The simple things…

As adults, we tend to be so wrapped up in our families, jobs, life demands and such that we forget what it’s like to just be. We’ve forgotten how to stop and smell the proverbial roses and enjoy the ever-present moments of bliss that are around us. We spend so much time planning our lives that we often forget to live our lives and then wonder why we’re stressed, sick, or always tired.

We need to simply tune out and tune into the blessed wonders that are all around us. We need to slow down. We need to refocus. We need to simply be still sometimes. Yes, I hear you saying, “but I have this to do” or “I have that to do” or whatever excuse you can find, but stop it. Simply afford yourself an opportunity to embrace silence, or see the beauty in the snow instead of fussing about it. Find ways to be a part of nature instead of apart from it.

This video shows us how much beauty and joy there is in the simpler things. This child saw what we’ve forgotten and need to get back to. I challenge each of you to find your inner child this weekend and tap into that wanton abandon to simply just be and appreciate the wonders around you.

Watch and enjoy and may you be inspired.

Baby seeing rain for the first time

Yea, I said it!

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