Who the what now?

Recently a good friend and I were having a conversation about people who are always full of drama, negativity, or are always asking for advice.  She then told me those people are called Askholes?  Now, I see you looking at the screen like Huh?

askholeWell, that’s the definition of it.  I’m sure Webster isn’t up on it yet, but it should be.  Don’t we all know someone who fits this title?  For shits and giggles, please share the Askhole in your life and for their protection, you can alter their names.  Hahaha!


Yea, I said it!



Facebook continues to annoy me; people have too much free time on their hands and/or assume we all want to know everything they’re doing all day; everyday

Scandal has me geeked out and My Love teases me incessantly about it

In one week, a good friend and my brother told me that my capacity to love wholly and fully is one of my greatest attributes

I miss my best friend a lot and hope he comes to NJ soon

Just because I haven’t posted or even commented on other posts doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you all…I miss blogging and really need to get back on track

I’ve decided to estrange myself from  my father again and did it without a second thought; he deserved it

I’m in dire need of a vacation outside of the country

Lil Lady turns 21 next month and I have no idea what she wants to do 😕

How does one wake up and find they’ve strained their knee in their sleep?  I don’t know either, but did it…ouch! 😦

Sometimes I just want to run away

Of late, when someone does something stupid on the road, I pray for their traveling mercy instead of getting mad

I long for a day when all I do is read and write

I’m hosting the 3rd Annual Egg Hunt at the Queendom next Saturday and have over one hundred eggs to fill by then…who’s helping? 😉

My Love and I are planning a long weekend away; I can’t wait

I can’t wait for some consistent 55-60 degree weather so I can detail Big Buddy and get him all shiny for the season…yes, I detail my own ride

I enjoy the anticipation of a waiting for a letter to come in the mail – Lil Bro’s letter is due

I found this really cool website liveluvcreate and think you should check it out

I have no particular plans for the weekend, but whatever I do, I’m going to enjoy to the fullest

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

And the wait is over…

Hello, my name is Blu Jewel and I’m an addict! Yea, I said it! *crickets* Yea, I know you’re all like, “what?” “Jewel’s an addict?” “She tells us a lot, but has never even hinted at being strung out on something”. *Head scratching ensues followed by creased/confused brows*

I’m addicted to the tv show Scandal and it’s been a few weeks since a new episode aired. Talk about withdrawals! Sheot! A crack fiend in rehab has nothing on me right now.

Well, the wait is over and if you too are a Scandal addiction, let me share this with you….

ATTENTION ALL SAINTS: Please be advised that praise and worship/devotion will begin promptly this evening at 9:52 PM EST/8:52 PM CST. We ask that all choir members are in uniform and seated in the choir stand ready to sing. We ask that all deacons are suited and seated on the deacon’s row. We also ask that all church m…others have their wigs turned straight, are seated in the front row, and they have their prayer cloth placed neatly over their legs as not to tempt the speaker. Devotion will be timed and will last only 10 minutes. At 10:02 PM EST, our speaker will take the pulpit and we must have all hearts and minds clear and ready to receive the word from Minister Olivia Pope and Associates. We ask that you please govern yourselves accordingly. These have been your church announcements! #Scandal #Tonight #BeenALongTimeComing #Amen

And there you have it 😉

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

Going too far, P2…

I’m not a fan of forwarded emails; in fact, I have a tendency to delete them before I’ve even opened them because I dislike scrolling through the seemingly endless headers before I get to the content. The only exception to the rule, is when my stepdad sends emails. Dad’s a cool guy and while he’s technically able to navigate a pc, I just don’t think he’s grasped the concept of extracting the pertinent information before sending it. Anyway, I didn’t bring you here to talk about Dad’s (in)ability to successfully send emails. The following is another case of people going too far with tattoos. This one isn’t as bad as the cuckoo bird , I mean young lady in my previous Going too far post, but it does give one room for pause as to why people feel the need to be so damned extra.

All one can do is shake their head.

That is all!