F*ck you and your thoughts on women…

From Steve Harvey, to Tyrese, to Isiah Washington and all those in between, I’m more than sick and tired of you all trying to tell me how to be a woman; how I should behave; how I should wear my hair, and every damn thing else you all think you have a right to say.

You all have had no problems having sex with us out of wedlock, while already in relationships; having kids with us in or out of a relationship; using and manipulating us in the name of love; and enjoying the fruits of what we’ve contributed to your life in whatever capacity, and now you want to try and govern us.  The fug outta here man!!!  The very last thing I need in my life is some man telling me how to live MY life!

My foremothers fought and died for me to have the right to vote; work outside the home; my reproductive rights; how to dress; and most important how to govern my life for about ME  and not for some hypocritical arse hole to tell me how to do it.  How I dress; style my hair; whom I sleep with or how many I sleep with; what I choose as a profession; requires not a word from them or any man.  Instead of worrying about me, they need to focus their attentions of themselves and building up the manhood.  Where are these men when their counterparts aren’t stepping up to their own self-worth; raising their children; maintaining their fidelity; finding work and staying employed?  Where are these men when their counterparts are running around looking like shit with their expired cornrows, unkempt locks, pants hanging of their dirty behinds, and not maintaining their health?  Those are the questions that need to be answered.

I’m a grown woman who does not need their so-called point of view on how I should govern myself and my life.  My various hair styles are worn to suit ME.  My weight is maintained for MY health and well-being.  My style of dress is a reflection of MYSELF and how I feel in that moment.  My self-worth and self-esteem is not predicated on whether some man thinks is or is not appropriate.

I wish the men who felt they have a right to tell a woman how to live could live in our lives for a year to see what it’s actually like to be a woman.  I would like to see them endure their monthly cycle.  I would like to see them walk in heels.  I would like to see them undergo a gynecological exam or a mammogram.  I would like them to experience labour pains.  I would like to experience what it’s like to be treated like a second class citizen in a work environment they’re amply qualified to be in.  I would like them to feel the sting of inappropriate contact or conversation.  I would like them to be in the heart-wrenching position of having to decide on carrying a child, terminating it or giving it up for adoption.  I would like them to experience the abandonment of having to raise a child alone with no support or interaction of the other parent.   Most of all, I’d simply just like them to shut the fuck up!

Men think they’re the end all; be all on many things and they’re not.  They like to think they’re so empowered and so strong, but the wonderful words and wisdom of Betty White, says it all.


And that’s all that needs to be said!