Blog Challenge: Day 4 — Something you need to forgive someone else for

You know, when I read the challenges for each day, they seemed a little easier, but now that I’m actually writing them out, they’re a bit more complex.

Like the previous, I figured I’ve already done my share of forgiving others, but now I’m going to have to dig a little deeper or review some recent occurrences and see whom I need to forgive…Grr! 😦

(insert pause…)

Okay, I think I’ve got something.  I need to forgive my younger brother for lying, or at the very least bending the truth.  In recent months he’s been telling me some things, which without my trying to substantiate the story, I believed freely.  It has now come to my attention that the things I’ve been led to believe aren’t quite how things have been happening and he has, in some instance bold face lied and continues to.  Sadly, I can’t call bullshit because I’d be betraying the confidence of the parties who put clarity to the stories, so at this juncture, I’ll simply just have to forgive him and be very cautious in the future when he’s saying certain things to me.

I hate being caught in situations like this, but this is one of those times, where forgiveness is the best course of action. *sigh*

Thank goodness for this blog challenge!


Yea, I said that!

4 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 4 — Something you need to forgive someone else for

  1. “…be very cautious in the future when he’s saying certain things to me.”

    Whew. Don’t I know…I despise a liar even moreso than a coward. At least with a coward, I can look him or her in the eyes and recognize the fact. But a liar – man – a liar will look directly in your eyes and hide the truth, and have you thinking one thing when it’s the complete opposite.

    I cant live like that. Lol.

    • Brother Don! I completely concur and consign with your comment about liars and cowards; especially liars! You know, this opened my eyes to some incidents that took place with my brother decades ago with his lies and my being caught between him and at that time our mother. So, suffice it to say that he has a history of being a liar; I wish this personality trait had change, but apparently not.

      Well, I’m armoured up now, giving credence to the addage, “fore warned, is fore armed” *sigh*

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