Guest Post…

Good morning boys and girls.  Thank you all again for all the birthday greetings I received.  I truly appreciate them and feel the more encouraged and inspired by your continued support.

Speaking of support, I ask you to check out Not Just For White Girls Part 1, which I wrote after I was contacted by Jay at up4discussion to guest post on her blog.

I was shocked, flattered, and very humbled to be asked to contribute and welcomed the opportunity as a vehicle to help others deal with their issues and find ways to heal and grow.


That is all!

10 thoughts on “Guest Post…

  1. You write a fairly interesting blog BluJewel, so I’m not surprised to hear that someone would ask you to contribute to their blog. After all, you do have your moments.

  2. Yes this was an very insightful post. Thanks again for sharing it. Not it has brought me to your blog. I will try to visit as often as I can.

  3. Just finished reading this post. I’m actually upset with you Blu after being floored by the post. I left you a question on the post, should be available once Jay publishes the comment.

    UP4DSN is a good site, filled with good writers and timely reads. Mad respect for Jay for the brainchild.

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