A question of faith…

It has been my experience that when faced with a trial that obviously seems contrary to what we’d want for ourselves, people tend to blame God for things not going right. A once faithful person, suddenly questions their faith and their God and lately, I’ve been experiencing that with a friend facing a divorce. Out of respect for her, I won’t air her business; however, I will say, I felt God manifest Himself quite openly through words I read in my devotions and through quotes that others had posted. Naturally, I shared these with my friend in an effect to open her heart and mind back to a positive state, but I realize that she’s in a downward state of being and needs to work through this phase in order to better receive what was shared.

Through my own life’s experiences, I chose to further trust my faith and listen to words of comfort and wisdom shared with me be they solicited or otherwise. I found it easier to trust my faith than trust man because it was man who created the pain or trial I was experiencing in the first place. I opened myself up to receive that which I may not have even been able to fully comprehend at that time if for no other reason than to plant the seed for fertilization and growth. The seeds eventually grew; as did I.

Life is a series of challenges, joys, highs and lows, disappointments, hurts, love; etc. and in the words of Aldous Huxley, “Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you”; very true and very wise words. Without varied experiences we cannot grow. Our lives are like seasonal changes; essential to growth, sustenance, and progression. We must live to experience and experience to live or we remain stagnant, bored, and boring. We can’t and should not seek to control everything in our lives, but instead be flexible and learn to roll with that which we experience and encounter in order to be a part of the ever-moving life cycle.

We must further realize that God works in His own time and not ours. Oftentimes, we think because we are believers and follow doctrine, we are entitled to our prayer requests being met without first truthfully looking into ourselves to determine if we are in fact worthy or ready to receive what we’re praying for. Yes, according to The Word, God says He’ll give you the desires of your heart, but are our desires pure? Are they selfish? Has the requester done their part in seeking God’s invention or intercession? These are things many do not consider; hence, later questioning God and/or their faith. Delay does not mean denial!

Old folks always told me that the space or dash on our headstones should count for something and that we shouldn’t want someone to lie at our eulogy and say, “they had or lived life” if they hadn’t. It’s something that has remained with me for most of my life. Yes, I cursed many a bad day or experience, but I’ve learned that without them I would not be the woman I am today. I rode the rough seas, navigated through life’s detours and I have a tale to tell. I took leap of faith, celebrated my trails turned triumphs, and again, have tales to tell. I celebrate life. I celebrate my faith. And I celebrate being unafraid to face adversity.

The following links are what have been pulse points this week. I share them hoping they’ll inspire, encourage, and allow you to also grow or be a positive influence to someone you may encounter.

God bless!
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Yea, I said that!

6 thoughts on “A question of faith…

  1. This is such a powerful and inspiring piece. Your right about people having to be in the right state of mind to receive insight or advice, even if it’s something they truly need to hear. If delivered at the wrong time or in the wrong manner it will be ineffective. It may be difficult to do at times, but giving someone ‘time’ is often precisely what is required.

    When someone is drowning in their their thoughts, it takes them to realize they must kick down the dam that’s allowing all of those negative thoughts to overwhelm them. Many times we (myself included) try to kick that dam down for our loved ones, but we find it impossible to do because we aren’t the ones who are responsible for doing that job…they are.

    You made an excellent point about being aware of God’s timing. That is the key. We want things when we want them, which in many cases is ‘now’. However, we have to remind ourselves that God isn’t confined to ‘time’ like we are. He dwells in eternity, in which time doesn’t exist or apply to Him. Therefore, we have to be cognizant, as well as have faith and trust, that God knows what we need at all times and He will always deliver us…in His perfect timing.

    Amazing piece. I truly enjoyed it.

    • Thanks for your comment Jay. You’re right when you said, ” try to kick that dam down for our loved ones, but we find it impossible to do because we aren’t the ones who are responsible for doing that job…they are.” In this situation, I’d said all there was to be said and had to fall back and let her do her thing. It’s my prayer that in time and honest insight, she’ll find her way back to her full faith.

  2. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in London and this post is a very nice refreshing companion.

    One thing I shall hold in faith is that Man will always propose, but God is continously disposing and showering great things in our lives even when we don’t see his blessings!

    Thank you for sharing those deep reflective links!!

    • @BFC…We’re impatient and often unkind to the need for patience and sadly in a world where we’re being conditioned to think everything has to come ‘now’ and in ‘our timing’ that we forget to realize the blessings we already have, much less the ones to come.

      I’m happy you were able to receive the weight of this post

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