Blog Challenge: Day 5 — Something you hope to do in your life…

There are in fact two things that are rivaling for supremacy on this one, so instead of choosing, I’m going to address them both.

1)  I hope I’m able to help someone overcome their struggle with Self-Injury.  As someone who spent almost three decades self-injuring, I know the struggle well and also know that in the black and minority communities it’s an issue that does not get a lot of attention and one that is rarely spoken about.  Sadly, it’s something that is taking place far too often and far too frequently, so I’m currently lending my experience to an organization, Self-Injury Alternatives in order to achieve this hope/goal.

2) Publish my collection of stories. My good friend the Barefoot Contessa is drooling at the bit for this to happen, so that’s going to have to be something I ensure happens.

Yea, I said it!

8 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 5 — Something you hope to do in your life…

  1. Blu, I clicked the link trying to see exactly what you meant by “self-injury,” but the link was broken. I think I know, but then again I’m not sure. Can you explain what that details?

    Also, I think you’re a good writer and would love to read your work. Do it. You already know you can.

    • Self-Injury is a non-suicidal form of cutting; Self-Injury as a coping mechanism for ones pain, stress, and/or trauma. It’s something that is sadly growing in the minority community, but it going widely unaddressed, so I’m hoping to my past experience with it will help others deal, cope, and eventually heal from continuing this behaviour.

      Aww! Thanks Don! I’m on it 🙂

      • Oh wow that’s scary. I had heard of people doing these kind of things, but I thought only white people went down this road.

      • I did a guest post on this about a year ago for Up4Dsn and named it “No Just For White Girls” because there are many, like yourself who think it’s the “other girls” that do it. As I said, it’s happening more and more as it’s easily hidden unlike drugs and alcohol. It’s also some that the SI person controls and not the reverse like drugs/alcohol.

        It’s a complicated coping mechanism as there is no intent on suicide, which is something most people don’t understand. It’s an odd way of managing pain and conflicted emotions.

        Maybe I’ll do another post about it from a more clinical point of view

  2. Akua you’re such a tease ;))).

    As an accomplished speaker and writer I would absolutely love to read your books, so PUBLISH already woman. And yes my bibs are getting larger by the day hahaha.

    And would appeeciate if you could reload the link to self-injury am curious of the content too.


    • *blush* Thanks…I’ve written many things outside of blogs; poems, long and short stories, but my shorts are by far my favourite. I’ve posted a few over the years and have been encouraged to compile some for publishing, but have yet to do so. It’s my life’s desire to make it happen and I’m seeing now is the time.

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