My Own Man Crush Monday…

I saw this Man Crush Monday: White Boys that could get it edition and after I recovered my constitution and wished I had a less moist; I know TMI, pair of undies, I figured I’d create one of my own.  The list is in no preferential order

scott foley
Scott Foley plays Jake on Scandal. He could scandalize me six ways to Sunday

Clive Owen’s refined features and put together persona would work for me when I want to be all dressed up for a romantic evening

Colin Farrell would bring out the bad girl in me

I’d bend it every which way for Beckham

This older gent could do the most pleasurable things to me

This naughty Scotsman would have me calling out his Tartan from the highlands

Damn! Damn! Damn!  The Eastender twang puts my knickers in a twist

I could get Lost with him

Joshua Morrow-SGG-065363
He makes watching Soap Operas worth 38 minutes of my day

I would commit so many crimes to be apprehended and brought to justice


He could dethrone my ass and we’d warm up the cold

matt mc

Clean or dirty, why choose

omar borkan gala

Honourable mention because he’s actually Arabic/Middle Eastern. They threatened to deport him for being so handsome citing that his mere presence would cause a public disturbance.



Yea, I said it!

7 thoughts on “My Own Man Crush Monday…

  1. Oooooh lawrd….what a delicious set of yummmmies. That scott foley is too fine and looks like he needs corrupting. Definitely wouldn’t mind causing a scandal with him mmm 😉

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