Blog Challenge: Day 3… Something you need to forgive yourself for …

Now this is a tough one!  I think I’ve done a pretty good job over the years of forgiving myself for past hurts, failures, etc, so this one presents quite a challenge to me.


(insert 15 minute pause…time it took me to keep thinking on this)


I need to forgive myself for having some rather ill-willed thoughts borne out of anger with another person.  While I’d never truly wish harm on someone, my emotions were running high that day and I allowed some rather unsavoury thoughts to pollute my mind for even a short time.

There is power in thought and that’s not a thought I’d want to manifest and then leave me with an even greater feeling of remorse or regret.  So, with that in mind, I forgive myself for ill-willed thoughts.


Yea, I said that!

7 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 3… Something you need to forgive yourself for …

  1. I’m one day behind y’all in the blog challenge, so after this reading your post I must give serious thought to something I need to forgive myself for. Hmm. As far as forgiving yourself for ill-willed thoughts towards someone – I feel you. Even though some people make you harbor negative thoughts towards them.

    Also, I agree there is power in thought.

  2. There you go….you gave that some welly blu. Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves and your deductions are correct. Anger is one of those awful emotions that can turn seemingly normal indivuals into a complete mirrior image of themsleves. Cue B.C is a fine example of this but am working hard on that control button.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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