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  1. I’ve been offline for about a week now. I was offline because I picked the wrong week to visit New Jersey. Oh I did enjoy the three days before the hurricane hit, but the next few days weren’t too fun. The devastation was vast and it’s gonna be a long long time before all of that get’s cleaned back up. I had to drive to Philly just to get back to South Carolina, when I originally flew into Newark.

    I hate to say it, but I think many of those people in New Jersey found out what it was like to be in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina….with the exception that the POTUS actually gave a damn this time. Those people that don’t believe our POTUS is compassionate, need to reasess their thought process.

    • I’m happy that you were ablel to get out of NJ safely, but sad that the hurricane adversely affected your trip.

      Yes, you are absolutely right that this experience gave a life altering experience to those who may have otherwise felt above reproach to such occurrances. It also should give many room for pause that anything can and will happen and we need to take stock in what is REALLY important. Material possessions are covered by insurance and can possibly be replaced, but lives lost can not. This is another time where the human spirit needs to find its compassion and people look out for each other. I’m seeking ways to do my part to help.

      The POTUS showed genuine and heartfelt compassion for those affected by this disaster. People need to realize and recognize that disaster has NO colour or political preferance; it is what it is. The POTUS stepped up and stepped in and for that many, as you said, need to reasses their feelings on him.

  2. I’m thankful as a Jersey resident, to only have loss power and food. I hear and see many other who weren’t so lucky and I feel blessed to be able to come away whole.

    I agree 110% with @Reggie “Those people that don’t believe our POTUS is compassionate, need to reasess their thought process.”

    I finally got power the other night and I’m thankful for those who God placed in my life to be there to help this stubborn girl.

    Thanks for making people aware.

    Also yes we learned what N.O went thru… and are humbled. At least I am.

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