Feeling the spirit…

If I told you I LOVE music, it would be an understatement. Music is like the blood running through my veins to sustain me. Music is my source of expression, comfort, joy, and punctuates moods.

My iPod is like an appendage and contains the lyrical script of my life and if I ever lost, I’d be devastated to say the list.

This morning as I rode into work, I plugged in the iPod and let the shuffle do it’s thing. I came across the following I Shall Not Be Moved by Kenny Bobien and damn near lost my mind. That cup of coffee had nothing on the energy boost this song gave me. I was singing and bouncing in the car ignoring the curious looks from other commuters passing by. When the spirit leads you, you just go with it. I feel like an eagle soaring this morning. 🙂

Check it out for yourself boys and girls, but I warn you, if you sit in an open area, you may also get curious looks; it’s worth it 😉

That is all!

11 thoughts on “Feeling the spirit…

  1. A happy mood, that is the spirit indeed you go girl sounds like your weekend has already begun…..I too soak in the vibe of music many mornings as it gives me the focus during a rather long drive to work.

    You can’t help but shake your body to I shall not be moved…..

  2. Music moves me too.

    While I enjoyed this music, Luther still moves me after all these years. I started listening to him in college; and not too long in the future I will be entering my fifth decade. Wow…..I’m getting old, but the music doesn’t.

  3. Sadly enough I wasn’t able to hear the song, so I shall take your word for it. I have my music on all day at work… I love music as well!!

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