How It Went Down…

At the request of The Barefoot Contessa, I’m throwing a little erotica your way. It’s a revised version of something I wrote some time ago. Time hasn’t been kind this week for me to write one from scratch, but I’ll get a 2014 version out soon.

After days of trash talking and yearning, Tessa seized the break in her schedule and planned the long overdue time needed with Rush. Tessa careened through her day and left a message instructing Rush to expect her arrival at 5:00pm.

At 4:45, anticipation! Rush stared at the clock hoping Tessa would arrive early. She didn’t, though that didn’t deter his anxiousness — or Tessa’s for that matter. In fact, it made the yearning stronger. At 5:00 sharp, Tessa rang the bell and Rush opened greeting her with a radiant smile making her instantly weak. He stared at the stunning beauty in front of him and was so caught up that he forgot to invite Tessa in, so she stood there while he drank her in. Tessa’s curvy frame was complimented by a pair of fitted low-rise jeans, that were rolled up to the top of her calf high-heeled boots, which stopped a few inches below my knees. The fitted long-sleeved t-shirt complimented her ample breasts, making them look larger than they were, and her hair hung slightly curled around her delicate face, accenting her features. Rush smiled and finally motioned for Tessa to enter. Tessa leaned into him for a hug and lightly kissed his mouth. Without saying a word, Tessa walked up the stairs with Rush following closely behind and the way he ogled Tessa’s butt adorned by the jeans could have burned a hole into them and her flesh. Lascivious thoughts raced through his mind and she know he was half tempted to grab her and take her right there on the stairs, but he knew it was wise to wait.

Tessa strutted around the room smiling before standing before him as he sat on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her on top of him as he fell backward; cupping Tessa’s face while he gently stroked the outline of her jaw before pulling her head down to meet his eagerly waiting lips. The kiss, hot and passionate immediately incited moans and grinding; breaking all the tension that had mounted until then. Rush pulled back as he felt the swell in his pants throb hard against Tessa’s body. She smiled deviously at him indicating she, too, felt the fury erupting within him. Without words, Tessa eased off him and pulled him to his feet and removed his shirt and began kissing and licking his stomach and chest. He moaned softly, playing in her hair as she relentlessly teased him with kisses that lead into his waist and private area.

Unable to take the teasing any longer, Rush picked Tessa up, spun her around, and laid her onto the bed and promptly began removing Tessa’s clothes. Without missing a beat, he removed her shirt first and then her jeans, tossing them into a pile on the floor. Tessa lay there still in my underwear ogling him as he removed his jeans and stood before her, his dark chocolate skin glowing in the dimly lit room.
“Come to me,” she said with a seductive smile and he obliged her wish.

Without hesitation, their bodies combined, creating mix of molten chocolate confection. His kisses upon her eager and anxious lips consumed Tessa’s secondary oral fixation that trailed to her neck, shoulders, and to the peaks of her taut nipples tingling with their own need for pleasure. The warmth of Rush’s mouth engulfed her as she threw her head back; groan escaping her mouth. Feeling a little dominant, Tessa demanded how hard he suck and bite them; holding his head as he bobbed it up and down. The growls and moans emitting from Rush’s mouth further served to send her into another dominant tirade of requests.

“You haven’t been on vacation in a while love, how ‘bout you head south,” Tessa seductively suggested. “I hear it’s hot down there this time of year,” she giggled.

Rush’s licking and biting trailed down to Tessa’s pelvis where she winced as gnawed tenderly.

“It is hot there any time of year”, he proudly agreed and eased Tessa further back on the bed, positioning himself between the east and west of her thighs. “I see it’s been drizzling down south too,” he teased, blowing warm breaths against the folds of her flesh. “Wet and heat, creates humidity ya know?”

“Yeah, I know,” Tessa breathed erratically. “And if you wanna play weather man, then get to storm chasing.” She demanded pushing his head deeper into her.

Without further comment, he light the match, ignited the flame, and causing a catastrophic fire from the bed to infinity. Inaudible words garbled in Tessa’s throat as she both gasped for breath and screamed with desire. Errant movements raged through her pelvis as she bucked, twisted, and conformed to the pleasures of his mouth causing fierce and multiple orgasms.

Tessa struggled back from the edge of consciousness and forced his now glistening face from between her thighs, refusing to make eye contact with his two; favoring the one. Without a word, she slide forward, pushed him to the floor, and crawled into the lows of Mt. Erectus. Her throat bottomed out as she ruthlessly slurped, sucked, and stroked until she reached the peak; each time refusing his release by stopping and withdrawing to hold it at bay.

“How bad do you want it?” Tessa mischievously asked.

“B…bad,” Rush stuttered. “C’mon baby, let me.” Tessa questioned Rush’s sincerity with her eyes. “Baby…Yes. I. W.A.N.T. I.T. B.A.D!” he punctuated.

The weakness and submission in his voice forced her to finish. And with grand fashion she again inhaled his length, sucked feverishly, while gently soothing his balls confirming his release was eminent. He wrapped his legs around my back gridlocking her and with a final slurp; brought our premature children closer to life. A trace of them caressed my chin as I substituted my hands for my mouth for their arrival. A steady stream of compliments, moans, and unintelligible words echoed the room.

Being the good lover Tessa prided herself on being, she allowed him respite to regain his strength before being ready for another round. She placed his hand between her legs encouraging him to evoke the turbulence he’d previously created. He smiled, winked and she knew it was about to be on.

“Raingear?” Tessa motioned to the night table draw. “It’s about to be a hurricane in here.” She stated firmly as Rush reached into the draw.

Rush handed her the condom which she happily placed on him. He then lifted Tessa with his strong arms, threw her onto the bed and in one significant movement, dove into the depth of her. Tessa gasped upon his entry and with determined skill Rush slid in and out of her, commanding the motion, lifting her legs up to his shoulders for added leverage.

“Who’s the captain of this ship baby?” His voice forceful and sexy. Playing hard to get, Tessa refused to answer. “I said, who’s. The. Cap-tain. Of. This. ship?” Rush repeated; his deep strokes hitting the core of her body.

Again, she refused to answer, though her open mouth moved like it would speak. The words recoiled in her throat, replaced by sudden and heavy gasps and moans. She reached out to him, pulling his face closer, smothering his mouth with my fiery unspoken words. Saliva seeped from the corners of her mouth as she strived to ingest his tongue. The thrusts continued with each kiss; intermittently separating them.

“You. Are. Not. The. Captain,” I was finally able to say. “You. Are. My. Pirate. Ravage. Me,” Tessa feebly spoke yielding to yet another orgasm.

Rush strategically moved so Tessa was now on top and rode him with the fervor of a racehorse. Her breasts shook carelessly in front of his face as she moved up and down; back and forth squeezing him into her form. He sat up and sucked her breasts until each was numb and swollen. Tessa’s legs wrapped around his waist and they synced into a thrusting synonymous unit; his hands tracing her face as his fingers ran into her hair as he pulled her head backwards to suck and bite her neck. He raked his back feeling his skin welt under the pressure.

“Together,” he managed to speak. “I feel you. Come together.”

Needing no more instruction, they thrashed upon the bed sealing themselves into a unifying tidal wave of orgasms. His swelling pulsed uncontrollably within her adhering and releasing to her walls, adapting to each spent orgasm left. With near terminal finality, Rush pushed Tessa onto her back and thrust the last of himself into the diminished woman she’d become.

Yea, I said that!