Product endorsement…

About a month or so ago, I purchased a product for my feet after reading rave reviews about it.  Even after receiving the product, I still waited to try it as I maintained some skepticism about its efficacy.  A little over a week ago, I finally tried it and I have to admit that it actually works.

I followed the directions step-by-step, enjoying the convenience of doing in my home and at my leisure and being still for the 1.5 hrs it took to go through the process.  I soaked my feet for 30 minutes to prepare for the next step of the process, which was to wear the booties for an hour and then rinse, dry, and use a water based lotion on my feet thereafter.  I checked my feet after a day or two and can’t say I really noticed a difference. By the third day, I started to notice the soles of my feet peeling and by the end of the week, even more skin peeled away. It truth, the process of the skin peeling is a bit daunting and the feet become a little unsightly, but again, I admit, the product worked and peels both the soles, sides, and tops of the foot.

It’s been exactly 11 days and my feet are almost completely peeled and truly do feel softer…Like a baby’s!

The product cost $25, which is comparable to a pedicure or may even be cheaper depending on where you live and the type of pedicure you get.

Baby Foot can be purchased directly from the link; however, I purchased mine from Beauty Sage because they offered $10 off $30 for signing up and I received free shipping.  The product is a one time use item, but well worth the investment for the results that will dust off your winter feet and prepare them for the warmer weather; well, if it ever gets here. I plan on purchasing a couple more; one for my mother and another for future personal use or as “Spa Day” gift basket.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Since men read my blog too, yes, it’s safe and effective for you too 😉

Yea, I said it!