For the love of soy sauce!…

Work has had me busier than a hooker when the military comes to town the past week; hence, why I’ve been MIA in my posts, but things have finally slowed down and I have some semblance of sanity and order back in my life. Phew!

All that aside, I was on the web checking out the news stories when this one caught my eye Former NFL player arrested for assault of ex-boyfriend. WHAT???? 😕 Naturally, I had to read the story even though I couldn’t tell you who the majority of NFL players are anyway, but the subject was curious as all hell.

So, I start reading and I as I get further into the story, I feel laughter erupting from the pit of my stomach and I hollered! Yes, I had a full on; full-out laugh out loud moment right there at my desk. I couldn’t help it. When you read the story, I’m sure you, too, will laugh your behinds off because this story is just that silly and humourous.

Take a read and by all means, share your uncensored and unadulterated comments for the entire class. This is definitely a run tell dat moment. 😉

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

9 thoughts on “For the love of soy sauce!…

  1. O_O.

    Where is Reggie? I want to hear what he gotta say about this.

    You know, that was some tomfoolery. But I am sure that was about more than soy sauce. Or at least I hope it was. Good grief… Can you imagine being in the parking lot and witnessing that? Oh my.

  2. LMAO! LL when I read this story and began my post, all I could think of was Reggie and like you, I can’t wait to read his comment. 😉

    I’m sure there’s a lot more to this story and the soy sauce was the final straw, but damn! Really? The parking lot scene must’ve been ratchet on so many levels and while I take no pleasure in other people’s mess, I think I might’ve gotten quite the kick out of these big ass men going at it over food, drawers, and a ride to the airport. 😀

  3. Now BluJewel, I can’t believe that you actually laughed at an instance of domestic violence. I have been married for more than 23 years and I can tell you that I’ve never hit my wife…….and I would never hit her either.

    Still, I laughed my ass off at this too!!!!

    Dude stole his drawers………………………………..LMAO!!!!!

    • LMAO! I know you don’t condone domestic violence in any way. But I’m happy to know that Dubble-L and I were right in our thinking you’d find this story hella funny… 😀

      Who steals drawers????? wow! *smdh*

      • What in the flapjack titty hell would anyone want with someone else’s drawers anyway.

        Hell, I can’t think of any reasons why I’d want anyone else’s drawers but mine!!!

        Can someone help me with that one?!?

      • I know men used to take womens panties when I was in college, but I think that was simply one of those fraternity pranks; or at least I hope it was. 😕

        That aside, I wash enough of My Loves drawers to never want to keep any for anything. So, to answer your question…I can’t!!! 😕

  4. I laughed myself, cause I’d never heard of a gay football player, let alone one who physically abused his boyfriend. Both men being big and tall, at that.

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