Sparkling Jewel Award – Pete Souza

Today’s award goes to Pete Souza, the creator of the following link Presidential Slideshow

It warmed me to see the passion, committment, and even the lighter side of a man who is sadly demeaned, ridiculed, and disparaged for mostly being a black man with a Muslim name. Barak Obama could have been given the birth name of ‘Garrett Middlethorpe’ and he still would face being seen as nothing more than a black man, but with a fancy white name. I hope after viewing the slideshow, you get to see the past a name and skin colour, and see a man committed to his family, his position as President, and to the country that unfortunately can’t see beyond colour and a name.

Seeing the photos of Barak and Michelle always make my heart bells ring and there are a few that almost brought me to tears.

Enjoy your Wednesday good people.

That is all!