RIP to a Phenomenal Woman – Maya Angelou


Today, I am deeply saddened by the loss of Maya Angelou.  Aside from the amazing strides she made in and for society, black women primarily, but all women and the literary contributions, she made a huge impact on my life.  Mother Maya, as I’d always fondly referred to her as, touched my life greatly.  I possess many of her works, which served to inspire, encourage and uplift me into the woman I am today.  She rose above her so-called lacks, overcame much adversity, was a victor,  and a woman of high regard when many thought less of her.  She refused to settle for less and was inspired and encouraged to succeed against the odds…She did!


Mother Maya was world renowned, which for a black woman is an amazing feat to accomplish.  Mother Maya taught us to be phenomenal, to be great, to be all that we could be and still strive for me.  Her presence, her voice, her will was awe worthy and commanding, yet dispensed with grace and dignity.


I tend not to jump on the band wagon of those of celebrity who’ve passed, but in this instance, I’d be remiss if I didn’t.  Again, Mother Maya was and will continue to be a woman I honoured and felt greatly touched and influenced my life.  I’ve used her as a source of reference when mentoring young woman.  I’ve gifted her books to young woman so they, too, could be encouraged, inspired, and know their worth.

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The black community, the literary world, and many lives were blessed by her activism; her poise; her teachings and her passing is a great loss to them all. It is my hope that those who were touched, influenced, and affected by Mother Maya will continue her legacy in some form so that all she gave us will not be for naught.


RIP Mother Maya, you’ll be greatly and sorely missed.



Yea, I said it!

Update to previous post…

So, you may recall reading my post Fast teen invokes murder where the father of a teen girl killed her boyfriend after denying she knew him when confronted, well, there is an update.

According to the following MadameNoire the family want the girl charged along with her father for her role in the death of Johran McCormick. Honestly, I completely agree and said that when I posted about the story. She’s an accessory to his murder based on her lie. I’m happy to see this update and hope that a decision will be made soon.

Still SMDH at these damn kids these days.

Yea, I said that!

Baby feeling the spirit…


This video gives proof that babies/children feel things that many adults don’t and aren’t afraid to show it either. I came across this video and felt it needed to be shared. All too often, I see videos promoting children clearly not acting like children and adults recording it like it’s newsworthy.

This little girl is obviously feeling the spirit and her actions prove it.

Have a great day luvies!

Yea, I said it!

Born This Way

By now, many of you have heard that Mizzou Football player, Michael Sam came out as being gay, which naturally caused mixed reaction from the NFL, media, and everyday people alike.

Personally, I think was Michael Sam has done is courageous, positive, and a testament to his character.  I’d rather see him be true to his authentic self than to remain “in the closet” or “on the down low” and live a pretentious life in order to secure their dream or be whatever someone else wants them to be.  I realize that he has in some ways put a target on his back, but at the end of the day, how can that not be respected regardless of what ones views are on homosexuality?  It’s sad and ironic how we can makes concessions, excuses, and justify someone’s adultery or infidelity, but we can’t or won’t accept someone’s blatant honesty about their sexuality.  The worse offense are those who “toy” with the idea of bi-sexuality as “just a phase” when there are so many that are being true and still catch Satan’s hell for their honesty.

Coming from a Jamaican family, accepting a homosexual family member took a lot for some of my family members because being gay in Jamaica; even the presumption thereof is tantamount to signing your own death warrant.  What’s worse, the government and police may even find ways to justify hate crimes against the gay community.  Being that my gay family member resides in the US, he’s a little more immune to the overall and overt hatred shown to him and his orientation, but that’s not to say he didn’t catch some initial flack within the confines of his/our family.  Being his father’s namesake and only son, I’m sure it was harder on him than the rest of the family, but at the end of the day, his son is his son and love conquers all.  My cousin lives his life authentically and I applaud him for that in spite of the bigotry I  know he receives.  Sadly, I’d rather him experience the known hatred he probably faces from time to time, than to live hating himself for not being able to be who he is.

I’d like to think that the NFL, other players, and fans will accept Michael Sam first as a ball player with his talents to qualify him for the coveted placement and then for being a man, and lastly for being a gay man.  As long as he can perform the requirements necessary for his position is what the aforementioned should concern themselves with.  I think it’s pretty pathetic that straight men think that just because someone is gay, they want them or checking them out.  Just like every straight woman wouldn’t be checking them out; there is simply no difference.  I, personally think it’s the insecurity of the heterosexual man that makes them uncomfortable around gay men and said gay man shouldn’t have to play a role or part in order to make the heterosexual man comfortable.  

Homosexuality has and will always be a part of society and we need to educate ourselves instead of remaining ignorant and socially unaccepting.  Just as we don’t choose our skin colour or gender, gay people do not choose to be gay’ I can’t think of anyone who’d want to willing sign up to be discriminated against.

Again, I applaud and respect Micheal Sam for being comfortable in his own skin to open up about something so personal.  He may or may not succeed in the NFL, but in my book, he’ll succeed in life because his action spoke volumes.  We spend so much time assuming or suspecting this or that person is gay, so he has removed that worry from his life.  He can be out in public without the paparazzi scoring as much money; they’ll sell his photos regardless, as they would if he’d remained quiet about his orientation.  Talk about sticking it to the media! ^5  What he has also done, is given other young gay men and women an opportunity to likewise be true to themselves and remove the proverbial Scarlet Letter from their chests.  His road ahead may not be an easy walk, but at least he can do it in comfortable shoes. 😉

Yea, I said it!

What do you believe..?

I’ve been following this story Baby Slain in Stroller and I have conflicted views on how it’s playing out.

The mother of the slain baby identified the alleged shooter from a book of photos and then it was reported than an anonymous tip led to the arrest of alleged shooter. This information was online. I also heard a radio announcers account of the story, which is similar to that presented online; however, the radio report stated that the boys aunt provided an alibi for the time of the shooting.

Here’s my conflict…I want to believe the woman whose baby was shot and I want to believe the anonymous tip; however, an alibi was given for the alleged shooters whereabouts. To add even more conflict the my thoughts is that I know people lie on behalf of their loved ones even if they believe they’re guilty; it’s a sad fact of human nature.

Personally, I would in no way protect a family member who’d allegedly shot someone’s baby regardless of how old the alleged offender is; in this case a 17-year-old. I’m in no way suggesting or implying guilt, but I do believe there is a lot more to this story and a part of me truly does believe that family will cover its tracks quicker than a crab will bury itself in sand.

There has been no update to the crime as yet.

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

For the love of soy sauce!…

Work has had me busier than a hooker when the military comes to town the past week; hence, why I’ve been MIA in my posts, but things have finally slowed down and I have some semblance of sanity and order back in my life. Phew!

All that aside, I was on the web checking out the news stories when this one caught my eye Former NFL player arrested for assault of ex-boyfriend. WHAT???? 😕 Naturally, I had to read the story even though I couldn’t tell you who the majority of NFL players are anyway, but the subject was curious as all hell.

So, I start reading and I as I get further into the story, I feel laughter erupting from the pit of my stomach and I hollered! Yes, I had a full on; full-out laugh out loud moment right there at my desk. I couldn’t help it. When you read the story, I’m sure you, too, will laugh your behinds off because this story is just that silly and humourous.

Take a read and by all means, share your uncensored and unadulterated comments for the entire class. This is definitely a run tell dat moment. 😉

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

Breasts of burden…

I read the following article on MSN this morning Miss D.C to have double mastectomy and found the topic rather interesting, not because she wants to have the procedure, but from those who feel she shouldn’t.

As one who’s been diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer, I can say the decision to remove ones breast(s) is not easy; especially at an early age.  I was 39 when diagnosed and had my right breast removed two weeks before my 40th birthday.  The day before my procedure, I informed my surgeons that should my margins have changed since my last full scan and exam, they had my consent to remove my unaffected breast as a precautionary measure.  Trust me, I didn’t make that decision lightly, but I’d rather have it done then than to have had to go through the entire process at a later date. 

Miss D.C is 20; just seven years shy of when her mother was first diagnosed and treated for breast cancer by having one of her breasts removed.  According to the article, Miss D.C lost her Mother, Grandmother and Great Aunt to breast cancer and while she doesn’t carry the BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutation, she does in fact carry a variant mutation of which could very likely cause breast cancer.  Her predisposition to inheriting breast cancer is tantamount to walking around with a time bomb in her body.

Again, my issue is not with Miss D.C’s choice to have her breasts removed, it’s with those who think she shouldn’t.  Why?  For vanity’s sake!  Just because she’s young, pretty, and has succeeded as a model and pageant winner, doesn’t mean she’s couldn’t again with reconstructed breasts.  There’s a plethora of hypocrisy that comes with the very concept of reconstructed breasts; especially in the pageant world. 

Women in this country get their breasts augmented for the sake of vanity and treat enlarged breasts as a trophy to their femininity or a means to stand out from other women; once again, vanity at its finest.  Trust me when I tell you, breast augmentation is not easy, nor is it painless.  While my reasons for breast augmentation and reconstruction were for medical reasons, the extent of pain, scarring and such is the same as for those who do it for vanitys sake and I argue that Miss D.C could in fact continue to model in spite of a double mastectomy.  With the advances in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Miss D. C’s procedure could produce minimal scarring and render her as aesthetically pleasing as she currently looks.  And going one step further, it’s not like anyone is going to see her actual breasts anyway.  Even in a bathing suit, her scars would not be visible and the contours of her reconstructed breasts would like that of others with natural breasts.  She would have no unfair advantage because any self-respecting surgeon would not increase the size of her reconstructed (implants) breasts; they’d be left the same size as the natural ones were.

I’ve often considered posting photos of my reconstructed breast to show the advances of cosmetic surgery and how it looks very much like an unaffected breast so people might stop being so judgemental or even curious.  Trust me when I say, those pointing fingers and passing judgment would have a very different viewpoint if it were they that were in that position or that of someone they love. 

Miss D.C’s father and brother are very supportive and encouraging of her decision to undergo a double mastectomy especially after what their respective wife and mother went through. 

I wish people would think outside the both and stop thinking all that glitters is gold.  I applaud Miss D.C and the life-altering decision she has taken and hope she becomes an inspiration to all women to see past external beauty and put their health and lives first.  There are many women who’ve died or had complications  from having elective cosmetic surgery while there are those of us who’ve had it as a preventative or life-preserving one.

Live the life you love; love the life you live!