Quiet Is The New Noise…

I listening to a playlist I found on Spotify and decided to listen to one of the artists featured in the playlist; Kings of Convenience since I’d never heard of them before listening and liking one of their songs.

While perusing their discography, I came across the title of one of their albums; “Quiet Is The New Noise” and the title screamed at me like a restless newborn. I paused to reflect on the title, which was conveying a very powerful message…In spite of how much we may want quiet, there is always something creating noise. Well, that’s my interpretation! I think of all the times when I’m alone and all I want is to hear nothing, but there’s always something making noise and the distracting cacophony ruins the moment.

I have oddly keen hearing and hear sounds many don’t or simply are able to ignore like the sound of fluorescent lights, the odd sound that emanates in malls or stores; even the ticking of a watch in an otherwise quiet room. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing; I’ve simply accepted it as being a part of who I am and again I’m brought back to the powerful title; “Quiet Is The New Noise”. It makes me wonder how those who meditate with ease are able to do it so well. I want to be like that. I want to be able to shut the voices of the world around me out and relish the moments of stillness and mindlessness.

The title also reminded me of when I used to consistently take moments of exile where I refused all electronic interaction and distraction and confine myself to my library where I create a space of serenity and tranquility to find the peace within and give in to the solitude. I miss those times. I feel like I’ve betrayed a part of myself and given it over to everything and everyone around me. I don’t want to have to schedule those moments, but I will need to in order to get back to that place again; that place where I belong and need to be. I want quiet to simply be that…Quiet!

I have Maya Angelou’s book, 40-day Journey, “Editor Henry French selects forty inspiring passages for readers to ponder while taking a spiritual journey with Maya Angelou. Such a journey may be made at any time but, as with other titles in the 40-Day Journey series, is especially inspiring to take in the seasons of Advent and Lent,” which I want to commit to working through; however, I don’t want to wait until a particular season to do it. I think the time is now.

I truly believe everything is appointed and purposed and the intercession of my listening to this particular artist was of no coincidence, so I’m going to do it. I’m going to start this journey and see where it takes me. There’s a revelation to be had and a lesson to be learned, so I’m going back to ‘school’.

Every five days, I’ll review what I’ve written and learned and I’ll make notes on it. At the end of the 40-day journey, I’ll compile all the notes and post about what was revealed and what I learned.

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

6 thoughts on “Quiet Is The New Noise…

  1. I was just thinking of how I tend to have some type of noise going on. I am at work I am listening to music or on the way home. I get home and turn on the TV. And not just external noises, I notice how my thoughts ramble through my head more lately. I have lost focus. I will multi-task when I don’t need to and I get bore easily. I used love reading and have quiet time. Now I pause as think how I miss it. I want to mediate, be still with myself and to enjoy the simple non-noisy pleasures.

    I have that 40 Day Maya book, I start it and then days in I stop. This year I am getting back to simple pleasures and putting the noise to the side.

    • Sadly, we’re being conditioned into thinking that the noise and clamour is what we need to make it through our days and what you’ve described is the converse action to the over-stimulation. We have to let go of the added burden of unnecessary noise, stimulus, and excess multi-tasking and do as you said, …”be still with myself and to enjoy the simple non-noisy pleasures.”

      Get back into your 40-day 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of the Kings of Convenience either, but I will say that the title does seem to reasonate with me as well.

    I love peace and quiet. There are times when I’m sitting on my side of the bed reading and my wife is sitting on her side of the bed reading and an hour or two goes by. Just the thought of that is relaxing to me.

    I might have to look up the Kings of Convenience now

    • Good for you Reggie! It’s so important to shut the world and extraneous voices out and just be.

      If you have a varied and ecclectic musical taste, I think you might appreciate the Kings of Convenience. I was moved by their lyrics.

  3. Spirituality is my thing, so I’m loving this post and the sentiments being expressed. I too listen to Spotify and compiled a list of gospel songs and soul music that always seems to take me to a spiritual place within my soul. I love the feeling.

    also reminded me of when I used to consistently take moments of exile where I refused all electronic interaction and distraction and confine myself to my library where I create a space of serenity and tranquility to find the peace within and give in to the solitude.


    • Don, I actually thought about you when I wrote this as I know you partake in what has unfortunately become a “guilty pleasure”. There should be no guilt it taking time-outs from things and people in order to realign ourselves; mind, body, and spirit.

      I have a gospel playlist too. In fact, I have many playlists for the various states of being I may find myself in.

      Spotify has afforded me an opportunity to expand my musical repertoire 🙂

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