Faded Blu…

I was quite enjoying the roll I was on with posting and keeping up with blogs until out of nowhere I developed a nasty cough and subsequent chest congestion. Considering I rarely ever get sick, which has occurred twice now since November, I found it rather disconcerting that I had to deal with it.

A cough started last Wednesday evening and refused to be satiated by my tried and true home remedy. After a rough night, I dragged myself to work the following morning only to find that there was no way I was going to make it through the day and after 2.5 hours, I went home. That was after making a pitstop for some OTC meds since the Rx cough syrup I had was at My Love’s house. Upon arriving home and changing into my pjs, I took the OTC and went to sleep; that was at 10:00am. Save for needing water and having to pee, I remained in bed until 4:45am the next morning and got up feeling somewhat better and went to work.

Being sick took it’s toll on me physically and mentally because I felt wiped out and not really wanting to do much of anything nor was I in the mood for any bullshit or drama. In spite of myself, I didn’t turn into the Wicked Witch of the West and made it through the weekend taking as little of the Rx as possible.

Well, here I am week later, still wrestling with this petulant cough that seems to enjoy teasing me into thinking it’s gone and then it rears its head again. How do people deal with getting sick all the time? This ish is for the damn birds…Geesh!

I’m trying y’all to catch up on my blogging, reading, and all the daily things your girl is required to do.

On a positive note, I’m starting my 40-day journey with Maya today. Given today is Valentine’s (smallentine’s) Day, it seemed a good day to start and the first lesson is Love. I’m dedicated to sticking with it for the next 40. I mentioned that when I got through it, I’d post about it; I will. Sharing it was we do right?!

Well, now y’all knnow why I’ve been incognegro for the past week. Stay healthy!

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

16 thoughts on “Faded Blu…

  1. You got that nastiness that has been going around. Ugh. I had it right after Christmas. I worked through it, and would get home and go to sleep. I didn’t eat for a good 2 days. Just tried my best to stay hydraed. Took a month or so for me to finally clear up! Goodness Gracious alive!

    Glad to know you are feeling better. Take your time with your blogging. This isn’t going anywhere!

    • Dubble L, it just won’t go. It’s like it had has a key and keeps letting itself back in. I think I need to just take the damn Rx for the next few days and kill this damn once and for all.

  2. I don’t understand how so many are catching this superbug! Can’t we zap it with some Raid, or something, before it hits somebody else, like ME?? Hope you’re doing better, sugar.

  3. I hope that nagging cough leaves you soon.

    I usually get sick during the winter. Thank goodness the last two years have been mild. In 2011, more than half our office got some bug and i was out 3 days. I now work in an office alone and hardly around co-workers and that is why my chances of getting sick is lower.

    I suffer from sinusitis and I usually get a bad infection or vertigo. I take off days when I feel something to avoid getting sicker. Praying to make it through April.

    • Thanksgiving and now are the first times I’ve been sick pretty much ever. I barely get the damn sniffles, but now I’ve been sick twice within 4 months and I want it gone. The fact that I took time off work was S-E-R-I-O-U-S.

      I hope you make it!

  4. Happy Valentine’s sick girl. I know what its like to be sick twice in a short space of time, can worry you a bit. I had a cough that lasted for a month, that was scary. still you live enough to blog, a good thing cos means you’re mending well. stay healthy

    • Thanks luvie! I refuse to let this damn cough get the best of me, so I’m going to exact all kinds of bush medicine and get this damn thing over with

  5. Don’t you just hate it when you get someone else’s cooties?!? It drives me nuts!!!! I’m constantly drinking liquids, popping cough drops and wiping down my desk……..and threatening folks with death and dismemberment that are sick and even think of coming my way.

    I hope you feel better.

    • Reggie, I so thought about you when I got sick! I was like “what would Reggie do?” I have bags of Ricola and Hall’s like they’re bags of Skittles. I’ve been doing home remedies and when I had to resort to OTC and Rx, I knew it was serious. I haven’t been to the Dr. yet and if this lasts much longer, I will though. I don’t want to take any chances and end up in the hospital.

  6. I started the 40 Day Journey with Maya this week. This is my second try. I have had the book for a few years and never made it past the first week.

    • I’m on day 2. I started last night and it was easier than I thought and I was anxious to do it today, which I have.

      My reaction/responses to Day 1 shocked the mess out of me. This is going to be an interesting remaining 38 days

  7. You’re the third person who has told me that they’ve caught the cold cooties. Take care of yourself…we’ll be here.

    • Oh BC, I need some Bayou roots to get rid of this damn cough. Yesterday, my chest felt like someone was messing with my lungs. I’m back on the Rx and plan to stick it out til its done. Hopefully that’ll fix it once and for all.

  8. I took the OTC and went to sleep; that was at 10:00am. Save for needing water and having to pee, I remained in bed until 4:45am the next morning

    Man. I need to catch your cold and chest congestion. That is some GOOD sleep. Lol.

    I’ve managed to go thru the winter season without getting sick or anything. I like to believe that’s a result of vitamin C and and being an avid drinker of Green Tea.

    Feel better, Blu. And, yes, definitely make that Love last forever.

    • It was intermittent sleep, but when I was out, I was OUT. Maybe I need to get back into my green tea because this ish is for the birds.

      Love will last forever! 🙂

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