How are you living…?

“The brave don’t live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all. Here’s to the brave!”   Luce, Timothy

We all know death is inevitable, so that being said, let me ask how you plan to live?

Well, per the quote, it’s best to live as bravely as you possibly can in order to get the most out of whatever time you have. 

Take some time to ponder this and then look within to determine where you’re being brave and where you’re being cautious and once you’ve taken said inventory; make the brave move to erase the caution from your life.  Caution is restrictive and inhibits authentic living.  Naturally, there are some things that we simply can’t do for legal purposes; however, shy of those limitations, I’m sure there is plenty we’re all still able to do…And we should!

With the daily reminders of senseless killings, people dying young, and those looking back on their lives with regret, find ways to make peace within and live, live, live!

Martin Luther Kind, Jr. fought and died for us; not just black people, but ALL of us to live life as fully and fruitfully as possible, so on the weekend of his birthday, let’s celebrate what he stood for and be brave.  Had he not, we’d certainly not have many of the provisions we’ve been afforded.


Live the life you love; love the life you  live!

6 thoughts on “How are you living…?

  1. What an appropriate post for me today, I just found out that my favorite Uncle died an hour ago. This kinda of bought that home for me, thanks BluJewel.

    • I’m sorry for your loss Reggie. I hope you cherish the memories of times spent your with your uncle for it’s through those memories that he shall live on

  2. This is a very nice quote

    “it’s best to live as bravely as you possibly can in order to get the most out of whatever time you have.

    • It’s not optional BFC! We want want so much out of life, but do so little to get it or be satisfied with it. It’s important to put fear and caution aside and take some leaps of faith.

  3. As you stated, outside of criminal acts, there is no earthly reasons why people should be afraid to live life. I’ve attended many funerals and felt sorrow for the individual laying in the casket, and I always wondered what if anything would each say if given the opportunity…

    I’m pretty sure they’d all insist that everyone lived their lives while they can.

    That said, Dr.King is to be forever celebrated for that very reason. He pretty much offered his life for a much greater cause in then-segregated America.

    • You know you hit a serious point there Don in regard to funerals. I, too, have wondered the same thing when I hear of someone passing and I sadly think of my own mother and how unfulfilled her life has become due to her bitterness, anger, and resentment; to name a few things. A time or two, I’ve even gone as far as wonder what I’d say at her funeral…CRICKETS! 😦

      Amen to Dr. King!

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