I forgive, and I am forgiven

…”Forgiveness opens channels fo communication. It frees the hears, eases burdens and fosters growth. Forgiveness opens the way to deeper, more meaningful relationships.”

Every word of that is true, yet forgiveness is a hard thing to put into practice. We’ve all heard, “I can forgive but not forget” and that in and of itself makes forgiveness that much harder; for when we forgive, we must forget in order to truly get past the situation.

The human mind is a tricky thing that has the dual ability to forget and also to remember, but it’s up to us to ensure we lean toward the former for real growth, clarity, and betterment. By not forgetting, we’re allowing the past to still have a foothold in the present and/or future. We can’t have it both ways and the Word says, I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. Matt 18:22

I’m sure we do not want to allow people to continually hurt or malign us and should that be the case, then it’s surely in our best interest to distance ourselves from those kinds of people.

I’m guilty of forgiving someone in addition to myself, but not addressing said person requiring the forgiveness for their transgression. This lack has perpetuated a cycle of emotional and sometimes verbal abuse of which truly needs to stop. My sharing this is proof of why forgiveness is so necessary; when the negative negative stop, forgiveness has done its job.

Think about someone you need to forgive; including yourself and do it and once it’s done, I’m sure the inner peace will come to you and take its residence. šŸ™‚

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

5 thoughts on “Forgive…

  1. I’ve come to realize two things about forgiveness.

    First that it’s a lot easier to forgive someone else, than it is to forgive yourself. None of us are perfect. If forgiveness isn ‘t sincere, then it’s meaningless.

    Second, once you acknowledge and have discussed the transgression, move on. Continuously discussing the transgression is tantamount to torture. We must forgive with an open heart and move forward.

    Forgiveness isn’t just for those that wronged up, it’s for us as well. We need that too.

    • Reggie….Thank you so much for saying this…”Continuously discussing the transgression is tantamount to torture. We must forgive with an open heart and move forward.”

      After reading your words, I was hit with the epiphany that the reason why things remain the way they are is because I’ve forgiven in word and not deed, which has perpetuated this vicious cycle in my life. I know now, more than ever what I need to do in order to move on and move forward. There is no further contemplation necessary.

      The outcome will be what it will be, but my ability to move on and close the door is what is the most important.

      You’ve given me exactly what I needed to know and heed and I thank you for your timely words.

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  3. Reg, is right. It IS harder to forgive yourself than others. That’s been my battle…trying to forgive myself for past transgressions. The mind can play terrible tricks on you and bring back to those moments. I just tell myself “when you know better, you do better and now, I know better.” It helps. My mind still takes me there, but saying that gets me through those moments.


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