Fashion and the First Lady…

It’s a known fact that Michelle Obama can dress well and can do it at a fraction of the cost of always wearing some designer. I give her mad props for keeping it real; keeping it regular; and for showing up real is real even in the White House. So, you know your girl was turning all hues of blue when she saw the title of the following article. First Lady wears dress twice.

Michelle Obama has given White House|Black Market, Target, and JCrew a boost in their sales and production because women wanted outfits like hers, so who’s the fashion police to say she’s wrong for wearing an outfit/dress twice? I say the FLOTUS is doing what needs to be done and that’s reaching real women; women who elected her husband to the Presidency.

Michelle is teaching her daughters in addition to women in general, values, practicality, and efficiency by not buying and wearing something once and discarding it. She’s doing what needs to be done and that’s being secure in herself and her wardrobe to not care what others have to say or think.

Just because she’s the FLOTUS doesn’t mean she has to be or needs to be wasteful; Sarah Palin could learn something there. *Recalling when she was running for office and squandered hundred of thousands on a new wardrobe.

I digress! When Michelle looks a HAM (Hot Ass Mess), then post some ish online and then we’ll have something to talk about because as far as I’m concerned, The FLOTUS has it going on is so many ways and if this is all the media has to disparage her with, then I guess she’s living right.

In a country that’s got an economical deficit/debt in the trillions and a nation hell-bent on consumerism, it makes practical sense to me that she’d do her part to help offset the debt and not create unnecessary bills for herself or the POTUS. Instead of the media portraying her negatively with words like “cheapo dress”, they should actually give her credit for what she’s doing.

When I can purchase items for a fraction of the retail cost, I’m all about it. Even when I was in a financial position to do so, I didn’t because it didn’t make sense to me. So, whatever Michelle’s reason is, I absolutely commend and respect her for her realism, practicality, and real life values.

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

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  1. I really respect the FLOTUS because she always looks great. She stays fit and she always comes off as polished……she is definitely our president’s better half.

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