddly tight?

3) the colour does not look good on you

4) and the most thought provoking of all…why do you look so dirty, disheveled, and in need of some serious/better grooming?

I understand GQ, Tom Ford, Armani, or some other designer or magazine may have sanctioned the look as the current “What’s Hot”, but to me it’s a clear case of “What’s Not”.  Usher is my Bama of the Week.

Sidenote…If you’re new to my blog, contain yourselves from judging me and remember this is MY blog and I can and will say what the heck I want in it and unless otherwise cited, the content herein; is solely my opinion.  I will not conform to the masses and I don’t blindly follow things, people, and/or trends like I’m a mindless sheep.

That is all!