Likes & Dislikes…


  • Knowing that while my circle of friends is small; it’s the quality not the quantity that matters
  • Distance is no match for the closeness of two hearts
  • The young lady I currently mentor was asked during the formal part of the pageant she entered, “what living person inspires you and why?”  She said, I was 😀 (quite a tear invoking moment)
  • Liking myself enough to know that even when I’m alone, I’m never lonely because I’m in good company
  • Trusting the solicited and comforting advice/suggestions of those I trust enough to share my inner feelings with
  • Lil Lady being the most important and significant thing I’ve ever done in my life
  • That I’m going to write a screenplay of my Self-Harm and market it for production
  • That Barack Obama was reelected


  • The extreme, overt, and uncalled hatred toward Barack Obama
  • The apathy that so many have and exercise; yet complain about so much
  • That to date, my mother knows nothing of my Self-Harm and may only find out once my screenplay is produced
  • The lack of parenting of children today
  • That in 2012 the levels of hatred toward non whites, gays, etc, is so ridiculously prevalent
  • Unused potential
  • The social disconnect due to technology
  • Young women who’ll spend more on their hair and appearance instead of applying it toward their education
  • The word “swag” still being used…it’s a fad/trend…TEMPORARY…seek something classic and/or timeless

That is all!

10 thoughts on “Likes & Dislikes…

  1. Likes- Coming to this blog! Hi Blu!!! I agree with you on a few of the things you posted here. Love is definitely in need. Of self and others. Still wondering how anyone can use so much energy hating .I’m so thankful that I am able to coexist with anyone who is being a productive member of society. I wouldn’t care if they were green. Although I would suggest that they seek medical attention. Be Blessed!!!.

  2. Bravo blu well done a screen play am impressed…..your story will indeed be a huge support to all of us!!

  3. feel you on the social disconnect. I once met a really vibrant blogger in real life, nothing like their exaggerated online persona. also have a close friend who’s facebook is more informative than real life conversation (“but you were with me for hours! you never said ..”)

    whats with the Obama hate thing? solely racial?

    • It took me a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time to come to terms with texting and even though I do use it with some frequency, I’d still rather a voice to voice conversation where I can hear the emotions, inflections, and such instead of interpretted ones. I don’t understand the online inflation of ones persona.

      In my opinion, its mostly racial; however, I think it’s also because he defies the image/status etc of what so many whites think of black men. You have to have something very powerful for someone to hate you so much don’t ya think? 😕

    • Yes, I’ve decided that I want to reach a wider audience and turning my story into a screenplay was inspired after I did the posts.

      Thanks for the support

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