Fast ass teen invokes a murder…)*^%$)*$^) kids these days…

For those unfamiliar with the story, read here Father shoots teen boy

As a parent, I know there were things that my daughter may or may not do. Granted we can never truly swear for what our kids will do, I always hoped it would be the right thing. I taught her it’s best to be honest and face the consequences than to lie and make a bad situation worse. Again, we can’t never know what our kids will do when caught, but as a parent, we can only hope that our reaction to the situation is one that won’t compound the baseline issue.

In the case of this, in my opinion, fast-ass-lying-ass-lil-heffa, she shouldn’t have lied to her father when he busted her in bed with a boy she invited over. Now, I can’t say whether or not she knew her daddy had a gun in the house, but when she saw him reach for one, she should have confessed to knowing the kid. I think the father went to extremes in handling the situation and while he hasn’t been indicted yet according to the story, it’s likely he will be. Personally, I think his hot-in-the-pants daughter should be charged with involuntary manslaughter for lying and causing the boys death.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days? I’m not going say I was the model teen, but I’ll be damned if 1) I was going to bring a boy to the house with my folks home and 2) I damn sure wouldn’t have lied when caught given the evidence is right there. This is a very sad story and an egregious act of gross negligence on the part of both the father and daughter.

The family of the boy thought he was still on Spring Break and he was taught not to go into a girls room unless his presence was known. I guess he learned the hard way on that. SMDH! Once again, as a mother, I’d hope that my child would have sense enough to not pull a stunt like the one he did that got him killed.

This story saddens me and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

Yea, I said it!

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  1. WOW about sums it up for me. Scary world we live in these days but I agree with you even us grown ass adults should know better. I like this line of yours…..”best to be honest and face the consequences than to lie and make a bad situation worse”.

    I think the father was wayyyyy too extreme by murdering someone else’s child, handled in a completely negligent manner. This was very unecessary!!!!

    I know for a fac,t in a typical African home, you dare not bring a boy home especially into your bedroom NOT a wise move. Seen as DISRESPECTFUL and upbringing teaches us these things. It’s laughable actually, even when you get married and visit the in laws the thought of getting jiggy under their roof is a huge No No.

    It is an absolute shame that we live in a society where our children are under so much threat from all angles.

    Childhood days aren’t what they used to be. I remember feeling a high level of safety growing up in my teens. Just not the same.

  2. WOW seriously?? This was unecessary murdering someone else’s child come on!!

    I know growing up as a teenager in an African home, one of the things you didn’t do was bring a boy to your ROOM total disrespect to your parents.

    A real shame makes me sad too….society is a scary place for kids these days and it’s unfortunate they are being progressively robbed of their childhood.

    • I’ve done some crazy things in my life, but that wasn’t even a consideration. Kids these days are entirely too damn bold for their own good.

  3. Daddy-O overreacted, murderously so. Now daddy has to go to jail for a long time. Like Freddie from nightmare on Elm Street says “Kids, always a disappointment”. In this case I am forced to agree

  4. I agree. I read about this story and it bothered me as well, I’m like why did the daughter leave the boy hanging like that. I understand her not wanting to disappoint her Dad and all of that. But he had a gun in his hands…

    It’s sad and unfortunate that a life had to be taken. I feel bad for the victim. You just know in your heart that he didn’t or shouldn’t have lost his life under these circumstances. I remember hiding in a girlfriend’s bedroom back in high school and the girl’s step-dad thinking a prowler was in the house. I was hiding under the bedroom, so he didn’t find me. But you best believe I could’ve found myself in a similar situation had he found me and my girlfriend didn’t hold up for me in that situation.

    Life is so short.

    • Don, the girl was dead wrong six ways to Sunday. Not defending the boy and causing his death is something she’ll have on her conscious for the rest of her life.

      I bet you learned a valuable lesson from that experience and one I hope you shared with other young men AND your daughter. Sometimes sharing our past experiences with our kids can be valuable learning points for them.

      Yes, life is TOO short; especially for that boy *sigh* :-/

      • Yes, unfortunately that young man had to lose his life in the process. I wonder how the girl and her father lives with that. And yes I definitely have become one of those Dad’s who assures my daughters how the world hardly changes, so hopefully my past experiences will make them become wiser in their understanding of life.

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