Blog Challenge: Day 16 — Someone or something you definitely could live without


This pretty much sums it up! I will not sit back and remain calm while you keep up with your bullshit!   I’m so sick and tired of so-called “grown folk” and their constant bullshit!  If you’ve got drama, then keep that shit away from me and stop fouling up my air space.  I’ve worked too damn hard to be where I am in life to continue to remain calm while you’re silly ass takes bullshit dumps wherever you go.

negative bs

The negativity you spread with your constant complaints about what you feel your entitled to; what you think you should have; or where you think you should be in life because your silly ass made the wrong turn at life’s junction.  YOU made the decision to live an unauthentic life, be unhappy, or whatever life crime you feel has been committed against you.  Your negative attitude and behaviour is your issue and I’m too happy with my life to concern myself with that which is not conducive to living productively, positively, purposed, or profoundly.


Trust and believe I’m going to call you out on your shit and let you know that if you want better, you have to do the work to get and be better. I refuse; I emphatically refuse to keep allowing my ears to be polluted with your negative, emotional carbon footprint.

I’ve done my part in my own life to get my shit together and I don’t expect anyone to sugar coat shit and call it candy and feed it to me.

sugar coat shit

I want the truth regardless because that’s the only way to move forward and make it in this life.  I cannot and will not care if you don’t care enough to heal, mature, grow, let go, and move on.

Every freaking day should be treated with love and care instead of wallowing in self-pity.  If your life is so bad, imagine not having it.  Yea, stick that one in your pipe and smoke it!  Things aren’t always going to be easy; things aren’t always going to go your way, but guess what?  You deal with the negative shit and you let it go.  You can’t move forward if your foot is still stuck on the stupid pedal.

there goes the last eff

I’m done! I’ve checked out!  I don’t want to play with the toxic kids anymore, so I’m taking my toys and going to a cleaner sandbox!

Yea, I said it!

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 16 — Someone or something you definitely could live without

  1. This post is so real. So real. And I definitely feel you. I understand how some of our respective days will be rain and our spirits won’t always be as sunny as we’d like, but (I agree) it can really get to be too much when someone around me is ALWAYS negative. I mean, I’m just not able to deal with negativity on a constant basis. The same way I’d like for someone to encourage me is the same way I try to encourage. But when whomever returns a week later…I’m like, I can’t do it today.

    The quotes on your last 3 images are hilarious.

    • I was really feeling some kind of way when I wrote that one Don. I’m emotionally exhausted from being exposed to people like that, so I don’t bother anymore; it’s simply not worth it. I shouldn’t care more than they do about themselves, so as my good friend Pete Hammer said, “don’t educate them, leave them as stupid as you found them”. It’s sad but true.

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