Random musings…

I can’t help but look at some people and say to myself, “they look like they stink”

I look at overweight couples and wonder if they have a sex life

I’d rather hang around a sinner who owns his/her sins, than hang around church folk who act like they don’t

“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”…Why?  That’s settling

Stranger:  Is that your man? (after seeing his pic on my phone)

Me: Yes, why?

Stranger:  Oh, he must have big paper

Me: No, he has a big d*ck

Stranger: *crickets*

Me:  Have a great day! (walks away with a huge grin on my face)

Purpose of the story: Why to black men assume that because a black woman is with the “other” man, that it’s about money?

Memories don’t leave like people do, but sometimes I wish they would

Nothing worse than waking up from a sexy dream and 1) being alone and 2) not being able to get laid

As much as I enjoy reading, I have yet to give in to the hype of 50 Shades of Grey

It’s a little disheartening that the only person that does something for me “just because” is my best cousin and trust me, I love her dearly for that

Some of the most comforting moments I’ve experienced were when I was alone and God spoke to me

When my inner voice speaks, I listen to her because otherwise she becomes one nagging little beyah!

I recently read this from a book “don’t call it woman’s intuition; that’s from your vagina…call it a hunch and trust that”  I couldn’t help but oddly agree

When I see gay women who look like men, I sometimes wonder if they’re wearing a strap-on

I wish my free-spiritedness could take me away right now; flights are so expensive

If I had a dollar for every time my parents have told me they love me, I’d be broke

Sometimes when I listen to certain songs, I can recall exactly time, place, experience, person…it has, on occasion brought me to tears!

I’m now in the second quarter of my new year and I feel a definite positive shift toward something good and amazing

I’ve some to realize that if the sum of my experiences have made me stronger, I could be a real-live Superhero

When in doubt, reach out…sometimes it’s better to get a second opinion

I hate when someone I really don’t want to speak to or hear from comes to mind because then I’m left wondering why they come to mind in the first place

I recently found myself wanting to call *bullsh!t* on someone, but changed my mind because I realized at some point they’re lie will again expose itself…self-incrimation is far worse than anything I would’ve said

If what these mass-killers did is so heinous, why does the media insist of constantly showing their faces instead of the faces of those lost?  I’d rather their images be in my face/mind than that of a murderer

If you’re innocent until proven guilty, but the crime you’ve committed self-indicts you (mass murder), why do we need to waste time and money on a trial?

I saw a little girl; maybe 9-10 who had a (bad) weave in and I wondered 1) why the mother would even have a weave in the young girl, 2) what message she was sending to the girl, 3) why did the weave look so bad, 4) allow a child to grow into herself and stop to doing to so-call make the adults like easier

The levels of narcissism in our society today are 1) at an all time high, 2) aggravate the ish out of me and 3) is so very unnecessary

If we spent more time tending our own lives, we might actually be able to accomplish something



Live the life you love; love the life you live!



11 thoughts on “Random musings…

  1. I admit, I’ve looked at a few overweight couples and wondered the same. I had a friend who was overweight and he often talked about how he sexed some woman and I wanted to ask, how, but never did. Lol.

    I believe we’re all woeful sinners. Like you said, some just hide it better than others. Or, think they do.

    If what these mass-killers did is so heinous, why does the media insist of constantly showing their faces instead of the faces of those lost?

    I said the same thing. For the life of me I cannot understand WHY the media shoves the face and acts of a mass murderer down our throats the way they do. I mean, they HAVE to know this is what said person wanted when they did it.

    • LOL! You too huh? I know someone who’s talked about what he’s done sexually and all I’m left to think is that SHE was on top and he gave good cunny! 😀

      Ding! Ding! Ding! The media gave them the attention and popularity they craved! Ugh! This is why I rarely watch the news and follow/comment on certain stories because I refuse to give the media and the attention seeking killing whore what they want.

  2. Sat with my big cuppa Tea reading this post just brilliant!!!…….sex and the overweight couple hmmm lets not go there but am sure they too shop at anne summers improvisation :).

    Church folk…..the worst pot to call the kettle black they be doing underhanded shite too some are just very good wiping the crap from their lips!!

    Next time I get a hunch am gonna damn well trust it!!!

    I REALLY get cross with stupid mothers who put weaves in their children (s) hair why the hell do you wanna ruin the poor child’s hair line!

    • BFC you are just nutty, but I like it…lol!

      I could talk about church folk all day, but they are who they are and I have better things to talk/write about

      You better trust it! It’s the best and wisest thing you can do

      Girrrl! I wanted to say something to that mother soooo bad, but bit my tongue and minded my business

  3. I love your last random thought. We tend to view the lives of others under a magnifying glass, while viewing our own through rose colored glasses. It is a bit painful to look at our own lives. But pleasurable to look at someone elses… especially if they going through some mess. Makes us feel better about ourselves.

    How twisted is that, Ma? Shoot!

    I have atheist friends who I trust more than my church friends. Ought not be so. But I have found that church folk can be some of the most judgmental and messy people around. And when I see this manifiesting itself… It is always a signal to me that there is more to them than meets the eye. I think to myself… Oh my, what an interesting SECRET life they must have when no one is looking. Sigh.

    • LL…You’re very right about life and rose coloured glasses, but we both know with all that looking elsewhere, they’re secretly wishing they could get their ish together. Maybe they’re taking notes? Hehe! 😉

      No, it ought no be so, but sadly, church folk have made it harder for themselves to be trusted and taken seriously. Yes, they’re still human and not apart from flaws, but they need to recognize that fact and stop acting as though their ish don’t stink and their moral compass stays due north.

  4. You said a mouthful more than a few times here.

    I must admit that I look at overweight couple and wonder if they smell……..and how they go about wiping their asses?!?

    • Yea, there was a lot on my mind. The most lingering one is the reference to my parents. That’s a pretty sad on! 😕

      The ass wiping one truly astounds me. That’s a LOT of physical manipulation to wipe effectively.

      • Funny thing is….

        When I was growing up my father NEVER told me he loved me, so I constantly told my children that I loved them. Do they even need to know why?!? I’ve never told them, maybe one day I will?!?

        We are who we are because of our environments and those things that we’ve been exposed to, both good and bad.

        Lemons make excellent lemonade.

  5. Like you, my parenting skills are polar opposite from my parents. Lil Lady has seen first hand how my mother is, so she has a clear and full understanding of how and why I parent the way I do. My father and stepdad are a bit emotionally distant, but my stepdad is more forthcoming with saying “i love you” than my father, but if prompted, he’d say it.

    You’re definitely right that we’re products of our experiences and what we’ve been exposed to.

    The lemons to lemonade analogy is true, but sometimes the more sour the lemon, the more sugar the lemonade needs and that’s not always a good thing; life calls for a good balance 😉

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