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I’m a firm believer that in spite of the negativity constantly being shown on TV, social media, and newspapers that there is good in the world.  I refuse to believe or accept that we are all so horrible, narcissistic, hedonistic, selfish, and self-indulged that we aren’t doing for those who can’t do for themselves.  I do accept that there are many that don’t want to be helped, but conversely, there is a large portion of the under privileged that do want help and will accept help if it’s offered without prejudice or duress.

I purge my house quarterly and donate unneeded items to charities that do dispense the items to those in need instead of taking said items to a donation center that in turn sell the items I’ve donated.  I don’t mind the resell per se, but I’d rather the items be given and not sold.  If that was the case, I’d have had a garage sale and kept the proceeds.  In addition to making donations, I like to give of my time when possible to help someone in need.  In fact, I’ve just given myself an idea of what I can do with some of my time.  Since I enjoy cooking and or entertaining others, I’m not only going to donate soups and complimenting food items to the local church that feeds people once or twice a month, I’m going to make soup to donate and serve it.  Simply cooking and donating does not complete the cycle of what I want to do for others.

I’m going to pay it forward whenever it’s possible for me to do so.  I’m going to fill out surveys and compliment the person who provided great customer service.  I’m going to pay for an ‘add-on’ item for someone while I’m dining out or buying coffee when financially able.  I want to ensure that I’m a positive reflection in someone’s day; especially for those service jobs where they’re rarely thanked for what they do; the gas station attendant (in NJ anyway) or the cashier in the supermarket for example.

If more of us dispensed a smile, a pleasant salutation, a thank you, or anything where a polite word or gesture can and would make a difference, I truly feel that we would make a difference in someone’s day and that extended act of kindness will return to us.  Not that there should be a reward for doing good, but there scientific and Biblical evidence of this to be true.

This weeks challenge is to do something nice for someone else without prompting for 7 days and let me know how it made you feel; whether you did it with or without someone’s knowledge of you being the giver.

Yea, I said that!

7 thoughts on “Acts of kindness

  1. I must admit, that’s a nice challenge.

    I want to believe that there are a multitude of nice people out there, but my own personal experiences with my fellow Americans leaves me doubting that there are anywhere near enough of them.

    Everyday I strive to be a better person and I will be a better person.

    Nice post.

  2. I like the caption and take home message of this post. It’s wonderful that you’ve also made the leap to donate out of the kindness of your heart and that’s what a sincere gesture signifies.

    Like yourself, am also wary of donating to charity but without fail every so often when a donation bag is pushed through our letter box, we do find things to give away hoping they are distributed free of charge.

    For the last 4years or so, without fail clothing, food, toiletries and toys are boxed up and shipped to an orphanage in Ghana. Why? Through an act of kindness shown to my grandmother during her last days have remained in our hearts. My mother couldn’t thank her enough for warmth and sincere kindess.

    The lady who took care of my grandmother, found herself continuing her generosity in caring for abandoned children of ages ranging from babies to teenagers. The little we do to show appreciation is not even enough, but she is always greatful for the things we send home.

    As the phrase stands charity starts at home. I don’t think we can ever repay someone for their kindness, but acknowledgment should never goes unoticed.

    • I applaud what you do BFC because what you’re doing is a necessary and much needed action to assist those less fortunate. I’m always shocked that Americans; who, many for the most part have plenty to share; simply do not. Coming from a Jamaican household, I understand what it means to ‘give back’ just as you are doing. We may have moved away from our homeland, but we are always still connected and should find ways to give back when we can. We understand the village concept and ensure elders, the sick and children are provided for,

      I’ve sent toiletries I save from hotel stays and donate them to disaster relief organizations or people I know in said areas so they can hand carry them to those in need. Many people discard or disregard how helpful those small containers can be.

      I’m happy that you have accepted the challenge 🙂

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