Random rantings and other miscellanous stuff

This speaks for itself

Someone please find Farnsworth Bentley and give him his G’s to Gents show back. The desire to pull the pants down of the next knucklehead I see with his pants under his butt is becoming stronger by the day 😕


NOT happy about this Racist bumper sticker as seen on some _)*%T)(*%$*%)’s car!

By refusing to be a victim, you claim your victory and take control. BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!

Sometimes I want to perform a random act of badness!

I’m still suspect of brothers in ATL and the DC-metro area. If you’re gay, just be that; stop frontin!

If being black is such a bad thing, why are more and more white people still emulating our speech, fashion, and music?

Even though I made the decision to not need contraceptives, I will fight for those who do want and need it.

I know it’s hard given the mentality of many in the community, but we, as strong, successful, and educated women need to get out there and start mentoring; so many of the young women I see out there are groomed to a life of doom.

To all the Rush Limbaugh’s out there…I DON’T LIKE SEX EITHER; I LOVE IT! And if that makes me a slut, then I’ll wear it like a badge of honour. *walking away to look for my Scarlett Letter* 😉

That is all!