RaNdOm MuSiNgS

Do you think I can Crowd Fund for a vacation?

I really want Kim K. and Kanye to just GO AWAY 😕

As much as I like music, I’m having a really hard time with ‘black’ music these days *sigh*

Weight loss is easier said than done; though I can’t really gained any

I’d like to see the promotion of something relevant in the media

Random act of kindness shouldn’t be so random…Each one reach out to one would work wonders

I like viewing rather than posting pictures on Instagram

I ordered a product called Baby Foot  but am scared to actually try it

I want to do more with my time

I was asked to participate in doing a video interview about Self-Mutilation and while I’m okay talking face to face with people, I’m no longer sure about it being YouTube :-/

The Word comes RIGHT ON TIME…Thank you Jesus! 😀

Have a good weekend! ❤


Yea, I said it!

6 thoughts on “RaNdOm MuSiNgS

    • I don’t want to lose too much; it’s getting started that’s hard…Grr! Plus the weather here has been arse! So, being outside, which I prefer hasn’t been an option. K&K need to just go sit their dumb arses in the time out corner with dunce caps on. Nuff said 😕

    • The collective agrees with K&K being )&*)#%*%)#&^)!!! So, we’re in the same boat Dubble: L…I’m really going to make a proactive stand on the time thing. I HAVE to, I don’t fare well being idle.

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