Guest Post Part 2…

Thanks to those of you who read and commented on Guest Post.

Part 2 is up at up4discussion and I welcome you to finish reading my story.

I hope that my sharing this will serve as an information tool to those unfamiliar with Self-Harm and help those who have experienced it or are still going through it.

That is all!

Always on time – again…

Once again, I am encouraged, inspired, and in this instance; confirmed that the Lord is never late in administering to our needs.

With the demands of this week and I ran 2.5 hours over; thus leaving me with the opportunity of working only 5.5 hours today.  I contemplated going in early and leaving early, but then realized my going in early will further exacerbate my being tired, so instead I opted to go in later. 

I completed all necessary errands and household chores before I turned in for the night.  I set my alarm for 7:30 am, but relied on my body’s natural clock and rhythm to determine when I felt rested enough to get up.  I woke up but refused to look at the time and went back to sleep and then some time later, my body felt it was actually ready to be up and stay up.  It was now 6:23 am and after saying my morning prayer, I rose up, and instead of showering first, I went downstairs and cooked myself breakfast and enjoyed it with my tea while I watched the morning news.  afterward, I showered in no haste, dressed, and left home.  I arrived at work at 8:30am feeling like new money.  My mind, body, and spirit was alive and the absence of  feeling stressed or depleted gave me an energy I haven’t felt in some time.

Upon reading my devotions, I came across this one…

“…you can take a break from working so hard.  Pause, rest, reconnect with your loved ones, share a slow meal, or just go out into the nature and breathe fresh air.”

Family, I understand we all have demands in life, but it’s so important to slow down.  I took a break.  I gave myself room for pause by allowing my body to rise on its own without the initiation of an alarm.  I made time to eat a hot breakfast at the table and not a sandwich in my car or cereal at my desk.  I took my time driving in without predicting what time I’d arrive and it felt good.

Take a moment when you can and give yourself an allowance to some “you” time.  Jesus only had 33 years on earth and in spite of the many demands he faced, he still took time out to be still.  The majority of us are well above 33 years old, so we have no excuse not to slow it down or take a time out.  Quality over quantity my friends.  If you can’t adjust your workday entirely, allot even the smallest amount of time to pause; to breathe; to be still…YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Have a great and blessed weekend.

That is all!



Always on time…

I feel like my energy has been sucked out by a powerful vacuum and I’m mentally and physically drained.  The past few weeks have been intense to say the least and I’m not sure when a break is coming; however, there is no pause button in life, so I have to keep on keeping on regardless.

Upon making it to work this morning, I made a quick stop to Facebook and read from the “God wants you to know” app and felt uplifted afterward for having read the following…

“…everything will be alright.  It may seem dark at the moment, but don’t lose hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving and you’ll get there. God won’t abandon you; let God be your light. It may take some time, but in the end, everything will be alright.”

Talk about hearing what you need right when you need it!  I felt immediately revived, restored, and renewed knowing that I can and will make it through.  I can’t and won’t give up and resting on the Word is inspiration enough.

If anyone is feeling drained, I hope these words will give you some comfort and strength to hold on. 

I wish you a great day family.

That is all!

YOLO…You Only Live Once…

I swear I want to punch the next youngun clean in the throat the next time I hear one of them spew that damn saying.  Why?  Because that ridiculous catch phase is doing them more harm than good and sadly, they’ll never truly know, appreciate, or understand the weight of what they’re saying. 

Yes, while it’s true, we only live once; however, the most insightful thing is that it’s the quality of the life we have is what counts and makes a difference.  It’s not the indifference, apathy, and self-appointed societal status that means a damn thing.  I’m sure if forced to write their own obituary, they’d have little really worth writing about save for how many so-called Facebook “friends” they have or how many followers on Twitter or Instagram.  So few actually place value on tangible things and instead favour material possessions to be their life’s value.  The examples they follow teach them nothing about true wealth, values, and aspiring to be someone other than a thug, hoe, groupie, or gold diggers.  So many would rather aspire to be ballers, shot callers, or baby mammas, than something that will have credible worth or merit.  And to further compound this mountain of mess are the many adults they see around them who are not great examples for them to follow. 

Grown men and women are acting much like their juniors and find it acceptable to conduct themselves in such a fashion.  Kids these days are placing their values in (un)reality shows, relationships as disposable as a Bic razor, and images of their worth being no greater than standing in line to purchase a pair of LeBron’s for $315  or Designer Du Jour’s outfit of which will mean nothing once the next “hottest” thing comes on the market. 

While on the campus of my alma mata where I spend time mentoring, I saw many students with the new iPhone and wondered how these broke ass college kids can afford to stay current with such a thing.  Meanwhile, I’m a grown ass woman with a job who is currently using a phone with a couple of cracks in the screen being held at bay from spreading with a screen cover adhered to it.  This is the sort of thing that appalls me, which is the basis of the YOLO generation.

Being the parent of an only child who in truth never wanted for a thing, still had to earn the things she got.  Vacations in and out of the country were traveled resulting from good grades and good behaviour.  Allowance was given not because she did her chores, but because she did them without being forced to.  Coach bags were gifts at Christmas, making the Honour Roll, milestone birthdays, or other such measurable events and/or accomplishments.  Kids these days get the aforementioned ‘just because’.  Where’s the value being taught?

As a parent, mentor, and role model, I strive to educate the importance of having and living a life worthy of being told and shared for years to come and not be the “it” thing of the moment or day.  I encourage those young men and women to want quality not quantity and to place value in themselves and those they call friends.  It’s important that they see there is more to life than material possessions that are easily taken for granted when the novelty wears off or can be lost, repossessed, or stolen as quickly as they were gained.  As a parent, mentor, and role model, want to be an example worth following.  I want to educate our youth to have aspirations that will give then something to show for their lives so when their obituary is read, the dash between their sunrise and sunset to have substance. 

YOLO needs to be more than a catch phase; it needs to be qualitative in every aspect of our lives or what’s the point?  Personally, I feel it’s a slap in God’s face to abuse that which He’s blessed us with and I don’t want to stand in moral judgment of others as I know I’ve done some less than stellar things in my day, but as the sage Maya Angelou said, “when we know better, we do better” and that’s what I’ve done for myself.  It’s on that premise I stand when I speak to our youth about the true meaning of YOLO.  I can only hope and pray they take heed before it’s too late.

That is all!