Guest Post Part 2…

Thanks to those of you who read and commented on Guest Post.

Part 2 is up at up4discussion and I welcome you to finish reading my story.

I hope that my sharing this will serve as an information tool to those unfamiliar with Self-Harm and help those who have experienced it or are still going through it.

That is all!

6 thoughts on “Guest Post Part 2…

  1. great article and I applaud your courage to share your story and the battle to overcome it. SH is a tough topic and in some parts of Asia and Europe, self mutilation and flagellation have religious and cultural connotations. The psychology behind the condition/act is very complex and must be treated with care and understanding

    • Agreed Chrome. Sadly, it’s an affliction/addiction that is easier to hide than many others so that’s why it’s so easy to go unnoticed or reported. People need to be told the story in order to know the signs and be able to respond and intervene appropriately.

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