It’s the little things…

We all just want to be and feel appreciated for what we do.  We don’t require grand productions; usually just a simple “Thank You” would suffice as it positively boosts the ego, raises our self-esteem, and certainly boost morale.

Why I am saying this?  1) Because it’s true and 2) it needed to be said out loud.

Specifically, I have been the recipient of expressed appreciation and I’m sharing what it means to me.

I work for the Government where Feds wear blue badges and Contractors wear green ones.  While most people interact freely and well with each other, there are some Feds who think and act like they’re above the Contractors and treat them with an inferior attitude.  I’ve seen this first hand and sometimes from management.  Well, I’ve been blessed and find myself rather fortunate that I’ve had and have the pleasure of working for/with not one, but two Fed managers who treat me with dignity, courtesy, respect, and most of all appreciation.

The first manager has now retired, but always took the time to thank me for what I’d done great or small, commended me on a job well done, and let me know personally when higher management has spoken well or highly of me.  I typically shy away from retirement lunches etc.; however, I felt compelled to attend his, where he once again thanked me for the work I’d done and to say I was likewise a pleasure to work with.

My current manager is a real treat.  He knocks cautiously on my wide open door before just walking in, he asks politely regarding anything he’d like me to do, appreciates the work I do and my contribution to “making his life easier”, and most of all thanks me.  He not just thanks me, he thanks me with full and humble appreciation, which I’ve got to tell you; feels really good.  I feel privileged to work with someone who does not just see me as a ‘green badge’, but as a coworker; realizing we’re all part of a team and need to work together in order to accomplish the necessary tasks.  I look forward to going to work and being a part of his team instead of feeling like a lowly cog in the wheel.

A good work environment isn’t easy to come by, but I’m thankful for mine and for the appreciation that comes with it.  Like the post title reflects; it’s the little things and I wholeheartedly believe that.

I hope each of you are appreciated for who you are as well as for what you do.  If you aren’t, challenge those who aren’t grateful to tell you why; where possible of course.

Personally, I want to thank each of you that reads my blog that I truly do appreciate you.  You don’t have to read it, but you take a little time out of your day to show interest and whether you comment or not, I still appreciate it.  I don’t blog for attention, but to simply express myself in an open forum because Lord knows, I may not say anything otherwise…haha! Jokes aside, blogging has helped me grow, learn, heal, be amused, angered, etc., but most of all, I’m inspired by each of you that share your lives with lil old me.

Be blessed everyone; I love you!


Live the life you love; love the life you live!

8 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Gurl, thanks for being a friend an a comrade in the blogspere. Though we have never met…i feel like you would be someone who could be my bestfriend, someone to hang out with an exchange idle chatter and cry over losses. I know this in my heart and mind and so i thank you, for being who you are, because who you really are comes across in this blog. I don’t know or care what others think of you when they meet you, let them know that you are special, lovely and God-Blessed to all of us here…an i mean that with all of my heart!

    • Aww! Soul Sista, you truly brought tears to my eyes. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, your humility and the connection we’ve shared over the years. I accept and return the sentiment that we’d be best friends.

      Your kind words and compliments touch me more than you can know. Thank you for always supporting me. Love you! ❤

    • Thanks Reggie. In fact, I extra thank you because you came across my former blog and commented it and that’s how we became acquainted. Thanks for your continued interest

  2. Well, I thank you for your blog. Your perspective is wonderful. You are a couple of years older than me, and light years away in wisdom, so I tend to hang on to the hem of your skirt, lol.

    People get hella hung up on positions and titles. I know on my last job, I got snatched to the side by a director because I “allowed” one of the janitors to address me by my first name, instead of by “Dr.”. I thought this was ludicrous. I am glad that this director didn’t know that when I would go to functions at her house, I helped with the final clean up. I was just thankful to be able to have somewhere to go in a city away from my own.

    I think an attitude of gratitude is extremely important. I submit that grateful people are happy people, and they don’t have an unusual amount of drama in their lives. That is the category I want to be fit in. Really.

    • Light years away in wisdom my @zz! Hehe! ;-). Dubble L, you are a rock star and I’ve enjoyed your blog for many years and am sure I’ll continue to.

      Titles are some of the worst labels to put on a person. Yes, we work hard to achieve the title, but the title doesn’t MAKE who we are; it’s us who can make or break the title. I know you’re real laid back and down to earth and you can let whomever you want call you by your title or first name is you so choose. Humpth!

      Grateful people appreciate and enjoy life and want others to feel, be and do the same. I chose to be grateful for what I have and know that I’m willing to always extend gratitude and thanks to others for all deeds great or small.

  3. I love when I have a supervisor who treats me with respect. I have had some bad experiences where supervisors tried to make things miserable. SMH. The last supervisor I enjoyed said to me I am a co-worker who she happens to supervise and she is not above me. She was encouraging, shared information and communicated well.

    I work for local government and the division is awful at times. Administration vs the plant workers, degreed vs non-degreed and so on. It is a treat like you said to have someone do those little things that makes the day go by and the work bearable.

    I have read your various blogs over the years. I enjoy your stories and writing. Like Ladylee you have light years more wisdom than I do. I am entertained, educated and inspired by your posts.

    • Your job sounds a bit like mine Shai and yes, it’s always nice to have a supervisor or manager treat you with equality and respect in spite of titles. I thnk too many just forget where they’ve come from or their work is the only place they get or feel like they’re somebody so they treat others poorly. *smh*

      Thanks for reading my blogs and feeling like you walk away with something positive or good. I truly appreciate your continued interest.

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