30-Day Blog Challenge…Day 1

The purpose of this challenge it to take inventory of yourself and your life; well, that’s what I’m taking from it anyway. For those participating, it’ll offer each of us to learn more about each other.

Today’s challenge is to reveal…


Given that I think “hate” is such a harsh word, I’d like to rephrase “hate” with “heavily dislike”.  That being said, I heavily dislike how harshly I berate myself for things I’ve done that I think I shouldn’t have or should have done differently.  My mind goes through an endless rotation of how I could or should have done a situation and/or thing differently.  For example, last week, I mapped out directions from my friend’s house to a location just outside of NYC.  I weighed each of the proposed route and took the one that seemed most expedient.  While I knew when I left, I had more an ample time to reach my destination, I was still thrown and angered when I ended up on the second of the two proposed routes.  I fussed incessantly with myself and couldn’t stop the internal war I was raging, in truth, for no good reason.  As I said, I had ample time to get to my destination.  The irony of the situation was that the route I ended up on ended up being the faster route as it reduced the amount of time I sat in traffic to my intended exit.

I am like this with many things and I am working to reduce and eventually eliminate my negative habit.  Like all things learned, it’ll take time to unlearn, but it’s something I really want to overcome.  At the end of the day, I’m human and I’m going to make mistakes, bad decisions, or choices regardless of how well thought out; or not, my actions were or could have been.

Well, that one was actually easier than I thought. Phew!  I’m sure they won’t all be this easy, but it’s always the first step that’s the hardest, so I will continue on.



Yea, I said that!

4 thoughts on “30-Day Blog Challenge…Day 1

  1. I like this. I don’t think I ever go back and dwell on how I could’ve done something differently – maybe I should though. Usually, if I don’t think something worked the way I wanted it to…I will just say eff it.

    Seriously though. I too have these same moments, although I don’t beat myself up over things that could or should have been done differently. I think we all unconsciously file things in the back of our minds in hopes that next time we can avoid reflecting and wishing we’d done certain things differently.

    But like you said: we’re only human and humans error.

    • LOL @ saying “eff it”…I think I could stand to employ this attitude 😉

      There are times where a reassessment is necessary and times where things work out as they were supposed to without too much thought. I just gotta find the balance.

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