6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…

  1. I feel for their family. After so many years of honorable service, this is how his career ends.

    I know it’s his fault, but I can’t take delight in his circumstance. While the husband in me is can’t condone that type of conduct, I recognize that a lifetime of good deeds can be obliterated by lust in the heart. Once again, I feel for his family and I would hope that at some point, the man can find redemption.

    This is a sad story all the way around.

    No, they won’t be having a Happy Thanksgiving this year.
    Hopefully though, that doesn’t mean that they can’t EVER have another one again.

    • I definitely agree with you Reggie. It’s a complicated and ugly situation and one that sadly happens all too often.

      The Battalion XO always told that one should never compromise their marriage/relationship with anyone with less to lose than themselves. That always stuck in my head and always sustained me against the ills of infidelity.

  2. It’s a shame and he has a lot to make up for……he is gonna be one broke dude after she makes her list of wants for the coming year. A popular nursery ryhme song reminds me of whats coming “There’s a hole in my pocket my pocket dear Liza dear
    Liza….good luck hope his decision making skills improve

    • The irony is that she probably won’t divorce him. She’s grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle afforded to her and their kids as a result of his time in service. She said herself that she doesn’t condone infidelity, but she does understand it as a result of the recurring or extended deployments.

      My time in service has proven this true. I’ve known quite a few military spouses male and female who turn a blind eye. Sadly, it comes with the turf in some marriages or some people.

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