Things trending in Jewelry store (my mind)…

Really disgusted by the effort so many put into Christmas, but don’t recognize the real reason of the season

I feel that people who do not believe in Christ should not celebrate Christmas

Adults continuing to tell their  kids if they’re not good, they won’t get anything for Christmas, but buy them a plethora of gifts anyway…Then they wonder why kids don’t respect them

I wish people would focus on family, memory making/sharing, community, compassion, gift making; not (exaggerated) gift buying

One’s expression of their love should NOT be proven by how many gifts are bought or how much money is spent (for any occasion)

Why does it constantly take a tragedy for people to prioritize or want to effect change?

I have no respect for parents who put their careers, hobbies, friends/social life before their kids.  Yes, parents need adult time, but there needs to be balance

Love is worth everything

People are just like seasons; they change!

Loyalty, trust, fidelity are NON-negotiables; can’t understand why people settle for less than that

hypocrisy is a parasite and the infection rate climbs steadily

Fantasy and reality and two vastly different things; so sad that so many never make the distinction

“There ain’t no substitute for the truth…Either it is or isn’t”  The Truth – India.Arie

I refuse to believe that nothing good can come from a negative experience

Be, do, give, act!

That is all; carry on!