Always on time – again…

Once again, I am encouraged, inspired, and in this instance; confirmed that the Lord is never late in administering to our needs.

With the demands of this week and I ran 2.5 hours over; thus leaving me with the opportunity of working only 5.5 hours today.  I contemplated going in early and leaving early, but then realized my going in early will further exacerbate my being tired, so instead I opted to go in later. 

I completed all necessary errands and household chores before I turned in for the night.  I set my alarm for 7:30 am, but relied on my body’s natural clock and rhythm to determine when I felt rested enough to get up.  I woke up but refused to look at the time and went back to sleep and then some time later, my body felt it was actually ready to be up and stay up.  It was now 6:23 am and after saying my morning prayer, I rose up, and instead of showering first, I went downstairs and cooked myself breakfast and enjoyed it with my tea while I watched the morning news.  afterward, I showered in no haste, dressed, and left home.  I arrived at work at 8:30am feeling like new money.  My mind, body, and spirit was alive and the absence of  feeling stressed or depleted gave me an energy I haven’t felt in some time.

Upon reading my devotions, I came across this one…

“…you can take a break from working so hard.  Pause, rest, reconnect with your loved ones, share a slow meal, or just go out into the nature and breathe fresh air.”

Family, I understand we all have demands in life, but it’s so important to slow down.  I took a break.  I gave myself room for pause by allowing my body to rise on its own without the initiation of an alarm.  I made time to eat a hot breakfast at the table and not a sandwich in my car or cereal at my desk.  I took my time driving in without predicting what time I’d arrive and it felt good.

Take a moment when you can and give yourself an allowance to some “you” time.  Jesus only had 33 years on earth and in spite of the many demands he faced, he still took time out to be still.  The majority of us are well above 33 years old, so we have no excuse not to slow it down or take a time out.  Quality over quantity my friends.  If you can’t adjust your workday entirely, allot even the smallest amount of time to pause; to breathe; to be still…YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Have a great and blessed weekend.

That is all!



Hope on the horizon…

I did not write the following, but it’s appropos to how things in my life have been. I’ve been holding on to hope and faith that this trial will become a triumph.

“…even the desert has beauty. Good times and bad times are part of living. It is difficult to fully appreciate joy until you have tasted sadness. Laughter is sweeter if you have experienced tears. There may be times when you feel like you’re stuck in a dry and desolate place, but an encouraging call or a hug from a friend can be an oasis; beauty in the desert. Though it may not be easy, try to remember that the trials are going to help you fully experience the joy on the horizon.”

It also speaks to some advise I gave a young man who called soliciting some “motherly” advise as he was facing a serious situation in his life and didn’t know what to do. Two hours later, I gave him what he said was much needed counsel and felt better about moving forward with his decision making process.

Life is not without problems and comes with a what often seems like monumental drama, but if we pause for a minute and seek solace in someone who can provide the necessary comfort, we’ll manage to make it through.

I hope this quote inspires, encourages, or comforts you or anyone you can share it with. We need to always find that silver lining amidst the clouds.

That is all!