Blog Challenge: Day 29 — Something you hope to change about yourself. And why

being me

I’m not sure there is much I really want to change about myself.  I’ve worked hard and overcome much to be at peace with the woman I’ve come to be, so, by doing that, why would I want to change?

being me quoteFurthermore, if I change, would I still be authentically who I am?  That’s rhetorical at best, so we’ll conclude with the fact that I don’t want to change anything.


Yea, I said it!

What I won’t apologize for…

…my faith or beliefs

…insisting that children know their places as children

…correcting the bad habits of children

…having a healthy fear and respect for my elders

…knowing; to this day to not address my elders solely by their first names

…my ability to speak well

…knowing my limits with food, alcohol, and people

…doing my damdest not lie

…having an open mind and heart

…knowing when to put up or shut up

…being a good person

…learning from my mistakes even if the lesson could or should have been avoided

…knowing, accepting, and being humble

…Accepting the things I cannot change

…who and when to let go

…not carrying a grudge

…understanding the power in forgiveness

…knowing my word is my bond

…my morals and integrity

…knowing the difference between wars and battles

…realizing that I won’t please everyone nor should I try

…executing random acts of kindness or going above and beyond

…doing things “just because” and not look for reward/recognition

…good manners and social decorum

…who I am!

That is all!

Top Ten List

This is not an original idea and I give credit to Don since this where it came from. Don and I have been Blog Family for years and he’s definitely and consistently been one of my favourites over the years. His Likes/Dislikes list has always been one of the things I enjoyed reading and from time to time, it’s inspired me to create some of my own.

Here’s what I like/dislike at the moment…

Unwavering faith
Sunday mornings where for for just a little while; only he and I exist
Being in an emotionally strong place
Knowing Lil Lady has listened to the things I’ve said over the years
Fulfilling my desire of being a good mentor/role model
Simply not giving a f*ck sometimes
Pushing myself; in spite of myself
Refusing to be what someone else wants me to be
True/lasting friendships
Knowing when to walk away or let go

The unnecessary and hypocritical attacks on the POTUS
Needy and toxic/drama filled people
How most young men/women do not value themselves
Virtual vs real life connections
The decline of the black family/community
Squandered opportunities
Quantity vs. Quality

That is all!


I’ve been known to say pretty much what’s on my mind and I’ve coined some pretty interesting phrases. Just the other day I said something and my friend told me I reminded her of the book, Sh!t My Dad Says.

Here’s a sampling of some of my Jewelisms…

“I don’t sugar coat shit and call it candy”

“If it was up your ass you’d know where it was”

“You don’t know shit from shortcake”

“He/she/you’re dumber than duck shit”

“That just made me deaf” (actually in reference to something extremely bright)

“I make crazy look sane”

“Being bad is my business and business is good”

“If you sit down, will you stop talking” (ref to someone talking out their ass)

“Don’t make me have flashbacks to when I was in ‘Nam” (ref to how crazy I can act)

Now you know a little bit more about me 🙂

That is all!

More Facets of BluJewel (repost)

I wrote this back in May 2010 and it still remains true to this day. Now you know a little bit more about me.

My sexual needs are much greater than I ever imagined they’d be

I prefer pedicures to manicures

I feel empowered by driving a manual transmission vehicle

I do not believe the hype

The best fashion trend to follow is your own

In truth the degrees of separation is less than 6

I have exhausted my divine patience and am wondering how long before my human patience kicks in

**(add on to previous) when it does, it sure isn’t going to be pretty

I feel my sexiest when I’m wearing black

I look my prettiest when I’m smiling

I feel my strongest when defending someone I care about

I’ve learned that I know more than I thought I did

Things I used to think were off limits aren’t and I enjoy them immensely

I am very much in touch with my masculine side

Silence is more damaging than the spoken word

I’d rather be confined to the madness of my own mind, than to be free in the madness around me

I am not nearly as social as people perceive me to be

The safest place I know is within my own heart/mind

Time may heal wounds, but love is a better bandage

I sometimes seek comfort in music before I would from a person

“Love is what I need to help me know my name” line from Love’s Divine by Seal…Absolutely amazing line

There are few things sweeter than hearing someone say your name in the heat of passion

I have no idea what it’s like to have a real/honest/true/consistent/loving relationship with my parents

I do; however, KNOW how to be a a real/honest/true/consistent/loving parent to my own child

I have conquered my own personal Mount Everest

That is all!

Good Friday Goodies…

I don’t have anything really going on in this crazy head of mine, but since it’s Good Friday, I figured I could make a list of all the
“Goodies” happening in my life. Here goes…

  1. Knowing and believing in Christ; The Divine
  2. Having a strong faith
  3. My amazing, smart, beautiful, ambitious daughter
  4. A healthy, loving relationship
  5. Employment with good health benefits
  6. A good network of people
  7. The ability to be living a purposed life
  8. Trials that are manifesting their triumphs
  9. Being a good, strong, and positive influence
  10. Being okay with the woman I am
  11. The 5lbs I’ve lost in a month and being closer to my goal
  12. Realizing I’m not as out of shape as I thought I was
  13. The strength even when I feel weak
  14. Leaving the door open for opportunity to walk in without knocking
  15. The ties that bind

That is all!