Blog Challenge: Day 20 — Your views on drugs and alcohol

Legislation on drugs and alcohol is by far one of the biggest hypocritical farces out there! The United States thrives on pushing Rx drugs on people as a means to ‘improve’ health and/or quality of life instead of considering alternative medicine or means of maintaining or sustaining optimal health.  Billions are made in the pharmaceutical industry and then couple that with the billions made on illegal drugs; the combined sum is staggering.

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Illicit drugs are a major money-maker and the so-called “war on drugs” is yet another farce.  While I can’t and won’t name names given their occupations in law enforcement and the military, I know for fact that there are those in law enforcement, law practices, and the government in its various forms are criminals in their own right.  Some law enforcement agents seize drugs and resell them or they take some of the money that’s seized with the drugs and pocket it.  Some lawyers align themselves to also be on the receiving end of drug raids in order to fatten their pockets too.  And the government, well, I’m pretty sure you all know how that goes and gets played out.

drug war

The increase of drug abuse from Prescription drugs is at an all time high and yet, many Doctors continue to write scripts without fully investing the alleged pain the patient claims to be in nor do they monitor the patient to check for Rx substance abuse.  Teens are also major abusers of Rx drugs because they, too, are easily prescribed to them or they steal them from their parents and/or other family members.

Rx drugs

Truth be told, I really don’t know how to so-call control drug use. Drugs are a prevalent part of our society for any use a person chooses. A pain pill can become habit forming. ADHD meds are being used by non ADHD patients to help them stay up for exams or all-night studying. Suburban mums are using them for the same reasons. Cough syrup can get you high too, and I’m just talking about Rx drugs – illicit drugs is another monster. I’m convinced people are going to do what they want to do in spite of the risks and consequences, though I found it rather offensive when Seymour Hoffman died, they pressed charges against the dealers; however, when Corey Monteith also died from a heroin overdose, it was just a tragedy to his young life being cut short. So one celebrity is more worthy of accolades and his dealer is the sole criminal? No, I think not. Both actors, regardless of their status, were committing crimes by purchasing illegal drugs.


Alcohol, the legal drug is something that eludes my comprehension sometimes.  Yes, I drink; however, I don’t abuse nor to I go overboard.  Thank God for my control issues as there is no way in heck, I’d allow myself to look like this…

girl passed out

in the name of a good time. How is that a good time when you’re passed out and entirely at risk for being raped, killed or if you’re lucky taken to a hospital still alive, but with severe alcohol poisoning?  I’ve seen this play out so many times and have had to intervene a few times to aid a young woman out of a precarious position she’s put herself in by being that drunk.  Men aren’t immune either.  There are many a woman who’d take advantage of a man being pissy ass drunk and run his pockets for his wallet, money or car keys.

alcohol abuse


Drunk drivers scare the life out of me!  More often than not, they survive the accident they’ve caused while an innocent person dies or is severely injured.  I’ll admit to having driven impaired and trust and believe, I’d never do that ish again. That was by far too scary an experience to want to do again.  I’m convinced that Jesus  truly at took the wheel and kept me on a route I was so familiar with for me to drive on so I wouldn’t do anything even more stupid than I already was.  I’ve seen photos of actual motor vehicle accidents resulting from drunk driving and it’s nothing to joke about.

handcuffs and drink



As I said before, I really don’t know what is a safe reasoning for drugs and alcohol.  Societal guidelines have been set, but are they enough?  The so-called War on (illicit) Drugs is laughable.  Rx drug abuse is on the rise and alcohol continues to be legal and equally dangerous as illicit or Rx drugs.  I do support the legalization of weed as I’ve seen first hand that nothing typically bad comes from its use; save for the raid on cabinets, refrigerators, and the local convenience store ;-). Jokes aside, I’ve seen the health and wellness benefits of marijuana and if for no other reason, it should be legal.  Personally, I don’t see how charging someone upwards of $400 with no insurance co-pay for it makes sense for proven and viable medicinal use is far, but is anything where drugs are concerned.

From what I’ve read about the legal sale and use of marijuana is Colorado, they’ve raised millions in state revenue, which is being used to offset budgets and help communities in need.  There are ways to make what is considered illegal drug use legal, but with some drugs being more addictive, I am very concerned about that.  Again, alcohol is a legal drug and wreaks havoc on a person and their environment.

I guess it’s safe to say all things can be safe for use if done with care and control.  Prohibition is over, so the use and sale of alcohol is unlikely to ever be considered illegal again.  I’m okay with marijuana being legalized; however, if it’s provided for medicinal use, it should be available with an offset from ones health insurance.  Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth should not be legalized and if there is truly a bonafide plan to reduce the production and sale of these drugs, then show me proof.


Yea, I said it!

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 20 — Your views on drugs and alcohol

  1. “and the local convenience store ;-).”


    Something tells me that Blu knows who has the best weed…

    I loved this post and it was so real. I wholeheartedly agree that while everyone is thinking the government is fighting a so-called war against drugs…what had happened was the onslaught of prescription meds that we currently experience. I mean, ish is crazy. They now have drugs for everything, which is a shame when you really think about it. And let’s not talk about the people who get on these drugs to get a check from the government. Some shameful ish.

    But yeah, I too believe weed and alcohol should be consumed in moderation. Anything else, and most likely, both will take a person down a road that I’m almost certain they are gonna end up wishing they had never traveled.

    Very good post, Blu.

    • Yes, Blu knows who’s got the best weed and she doesn’t even smoke it! Go figure! You know the addage, it’s not what you know, but who you know 😉

      We live in a hypocritical capitalistic society where the almighty dollar is more important than a persons overall well-being. I’ve known cancer patients who can’t get their full course of chemo because their insurance won’t cover it, but a stay in rehab can be covered 100%…probably because they know the person is very likely to come back. What a crooked system.

      For me, I know what I will and won’t do so the only person I can fully govern is myself

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