Just because you’re poor…

My love, from his previous marriage is still part owner of a rental property because he and his ex have been unable to sell it.  It sucks for all parties, but because my allegiance is with him, it sucks for him to be attached to something that’s 1) not making any money, 2) is rented to low-income residents who are just down right dirty, and 3) because on occasion, I help him get things done. 

Just recently, he had to go to the property to clear the yard of debris; namely household trash that the tenants failed to take to the curb for pickup.  The tenants on both floors are able-bodied and the sidewalk is maybe 2o feet for one and fifty for the other. I may be being generous on the distance, but needless to say, the distance isn’t far at all.  So, can one of my astute and rational-minded readers explain to me, why the trash was left to pile up to the point where the city had to get involved?  If you’re thinking is like mine, you’re probably saying, “they’re just plain lazy and nasty”…Just because you’re poor/low-income doesn’t mean you have to live filthy or lazy.  The house may not be the best of places, but if you could afford better, then they’d be living somewhere else.  Furthermore, if they lived in an apartment, they’d have to take their respective trash to the dumpster, so there’s no excuse for not putting the trash on the curb once a keep.

That instance aside, my love had to go to the property about a keep ago to install flooring in the first floor apartment.  I stopped there to bring him lunch and upon entering was taken about by chicken bones laying on the floor and other dirtiness about the place.  She always has an excuse as to why the house is dirty or smells, but there is no excuse if you ask me.  This tenant is a young woman in her mid-twenties with 4 kids…Yes, I said 4.  I don’t know the exact ages, but from the photo I saw, they range from about 3-9.  She goes to school and may be working, but there is still no excuse to live dirty.  Regardless of the house; as previously stated, it still belongs to someone and she’s getting assistance for her rent etc, so why is it too much to keep the house clean.  She chose to be Loosey Coochie, so she should accept all that comes with taking care of her homestead, her children, and herself.  I give her credit for being in school, but I can’t for the life of me understand why people live dirty.

I’m not standing on a moral pedestal, but how hard is it for one to simply clean up behind themselves, their children and in turn teach their children how to clean up behind themselves.  Just because she/they have less than others doesn’t mean they have to live in filth; especially when it forces others to have to clean up behind them.

I participate in community service events where we clean up low-income areas and each time I hope it inspires the residents in those communities to do better for themselves.  If others are giving of their time and services to come from their homes/neighbourhoods to lend a hand, then they, too should show some pride and self-respect to do their parts as permanent members of said communities.

I wish I could get them to explain to me why they feel compelled to live in this way and it scares me to think of how they’d live if they did in fact have a better or bigger place to live.  Sadly, all I can do is shake my head and hope that they’ll have the presence of mind to be better examples for their children and be better for themselves.

Live the life you love; love the life you live!

9 thoughts on “Just because you’re poor…

  1. Where is Reggie at? I know this post will drive him bonkers. He don’t like nastiness. AT ALL.

    I like how you call your man, “my love”. That is so special. And i know you hate to see him going through. I know it makes you want to stomp your foot and give folks a piece of your mind!

    I think that is a by-product of poverty. There are people in my neighborhood who are obviously living in huge rented houses and the yard is a wreck. Why all the trash? And lord help me, where did all the grass go? And it’s a gazillion people living there? You tell me that ya’ll can’t get together for an hour, put on some good ol’ school music, and clean the yard? Oh my! I ain’t the healthiest chick in the world, but you will see me outside doing what I can to clean my yard up. Takes me an hour to cut my grass and clip the bushes and trim they yard. I will even pay a local to help me. I don’t know what great things i could do around the house if i had many people living with me. Wow.

    It is disheartening. But I think it is also force of habit. That young chick’s parents are like that. She is like that. And her children will be like that. And it goes on and on.

    • LL, you’ve got me all curious and anxious for Reggie to comment.

      LOL…at you like me saying “my love”. I do hate to see him go through the stress especially after learning that he didn’t any parts of having a rental property in the first place. That aside, the drama is ridiculous and unnecessary and you’re damn right, I wanted to give both tenants a piece of my mind…Hell, someone needs to.

      My aunt used to live in the projects before she moved to Florida and I don’t ever recall trash being in the hallways, on excessively on the streets. Trash went in the dumpsters where it belonged. I knew other people who lived in her building and they kept their apartments clean, so nasty is as nasty does.

      I agree they they could collectively kept the outside of the house clean as well as the inside and taking care of the property they’ve been fortunate enough to reside in. There are a lot of people displaced by Hurricane Sandy or even others in general who’d love to have a roof over their heads, but these sorry ass people don’t give enough of a damn to care.

      If she learned that nastiness from her mama, then that’s gonna be one continued disgusting cycle especially when the downstairs tenant has 3 daughters and the upstairs tenant has a baby girl.

  2. I have to agree with Ladylee. If a parent is lazy, someone who raised them was lazy. Besides, people only take care of things, when they have a vested interest in doing so.

    • Tiger, that’s a sad state of being when a person will only care if they have a vested interest, but here’s the irony, they DO have a vested interest because if they get evicted, they may not have any where else to go. That should be reason enough to take care of the roof over their heads whether they pay for it or not.

  3. We all understand living life is not easy BUT come on…………Disgustingggggggggg ewwww whats wrong with people!!!
    There is absolutely NO effing excuse for a mother of 4 to be living like a PIG doesnt matter how BUSY you are!!…….vicious cycle of very poor up bringing by the sounds of things and sadly only way she knows how. Those kids will be catching all sorts of nasties from a dirty house, they go to school and pass whatever onto the other children.

    Makes you wonder if the house is in that state I’d hate to think where the scale of personal hygiene tips in at!!

    How can she even contemplate introducing discipline in her home if this is what the children grow up to believe is the norm!!….scary!

    • Countessa, your words convey my thoughts EXACTLY. I understand poverty is sad and depressing, but sheesh, don’t people want better for themselves? Hell, if not for themselves, but for their kids?

      I may not have done it all right and I may not have been the best mother, but I damn sure wanted better for my daughter. I went from emotional poverty to emotional wealth, which is tantamount to being one and the same from her to me.

  4. Well allow me to explain…..

    First of all, I’ve often said that there weren’t originally 7 dwarfs, there were 10; but the other 7 asked Cheesy, Funky and Nasty to leave.

    The trash was left to pile up to the point where the city had to get involved because nasty motherfuckers live there. This is a hard truth. There is a place for everything. I can’t stand filth. I guess that’s why I don’t own rental property….it would drive me insane. If nasty ass people didn’t live there, it wouldn’t be like that.

    Rats and roaches like filth. The more I know some people, the more I like roaches.

    Poverty has nothing to do with filth……but nasty sure as hell does!!!!

    • Reverend Reggie has spoken and let the church say amen! You are 100% right and 1) that’s why I’ve never wanted rental property and 2) the fact that I, who has NOTHING to do with said property is so damn pissed. I’ve got work at my own house I need to tend to, but spent a couple hours doing what their collective nasty asses could have and should have done.

      I’m inclined to start likinig roaches a little more now.

      @LL…I’m sure he’d scare the nastiness right out of them like a good Southern Fire and Brimstone Preacher would scare the devil out of the possessed!

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