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Parents these days need to understand that their children sometimes need to be spoken to in a stern voice in order to have their voice heard and force the child to recognize that things aren’t always up for debate. I’m so sick and tired of parents talking to their kids with this sugar-sweet voice and expect to be taken seriously.  Children require discipline and the understanding that actions have consequences.  If these parents insist on talking to their kids like things are up for debate or in the sugared tone, how the heck do they think they, as parents will command the respect their title/position holds, be an authoritative figure, or expect their child to have any comprehension of how to conduct themselves?

Why do some women think it’s okay to dress their daughters as mini versions of themselves? I’m sick of seeing toddlers and little girls with weaves, press-on nails, and clothing that is entirely inappropriate of a child that age to be wearing.  In addition to taking issue with the mothers, I take issue with the designers of such garments.  It’s bad enough our daughters are being sexualized through the media outlets and then they back it up with child versions of adult clothing.  SMDH 😕

If a man already has multiple children; to include baby mammas, why does the next woman think or expect him to have time and money for her child?  I’m sorry, there is no way in this or the next lifetime am I taking up with a man with multiple previous children, especially if he’s not taking care of them.  In that vein, why would a man want to take up with a woman with multiple children and baby daddies?  Sadly, I can’t even say it’s a ghetto thing since there are athletes and such in that very category.

When I’m at a club and a man offers to buy me a drink, I opt for refusing it as I don’t want him to think I’m now in some way obligated to indulge in conversation, accept his advances, or be “his” for the time I’m there.

I’ve got issues with people touching me.  I take such offense to it that I’ve had to have my friends run interference when they see it happening.  If someone; especially someone I don’t know is conversing with me, it’s wise they keep their hands to themselves; men in particular.  There is no reason for him to talk with his hands on my person.  A fave line when this occurs, “talk with your mouth, not with your hands” and usually walk away.

After almost 32 years, I still have my English accent and find it annoying as all hell to have someone try to speak like me or ask me to repeat particular words because they think it’s cute.  It’s one thing to not understand, but to treat me like a doll, I don’t think so.

When people find out I was in the military, I am usually not please with the startled response, you were in the service? as if feminine looking women don’t wear uniforms.  Puh-leeze!  That’s tantamount to thinking all gay people have a “look”.

Have a good weekend luvies!

Yea, I said that!

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  1. Children do need discipline, I couldn’t agree more. I disciplined my children and my parents disciplined me. I have always been an advocate of “spare the rod, spoil the child”. There are times when I meet people and they are totally out of control or just obnoxious as hell and I say to myself………..”your parents must not have whipped your ass to the extent you clearly needed, when you were young”.

    I’ve never understood why some women think it’s okay to go all Jon Benet Ramsey on their daughters having them all strumpetted up; and I’ve never understood why some women think that’s even cute. I remember telling my daughter “no, sweetheart, you’re too young to wear makeup…..or sweetheart, please take that fingernail polish off your fingers.” There is nothing cute about that at all.

    I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never actually gone to a club or bar and bought a woman I didn’t know a drink………..never. Maybe that’s because I’m cheap though?!?

    I don’t like people touching me either. I’ve never been shy about letting people know that they’re invading my personal space. When I invariably have to shake a man’s hand, my next move when I have a moment is to excuse myself and go to the men’s room to wash my hands. Whenever I’m around someone that’s sneezing or sniffling……..I’ll move away from them as quickly as possible and wash my hands as well.

    Okay okay, I admit it……I’ve always been rather fond of an English accent, as well. Of course, I try not to make a complete ass of myself by mimicking someone’s accent…..that’s just rude.

    Okay………so you’re saying that all gay people don’t have “a look”?!?

    • After I had my daughter, I realized how little I like kids; especially the undisciplined ones. I agree that those who never got disciplined as a child obviously don’t know how to discipline or they think if they “negotiate” with the child, they’ll act right…NOT! I’m not talking about abuse, but a stern voice, a firm grab, or a tap on their butt will jerk them back into reality.

      Reggie, I wish more women would understand the damage they’re causing by what they do to their daughters. I know a few mothers who may not have had their daughters all dolled up, but they certainly didn’t do their part in ensuring their ‘little princesses’ weren’t sneaking around doing whatever mischief behind their backs. That’s another thing that ticks me off.

      I’d rather a guy be cheap; not that I expect him to buy me a drink than to buy me one and go through his various machinations to command my attention.

      I’m no germophobe, but people are down right nasty and I wash my hands or use sanitizer when possible after shaking hands because people are just nasty. I don’t eat behind people either; especially children because they are some nasty and dirty little creatures. I didn’t do it with my own so I damn sure aren’t gonna do it with someone elses.

      You’re cute! I’m flattered that people like or notice my actions and I don’t take offense to that. I like that you’re not one of those who’d make an ass of themselves rather than simply offer the compliment.

      And yes, I am saying that not all gay people have “the look”

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