Stuff about me

A multi-talented and multi-faceted woman who used words to express, release, inspire, encourage and to learn.  Nothing is more gratifying than being able to command words into doing what you want them to. 

I’m pretty easy going, what you see is what you get, and I don’t have time for pretense or bullsh*t; it’s too damn taxing and lawd knows I pay enough in taxes! 

Aside from writing, I love to travel, cook, and spend time with family and friends.  I’d rather be active than idle and tend to make the most out of whatever life throws at me.  I live to love and love to live; there’s not much more reward for being alive than that.

10 thoughts on “Stuff about me

  1. Hey Blu, you seem like a cool sister! I like people who can take life as it comes and make it work – making refreshing lemonade out of lemons! It’s a skill I admire and am developing. BTW, I like that tat on your shoulder 🙂

  2. Hello there from a rainy Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting my blog, reading my post and leaving such an honest comment, I truly appreciate it and that is what makes writing so much more than just words – people like you. I am still making my way through your blog but just wanted to say hello in the meantime. Very beautiful Gravatar photo – compliments! xxx

    • You are most welcome. I, too, enjoy reading blogs that offer real life insight, inspiration, and encouragement. I’m not into all the bashing, more into the solutions or ways to navigate life. I’ll be adding you to my blog roll in order to keep up with your posts. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

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