3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…

  1. Blu, one of my closest friends just told me this two days ago. About 22 years ago she was 9 months pregnant and called me to say she hadn’t felt the baby move all day. I told her to call her doctor. Long story short, her precious baby was not alive and instead of planning a baby shower, we were now planning a funeral. When she returned to work (we worked together) everyone kept saying things that, I could see were getting to her and she began to tear up and cry. I grabbed her and then kept her laughing that entire day at those crazy co-workers of ours. She says that’s my gift..I guess it is.

    • Wow! I can’t even imagine the strength you mustered to help her through and I say that speaks a library; not volumes to your character. You possess a beautiful and admirable quality. 🙂

  2. This is true. We all need to laugh sometimes and we need someone to help us with that; and sometimes, we’re that person that helps someone else.

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